Archive for March 2nd, 2006

Norbert Wu's Under Antarctic Ice.

From the website: Diving in freezing water (the water temperature was -1.86 C or 28.65 F) can be tricky... Diving from the sea ice of McMurdo Sound was heaven for me, since I detest boats....

Ando Hiroshige's Taira Koremochi Killing The Oni.

This is just one of Hiroshige's woodblock prints, published in the 1800s in Japan. For more Ando's artwork, see: Link...

Toilet Seat Guitar.

BunnyBass has got an amazing collection of other funny-looking guitars:

What's Better than Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt in Chocolate!

Yes, ladies - that's a life-size statue of Brad Pitt made from chocolate. It is on display as a part of Valentine's Day celebration in a Seoul department store.

Cornrow as Fractals.

Ron Eglash used cornrow hairstyle to teach fractals in a math class: Our first design tool was developed for the "African Fractals" project (Eglash 1999). Mathematics teachers...

Urs-P. Twellmann's Brhein I.

Checkout more of Urs-P.'s sculptures (the original katamari?) made from driftwood and branches here: Link (via Jaf Project)...

Archie the Giant Squid.

Archie the giant squid (nicknamed after its latin name Architeuthis dux) is 28 feet long. It is now on display at London's Natural History Museum. Link...

Engine Block Coffee Table.

Poor white trash: engine block out in front yard as lawn ornament. Rich white trash: engine block inside as coffee table....

Mythbusters Minifigs.

Does this look familiar to everyone?

Loremo: 157 MPG Car.

Meet the Prius-buster: an ultra efficient car called Loremo, made by a German car company, slated for debut at the Motor Show 2006 in Geneva.Loremo has a 157 MPG, as compared to T...


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