World Stone Skipping Record.

Kurt Steiner of Emporium, PA is the world record holder for stone skipping. From the website:

Not only did he outskip all other competitors, but no one had previously seen a skip in competition with such an amazingly high count. The rapid-fire pitty-pats resulting from the cast made counting very difficult, but the judges settled on an official count for the day's competition of 34, which sealed a first-place finish for Steiner for the 2002 competition.* With video cameras present that day, officials felt it might be worthwhile to review the video footage, since the skip very well may have set a new world record. Upon review, it was determined that the skip had far exceeded 34, and was worthy of submission to the Guinness World Record committee for authentication. It has taken over a year, but the Guinness officials have declared Kurt's skip a new world record, with a count of 40!


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See this site. Bizarre! It's a competition offering the winner the right to drive a motorised sofa at over 100mph to beat Guinness Book of World Records current record for "fast furniture".
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Um, err, somebody needs to spend a little time in the country. Kurt's doing what kids who know that skipping is as much spinning as low level throwing have known for years. Maybe somebody should make an official game of what we used to do when skipping stones like this across the farmers pond in PA ... opposing players, opposite sides of the pond, who can skip a stone at their opponent and have the skimming stone stop closest to the shore without hitting the opponent. Sheesh, is country life that novel? For the uninitiated, skipping like this is a expert selection of stone, side-arm throw, hooked first finger over edge of stone throw. Spin the stone with the leading edge just "up". You can do it all day long, and we used to, we had time too, there's little to do in the country when you aren't working.
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