Mystery Stone: Face Carved into Stone.

Seneca Ladd, a local businessman in Concord, New Hampshire, discovered an egg-shaped stone with carvings in 1872 while digging a hole for a fence post:

There was something inside -- a dark, odd-looking, egg-shaped stone with a variety of carvings, including a face, teepee, ear of corn and starlike circles.

And there were many questions: Who made the stone and why? How old was it? How was it carved?

To date, no one has been able to say for sure, and the item has come to be known as the "Mystery Stone." - via Fortean Times

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I think also the face on it was used by the person to aline the stone , probably by aiming it into the sky , the round object, was I gues the sun , so you would aline it to get your bearings.....
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I heard that Hitler was going to use it to control all of North Africa, but a plucky young agent from the FBI, along with a plucky young blond from central casting and a plucky asian boy named Pluck stole it from the Third Reich jackals and, using Hitler's own private Time Pod (coincidentally dooming Hitler death since he couldn't use the pod to go back to ancient Rome as he'd planned) buried it again back where it originally was buried, along ley lines in New Hampshire. The whole threat it posed in the forties has been largely forgotten, due to J Edgar Hoover's use of Thomas Edison's prototype "forget about it ray".

I love public schools.
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The Mystery Stone? Kind of a bland name for it. I think "The Egg of Mystification" would fit better. Or "The Puzzlement Orb". They sound a lil' bit better.

Granted, the "Egg of Mystification" sounds like it should have a +3 at the end of it and be an item long sought after by D&D geeks.
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Hi there

I think its clear - it was given to an ancient people or person , it told them , what to eat , how to makema shelter , and was a kind of compass. It helped someone develop. Where it came from is anyones guess, but it had a purpose.

Well thats what i think anyhow.
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