Opening of Convenience.

Photojournalist Wendell Phillips took this picture of a child in China, and wrote:

To many, this is called the opening of convenience as demonstrated by this young girl in Shanghai

Actually, I've seen firsthand that this is quite common in China. I guess if you can't get diapers (or if they're not affordable), then this is the next best thing! | See more of Wendell's photos

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cloth diapers, elimination timing, and just trying to connect with my child's rhythms all at the appropriate time worked well with my son and was not so financially draining either. Plus, breastfeeding, helps to make what babies eliminate not so gross. Being so aware also helped me, and the people at the care centers to gauge health (especially when the child is still learning how to communicate clearly via spoken language).
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As an American living in China who just had a baby I can tell you that in most area's, rural and industrial, there is a healthy mix of people who go with both options. That being said my wife and I, who is Chinese, tried to go the non-diaper route, but after your kid pee's/poops on the couch, bed, or floor of the local market for the 5th time diapers become a necessity. I also get tired of watching other parents let their kids pee/poop on the sidewalk, street or on the grass of the park you regularly play in. It is un-hygenic and just plain disgusting. Of course diapers can be expensive to people who only make about US$1800/year or less, so is understandable that they do not have diapers on their kid - but that still does not preclude it as the best option.
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I don't see why attacking someone over how the diaper will be in a landfill applies to a "diaper or don't diaper situation". Pampers haven't been around as long as diapers. There is such a thing as a clothe diaper. :)
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Miguel... What's "carbon bioxide" or for that matter "naif"

I don`t know if you are the one who'se just naive or plainly stupid.

Please do us all a favor and next time, just because you can blog.... it doesn't mean you should. Alex is right you're the one who sounds bad when you resort to personal attacks. Normally I don't, but the blatant irony of your comments needed to be commented on.
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Plastics are a good thing. And so are indoor plumbing. Heart surgery. Bottled water. Think about the world without plastic. Or indoor plumbing.

What is the argument against diapers and plastics? Is it because they fill landfills and don't biodegrade? Then you should know that William Rathje of the University of Arizona (the famous Garbology project) actually bothered to dig landfill and see what's filling it up: surprise, surprise. He found that most landfills are packed with paper and not plastic.

And Miguel, we can disagree without resorting to personal attacks (especially on my mom) can't we? Just makes you look bad.
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