Tiger Temple in Thailand.

The Tiger Temple or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua is a Buddhist temple in Saiyok, Thailand, that is famous for tame tigers that walk around the place free or on leash, cared for by the temple's monks.

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Been there. And Seen documentries.

The get fed cooks mince...

So dont associate blood with dinner but you cant keep tigers on a vege diet they can't digest it.

They cant let them go... The are effectively overgrown pussycats. First thing they would do if let loose is to go to the nearest village, for some company and din dins expecting to be fed and co and say hi to a kid. the parents not knowing them would freak and shoot the poor things.

The monks are like mum and mum is dominant tiger. they are not beaten... more light slaps with is what mum tiger would do to get them to do things like stay in the area. Not a good idea from them to wander off in the massive grounds when tourists who dont know them are wandering around. They kinda flip if they see the tiger with nobody around to say dont worry hes just comming over to say hi.

Tourist run the tiger thinks playtime and runs after and pounce. tourist fights thinking under attack. both get a little hurt and claims of tiger attack. Poor tigers put down all very sad.

So when staff and monks around tiger more free when tourists are around a bit more conntrolled like tigers take turns on chains... saw that... they took them off the chains as well so only a certian number running free at a time. But they got to have a go running around
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dear sir,
here is a Buddhist monk from Bangladesh.Here we are really very neglected.Because it is a muslim country.we lead a very poor life here.we cannot practise buddhism properly.me and some other monks like to get the visa to stay in thailand.It will be very helpful for us to practice buddhism.plz let me know how can i get the residence visa.

thanking you
sumanabangsha bhikku
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I've been here, and my favourite thing (apart from the glorious tigers themselves) was a prominently placed sign outside the temple entrance that explained the only rule for visitors, "DO NOT WEAR RED."
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