Frog Egg Hatch Early to Escape Snake Attack.

Frog Embryos Hatch Early to Escape Predator. In this amazing strategy for survival, frog embryos will hatch early to escape from an egg-eating snake by recognizing the vibrational cues of such attacks!

Research by Karen Warkentin at Boston University:

The hatching response to egg predators depends on physical disturbance of eggs...

Dangerous and benign disturbances overlap in both frequency and temporal pattern elements. However, they can be distinguished using a combination of features. Embryos use at least two temporal pattern elements, the duration and spacing of vibration events, as well as a frequency cue, the presence of frequencies within a certain low range, to assess risk. These components are all necessary for a vibrational cue to induce hatching. Additional features of vibrations appear to further modulate the escape hatching response. (Don't miss the video) - via Olgui

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"Frog Egg Hatch Early to Escape Snake Attack."

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