Brazilian Stonehenge?

Archaeologist Mariana Petry Cabral of the Amapa State Scientific and Technical Research Institute and colleagues working in the Amazon have discovered what could be a centuries-old astronomical observatory dubbed the Brazilian Stongehenge.

The 127 blocks, some as high as 9 feet tall, are spaced at regular intervals around the hill, like a crown 100 feet in diameter.

On the shortest day of the year -- Dec. 21 -- the shadow of one of the blocks, which is set at an angle, disappears.

"It is this block's alignment with the winter solstice that leads us to believe the site was once an astronomical observatory,'' said Mariana Petry Cabral...


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wonderful stuff!! If you think this is interesting, read "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock, and "Uriel's Machine." (Authors the same ones who wrote "Hiram's Key." These books discuss these megalithic cultures that built this site and many others just like them. I'm sure Ms Cabral and her team will quickly discover that this site in the Amazon basis is closer to 12,000 years old, and is related to Nasca, Teoheunaca, the Great Pryamid, and many others. Look at Graham Hancock's website, and access the global positioning section to read a discussion of how all these sites are all located on the exact same great circle, within a few miles of perfect, and how geometrically accurate the geography is. "Uriel's Machine" will tell you the purpose of this site, and how it was designed, and by whom. I would love to hear a reply from Ms Cabral, or others involved on the dig. I am strictly a novice in this subject, just recently becoming interested after beginning to read background on "The DaVinci Code" and then wandering into the lost culture readings.
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