Marla Olmstead, Child Genius.

Marla Olmstead is an up and coming young artist in New York - she paints vibrant, colorful, abstract art.

She has already sold $50,000 worth of paintings. And oh yeah, she's four years old.

Link (via Militantplatypus)

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Katie, I think you'll find that there would be a lot less cynicism if there was just one of these so-called genius kids (that 9 times out of 10 happen to be American, hmmm, wonder why, U.S. media?) actually painted some figurative art which would prove with no room for doubt their wunderkind status. Abstract can be faked, or to be fair 'appropriated' far more easily that say, lifedrawing. Any artist knows this.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying the child isn't advanced or wonderful and so-on. I'm saying that maybe people are reacting to the way the word 'genius' is abused these days (even Alex seems confused). The same way as 'hero' is misused (hint: a survivor is NOT a hero, onlt the person who risked their life to save them) Your comment comes off as incredibly naive.
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Please, whenever something truly good comes around in life it sickens me that the people who blogged before me, have nothing but negative things to say. Find something good in your life you can focus on, so you can leave this little girl alone.
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Maybe so, but almost all child geniuses have parents pushing hard. The young tennis prodigy wouldn't be so if the mom and dad hadn't paid for those lessons, so what's so different about this particular case?
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And how is this girl a "genius-child". Some rich folks just let her spatter paint and paid a lot of money for a high-class website. Absolutely stupid.
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