Poor Man's Hot Water Heater.

(via Wugsy)

Update 1/28/06: Turns out that this DIY water heater was made by Patryk Sielski from Warsaw, Poland. Patryk wrote:

I live in an academic hostel of Warsaw University of Technology. Unfortunately, we don't have hot water in our rooms, it's only in kitchen and toilet outside. This inconvenience caused me to think about hot water. Commercial heaters are to expensive to students, it's also a problem to assemble without temporary cutting off the water. Beside of that, the fuses would be immediately blown.

The cheapest device that have an electric heater is a cordless kettle. Some glue, a bottle and a pipe... voila! The hot water flows.

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i live in the US and i've never lived in a house that didn't have sinks with two spigots- and i think it's odd how y'all are stuck on this one little thing. it's kinda common. are you just making a lame joke?
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I think that the time when seperate outlets were common was really a long time ago. I'm living in Germany for 19 years now and I've never seen something like this (although I heard about it).
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separate water outlets were quite common in old houses, in u.s, europe, canada, russia poland and all other countries i know of.. that's because it's alot easier to install and produce than the new ones.. but with the industrial revolution, it all changed.. nice idea tho, wondering if i'll install one myself...
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