Donna Pardue's Apple Sculptures.

Artist Donna Pardue of Austin, Texas, makes amazing sculptures out of apples, "the archetypal fruit" because:

Although the apple represents some of our most powerful emotions and beliefs— all that is most wholesome, Eve's apple was the instrument of the original sin and therefore, the cause of aging and mortality. The Norse goddess of immortality, Idun, had a box of magic apples, which the gods ate every day in order to keep themselves young. Other references to the apple occur in the tales of King Arthur and Avalon (the place of apples) and the Brothers Grimm character, Sleeping Beauty, who fell into a deathlike sleep after eating an apple with a magical poison.

Because the sculptures are made of fruit, they decay almost instantly:

When fresh, the sculptures have a transluscent quality, almost marble-like in appearance, but this lasts only an hour or so. They begin to take on a brown, bruised quality, then a soft leather-like quality and finally begin to wrinkle. After a year, they have shrunken and wrinkled considerably and have taken on a warm brown color.

This particular one is called "Adam Ate Most of It". - Thanks Yayo!

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