Chameleon Blacklight Tattoo.

Tattoo artist Richie of Electric Soul Tattoo uses this blacklight-reactive ink for this tattoo. Link

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i have one. i am not scarred at all and im dark and have a history of keloids. i work in radiation oncology. this stuff does NOT give you cancer however it does fade. but i love mine. i look like i have no tattoos and in black light i have a half sleeve and knuckle tattoos. otherwise i look like a very straight edge girl
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I just got my first UV tattoo this evening. I did research on it and came to the conclusion that 10-15 years ago it was dangerous, but here in the 21st century, if you get a UV tattoo in the USA, its not any more dangerous than a regular tat. I've talked to plenty of tattoo artists. as for agreement with Jenna above ^ ... There's more cases of people getting cancer that were non smokers and drinkers. Hell if you got a transformer outside your house your more likely to get cancer. I will however retract this statement if I end up with skin cancer on my arm. I also hope it doesn't scar
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Hey...I really want a tattoo but because I am goin to be working in a children's hospital (and not to mention my parents would KILL me, I can't have one that shows during the day (i.e. any kind of tattoo with normal ink) it has bummed me out for so long. I have been doing little fake ones with my blacklight pen for years..never knew they had blacklight tattoos.. anyway, I would love to hear from anyone who has one and where the safest place to get them is. Let me know. thanks.
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Heya o have a question about tis ink. I am currently intrested in getting a tattoo with this ink , but theres one thing that i cant find an answer to given that the ink glows till i die (presuming) what happenes during the day in the picture above it looks really cool during the night bt during the day will it be visible? i dont want it to clash with my work... would be really helpfull if someone can answer
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Hey People worried about Cancer from the Ink... You should never leave youor house again cuz the sun, yea that gives you cancer too... Yall fuckin stupid you can get cancer from almost ANYTHIG!!
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