Just Add Mentos to Your Soda.

Who'da thunk: mentos + soda = awesome eruption.

Link to this messy DIY soda chemistry experiment.

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I love the mentos and coke experiment. I did it with my 4 year old son this weekend. He learned about chemical reactions and what a volcano looks like when it erupts. Cool stuff! We found another fun site with neat science experiments like this. I will put the link below for anyone interested.

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well today on the radio (92.3 albany n.y) they were doing an experiment on these mentos and soda. They were going to see what worked better pepsi or coke. Then they were going to set up ten soda bottles and drop the mentos in. Then pay this guy 10 dollars to sit in the middle and get drenched...
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for 1.. diet soda gives a better reaction... and second of all... drinkin alot of pop and then eating a bunch of mentos wont do ANYTHING but give u the burps..... its not huge mysterious scientific answer to why it does that... bottom line.. what the shell of the mentos is made out of.. breaks the surface tension of the soda much faster then anything else does... and as u know.. when u break the surface tension of anything carbonated at a fast rate.. u get a violant eruption..... this experiment works not only with mentos.. but also with other candys similar to mentos.... such as shock tarts.... and.. u can even use Tonic water or any other carbonated beverage...
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