Billionaires are Virgoes.

Forbes did an interesting survey of their billionaires, and found that more of them are virgoes than other zodiac sign!

So far, we have confirmed the birth dates for 613 of our 793 billionaires. Of those, more than 70, or roughly 12%, were born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, making this earth sign the most common among billionaires.

It’s a bit ironic that top astrology honors for this male-dominated billionaires list goes to the sign symbolized by a virgin, but it actually isn’t too surprising. Virgos are known to be hardworking, determined, detail-oriented and analytical. They are driven more by their desire to achieve excellence at whatever they do than by the pursuit of riches, according to astrologer Michael Lutin.

This explains why I'm not a billionaire! Link (via Fortean Times)

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finding this information out really made my day. I am a virgo although not a successful one yet, for some reason people are intimidated by me and since I was young i've always been able to simplify things meaning if you show me how to do something I will figure out an easier way to do it but with the same quality.I am currently working on a invention that keeps coming to me as if it were heaven sent hopefully the world will love it.
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I am a Gemini myself and for some odd reason i have always attracted them,(like freinds, and even my life love is even a virgo. Though they annoy the heck out of me both the freind and intimate versions of a virgo only because Gemini's can't be wrong and neither can Virgo's, but with that combination I think that is exactly why we get along so well. Not to metion the whole point of this connection is that I too am determined for the best. I almost left out something I have 3 virgo family members and one of them (male) is well off. Not nearly a billionaire but certainly the minset of one.
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I do hope tha; Virgos, 're the richest star sign - on average, as I'm born on: August the 29th, making me - a Virgo, of course (a day before: Warren Buffett and a few years later - as I'm 23)!!
I wander if and when; they research - the full - list, the results 'll match/be around; the same/Vigos still be the most etc. etc. I also -wander, if: the results 'd be the same throughout history.
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I don't know what the statistics are, but the zodiac signs are not evenly distributed among people, billionaires or not. More babies are born in the fall than other seasons. I think it may have something to do with the winter holidays, ya think? Anyway, I would bet that there are more Virgos among the general population, as well as the population of billionaires.
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