Frank Schreiner's Shopping Cart Chair.

This chair, titled "Consumer's Rest" was made in 1983 by Frank Scheiner who heads the Stiletto Studios in West Berlin.

''SEVEN years ago, when I took my mother to a design shop in Berlin, she looked at all the wire-mesh furniture and said it reminded her of shopping carts,'' recalled Frank Schreiner, a designer who heads Stiletto Studios in West Berlin. ''That's how I came up with the idea.''

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to compn

heey...sup...I have "pom pom strikes back" on DVD..and yes!!!! we paid attention on the same thang...I fall in love with those shopping cart chair and feel they are so cool and cute...wanna get 4 for mah dining chairs bad!!!! any one knows where to get them???
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a chinese movie 'pom pom strikes back' (1986) ( ) has 3 shopping cart chairs in it.
they actually look like real carts that have been chopped in half.

here is a screenshot:
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I actually built one of these a year ago, out of a shopping cart I didn't know what to do with. I'd never seen this one, but my design is almost the same. This one is shininer though. Frankly, mine is incredibly uncomfortable to sit in and I never used it. The front is also quite fragile, as it was not built to hold that much weight, and all the support structure for the front half is cut away. If you're ever in a shopping cart race with some other folks though, this is a sure way to win the aesthetics prize.

If you want to make your own, it's not very hard. All you need is a dremel with cutoff wheels or an angle grinder. And the determination to have a very silly chair.
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