Mummified Sea Monster for Sale.

A "mummified sea monster" was recently put for sale on eBay (where else?) with this following description:

I was taking my usual walk down a local beach here in Tampa Florida when I came upon this very strange fish on the shoreline. There was a crowd of seagulls nearby but no matter how hungry they seemed to be they would not get near this sea monster. After making sure it was dead, I picked it up to further examine it. Nearby, a woman, who was the only other person on the beach this day, asked out loud if it was a dead shark. Clutching the strange sea creature in my hand, I walked towards her so she could have a better look at this freak of nature. As I got closer to her, she told me to stop. With a look of horror on her face, she quickly turned and left the area.

Afterwards I decided to take it home with me. I measured this cryptid creature at 20 inches long. I decided to list this weird & wonderfull fish on ebay to share it with the world. I guarantee that this creatures flesh, teeth, jaw and skull are REAL 100% once living, organic flesh and bones. Though mummified, this unknown species of fish has been cleaned and treated with taxidermy chemicals to preserve and reduce any fish odor to a mininum.

The winner to this auction will recieve the exact same fish pictured below. This auction is not a joke and there is no trick photography here. One does not find Sea Monsters up for auction very often. Think of the stories you could tell to friends, customers or crowds. Such a creature deserves to be in a museum for many people to enjoy.

I smell a fish... Link

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such a big mouth but were is the food going to go??? No wonder its dead cause there is obviously no room for internal organs, its completely disproportioned for any effective digestion! tho i nice piccy..."right click, save as..."
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Shit! I do have to say, yes, it does look real, tho it's not. But it's a fantastic creation! Some what of the artist myself. I've never sculpt/created anything that bizzare...and cool looking. He's defently an artist! :)
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hello, i believe in most things, i believe in dragons i believe in fairies,unicorns,chupacabra,yeti,ghosts..ect..ect...ect... and im hear to say that that is not real, not only because i read later on about the hoax but at firstglance even i knew that it was fake, for example;
A.)the body does look like it is parts of various animals(not including the teeth)that look like they would include, sealion,a dog, fish fins...
B.)The teeth, the teeth are something way different, they are mammal teeth i saw on another page a closer look at the teeth and it appears to have large k9s in the front and grinding teeth in back, i do have to say it would be possible for an animal like this to exist(such as the still alive, but very rare angler fish)
because mammals do in fact live in the sea(whales..duh..). but, i have scaned through every living and extinct animals that would have teeth like that, i found that they could be from a large gorrila or baboon(sorry if im missspelling words)they could not be the teeth of a large cat(Tiger, lion...ect..), but, it is possible that it is the teeth of a prehistoric cat called the sabre tooth cat, wich did have teeth that large and thier skulls were huge and they were slightly larger than modernday large cats(body wise), this person did not phtot shop this picture, they did infact put it together by hand, which makes one wonder if they killed the animals them selves, if they did , depending on which state they live in, they would be convicted of animal slaughter, animal cruelty, and also slaughter of an soon to be (or already)endangered animal.
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