Cathie Jung's 15-inch Waist.

Cathie Jung wore her first corset for her wedding in 1959. Now she wears it 24/7, and when it becomes loose fitting, she would wear a smaller one. The result? She now has a 15-inch waist. Link to Cathie's website (take a look at the X-ray pics!)

Notably, she doesn't have the world record on smallest waist ever. This belongs to Ethel Granger (13-inch). Link to Ethel's website.

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Sad pathetic types with such a narrow understanding of the world that they need to attack anything beyond their limited comprehension so that they can feel safe and secure in their pathetic little skins. The kind of small minds who go about telling everyone else how to live, they know best "because". Yeh Right.

These people are the ugly ones.

As for Cathy and her husband. Heck. They aren't breaking the law and they obviously get something good out of what they do. 68 years of age. WOW. Thats fantastic. lets see what Michelle looks like and what she is doing at 68??? Loser
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Wow, there are some trolls here! Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but if you're going to be nasty about it then keep it to yourself. Personally, I'm on Team Cathie. I think she looks great (especially for her age) and I admire her dedication. Like Monk Zymurgy though, I do wonder about her marriage. To answer your query Monk, the corset wouldn't hurt. It looks to be a good quality custom job, and those are very comfortable. I know that because I make them.
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