"Milky Sea": Mysterious Ocean Glow.

Scientists are baffled by a huge (about the size of Connecticut) glowing luminescence in the Indian Ocean, as shown in the satellite picture above:

"The circumstances under which milky seas form is almost entirely unknown," says Steven Miller, a Naval Research Laboratory scientist who led the space-based discovery. "Even the source for the light emission is under debate."


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Just letting yall know I read reports on some other sites that the GLOW report was backed up by several fishing boats who said they saw it all around them and have no idea what it is. They also said that it has happened before.
So, it isn't a satellite blip or "something on the lenses" as suggested by some.

I think someone dumped an oversupply of Glowworms (that toy from the 80's).
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i witnessed the same type of phenomenon. when i was 17 i went to visit some friends, in sitka alaska.
they owned a fishing boat, and we were out halibut fishing. then they decided to take me out to this island way out in the ocean. i have no idea how far out it was, for i got a bit sea sick and had to go lie down for awhile. anyhow we got there in the late evening. and while we were setting up camp in the three sided cabin, shayne called me back down to the shore. he said, "check this out", and as he would run his hand through the water, it would glow very brightly, so i did it, and as you disrupt the water, it would glow, and if you scooped up a handfull of water it would sparkle, not like reflections either, for that was my first thought, but it would dance in your hands, like little fire flies in the water.
so we did what any adolecents would do. we started the boat back up, and shut off all the lights and drove around, all you could see was the glow of the wake. very awesome!! i also got it on tape, but cannot find the tape, wich sucks cause i'm speaking to my daughters class, on alaska(reason being i work up there in a mine) and would love to show them that tape, cause i also caught a bald eagle swooping down and snatching a fish, and a humpback whale that surfaced right beside the boat. so close that when it blew out its blowhole it misted us, and pee-euw.
anyway just thought i'd share. i sure am gratefull to have seen what i saw. esspecially now that i know how rare it is. i cant believe that they dont know what causes the ocean to glow, how do i explain it to a classroom full of inquisitive minds, without sounding like a fool? oh well, perhaps they'll just like the story, and if a fool is what i'm to be, then so be it.
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