Jenny Chowdhury's CellBooth.

Artist (and engineer!) Jenny Chowdhury built this portable phone booth to provide privacy for cell phone talkers...

As I grappled with these issues of privacy, personal space and nostalgia for a "simpler time", the idea for portable phone booth was born. The portable phone booth, which I call the "Cell Atlantic CellBooth", is a wearable object you can carry around with you and set up when you need a moment to talk . The deliberate nature of setting up the booth and standing in place while one talks enforces the idea that the call is important -not something to do while picking up the kids, working out, or driving. Ultimately, I desired to recreate the illusion of privacy and stillness afforded by oldschool, 4-walled phone booths, but also to update the booth as a portable object that would fit into a modern life.

Link - Thanks Sergi!

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