Greg Valentino, the Most Hated Man in Body Building.

No, that's not photoshopped - it's a real photo of bodybuilder Greg Valentino, who has a 27-inch arm in his peak. He was featured in the recent The Learning Channel documentary on steroids and bodybuilding.

From a very honest 2002 interview with T-Nation on using steroids, its side effects, and going to jail for dealing steroids.

GV: My arms are so big and my shoulders were so broad, they were filming me when I came out of the police station. They do these spoofs about the local news on the Daily Show and they showed me and said, "What do you think this guy was arrested for? Hint: It wasn't estrogen!" Then they showed me on tape and said, "Local police found that this guy was doing steroids. No shit! What, did you think he was storing nuts for the winter in those arms?"


T: Do you think you motivate people?

GV: No, I think I disgust people. I get rotten e-mail from all over the world from people that tell me I suck, I look like shit, I ruined my physique… Then again I do get people who are awed by it, the fact that I'm a freak. Anyway, I know I disgust people. I know I'm the laughing stock of bodybuilding. I know that and that's okay with me.

A tale on how steroids can really screw you up bad. Real bad. A very interesting read: Chris Shugart interviews Greg Valentino

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First of all, anyone who thinks this guys arms are something to be desired is beyond my comprehension. Arms that big can't even be fully functional or fast for that matter. I be this guy would get his but kicks in a hurry in a fight. Second, you can always tell the roid users cause they are not proportional in the least. Look at his biceps and triceps then look at his forearms. Not to mention the fact that this is obviously not lean muscle mass but inflated get big quick muscle. I bet if this guy had stopped working out for 6 months his arms would shrink considerably. I wouldn't say I hate the guy, cause I try not to hate anyone, but to be honest with you anyone who puts that much focus on their arms has obviously got a major issue with balance in their lives. I mean being in good shape is one thing, but all this being the biggest and best all the time crap is nothing but vanity. This is the problem with the world today, everyone wants to be "the man". No one sees any virtue in things like modesty, mildness, humbleness, kindness. It is all "look at me, I'm a bigger bad ass then everyone else!" Like I say, no problem is trying to be your best, but when you obsess over dominating everyone else, be it with the size of your arms or whatever, be become a very close minded and shallow person. Especially, if you do it at the cost of even your own health. There is just no sense in this. Besides, I wonder what his calves look like compared to his arms? I see that all the time, top heavy guys with no legs at all.
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I think you should practice what you preach. Anyone who looks at Greg's arms and compares them to the guy in this video
can tell that they are not the same. Look at Greg's muscles. They have definition, striations, solidity. They do not look like giant balloons under the skin like the guy in the video. I have seen pictures of Greg when he was younger, and his arms were huge way back then. No, I do not have a problem with people doing steroids, or Synthol or whatever they want. It is their body, not mine, but to look at the guy in video, who obviously has enormous amounts of Synthol under his skin, then look at Greg's arms, which have definition, etc. and say they are the same, is ridiculous. Perhaps you should know what you are talking about before you accuse everyone else of stupidity. It appears as though you and peterParker graduated from the same school!!!
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I really cant believe all you muppets on here,you watch your programmes on tv and believe everything the media tells you.There are so many great bodybuilders out there and nearly everyone of them is a steroid user with the exeptional few.All the pro bodybuilders live on steroids but do they look as grotesque and as deformed as Greg Valentino?The answer is no! for one simple reason Mr Valentino is a SYNTHOL USER this is a totally different substance all together it is an oil based substance which when injected into an area creates the look of instant muscle by just sitting in the site where it was injected.Steroids are not as bad as the media have portrayed and there have been very few deaths or illness's because of them.The only exeption would be for usage by women where the effects are irreversable.So stop laying into the steroid users unless you know what you are talking about because it seems so many of you dont even know how the drugs you are slagging off work you are more interested in what people tell you than using actual factual information before opening your naieve little minds and mouths.Synthol is the reason Greg Valentino is a freak and hated by men who train as hard as humanly possible.So go back and watch your t.v's and believe everything you watch and see, you bunch of mugs.I guess getting educated is to hard for you lot.
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Those who want to know what Greg's thinking now about his synthol-taking and what it looks like today watch the video at that page:
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Greg Valentino is to bodybuilding what Mike Tyson was to boxing. In other words, love or loathe him, you can't help but be intrigued by him. He may bring bad publicity to bodybuilding, but Tyson also made headlines for the wrong reasons. The result? He made more money than any other athlete in history and brought more interest to Boxing than there had ever been before. The irony is that Greg Valentino may actually be good for bodybuilding, the way Tyson was for boxing, even if he is not a good example for youngsters. But there will always be role models like Ronnie Coleman for this, just as there was always a Holyfield or Lewis. Do you get my point? And what is wrong with masturbating? 99% of people do it and the other 1% are liers!
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