The Next Million Years: Disaster-O-Rama!

Geologist Steven Dutch of the University of Wisconsin used geological data to predict what will happen to Earth over the next million years.

His verdict? The same as the last million years : more volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters!

Even without major catastrophes, gradual geological change will dramatically alter many landscapes. ...

In California the temperamental San Andreas fault will set off about 7,000 earthquakes of magnitude eight in the next million years, offsetting the geography of San Francisco more than 15 miles. That will split the San Francisco Peninsula into a fork.

Over the same million years the Hawaiian Islands will have moved about 60 miles northwest, Dutch said. The deep undersea volcano called Loihi, to the southwest of the island of Hawaii, will have grown into a new island rivaling today’s Mauna Loa volcano.

Link - Thanks Jason!

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"The Next Million Years: Disaster-O-Rama!"

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