Baby Chameleon!

Photo: Rick Stevens/SMH

From the website:

For the first time, Taronga Zoo has successfully bred the spectacular Jackson's Chameleon, with 22 of the little creatures doing extremely well. Only 4cm long, the young tree dwellers were introduced to the media late last month.

Link - via olgui

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Look at the color of that baby chameleon. It's obviously very uncomfortable. Someone must have set it up there on the horns as they would never do this naturally.
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Dude... Check out the Brookesia Chameleon.... It's from Madagascar and it's the smallest in the world.... haha maybe even smaller than those little ones!
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Aaron is right. I live in the midwest and I used to own a Jackson's chameleon. I released it in the wild about two weeks ago because I got bored with it and found it completely mutilated on the street yesterday. I think it was eaten by a komodo dragon. LOL
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Jackson's are the most common chameleons in pet stores and are bread in captivity all of the time. These are far from rare. They also tend to eat their young and are usually seperated. The justation for an egg can be up 4-5 months for such a tiny beast.

If you plan to buy one as a pet please do some research. Not for kids, or for people hoping for tons of movement, or for people with other pets like cats and dogs in the house. They are also Tropical so don't het one if you live in the mid-west, it will die and it will be your fault.
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