Archive for April 27th, 2006

Pyramid Under Mexico City.

Archaeologists discovered a 1,500-year-old pyramid under Mexico City: The unnamed pyramid has the same sized base as the giant Pyramid of the Moon at the famous archeological site of Teotih...

Visocica: the Bosnian Pyramid.

Seems like pyramids might be everywhere! Scientists have begun digging on what might be a pyramid hidden beneath a hill in Bosnia... Known as Visocica, the 650m (2,120ft) tria...

Skull Binding

From the website: Dated over 2,000 years old this skull is an extreme example of binding and elongation. Cranial binding is the shaping of the skull, when a child is very young, usually an...

Disney's Teen Tracker Phone.

From the website: Disney is launching a US service that will enable parents to monitor how their children use their mobile phones.They will be able to track voice, te...

John Kyrk's Evolution Time Slider.

Take a look at this edutainment-fun time slider: (via


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