Holdin' On to Your Twin's Arm.

Ryan and Dave, two identical twins, have a very weird idea of extreme body modifications. Here's what they say in an interview with Body Modification Ezine:

RYAN: After discussing and thinking about it very seriously for about a year, we decided to take the big step. To put it simply, Dave had his entire right arm (since we're left handed) amputated at the shoulder and we surgically reattached it immediately behind my right pectoral muscle.


UPDATE: It's an April Fools Joke, everybody - Please don't propagate story as true (like I did).

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So a couple of people asked me, why did I believe the story as true?

Of course, there is a small footnote in the bottom of the article saying that it was published April 1st, 1999 - this shoulda clued me in but I just didn't see it.

BME doesn't usually print hoaxes (or at least I don't think they do). Indeed, the site is dedicated to unusual and extreme body modification (check the website out at your own risk, especially the "heavy or extreme" mods).

Amputation-fetish is also not unknown (see, for example: Apotemnophilia. BME even has a section dedicated to it (along other things I can't mention here!)

So, what was unusual is the reattachment of the arm. I suppose it's possible, hence the post on neatorama.

Anyhow, I could have simply erased the entry - but that wouldn't be fair. I have to admit that I was had. :)
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Mathew is correct, this was an April Fool's joke quite some time ago. Photoshop images, and the car looks more like a Kelmark GT kit car than a ferrari Dino.
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