Archive for November 21st, 2005

Grohe's Gigantic Murals.

Eric Grohe is an amazing muralist - see how he transformed Mount Carmel School of Nursing's building and Miller Beer's Brewing Room. Simply awesome!


Now you can make your own warning labels with Warning Label Generator:

Dazzling PHASR Gun.

Meet the US government's new laser rifle called the "Personnel Halting and Stimulation Respone (PHASR)", designed to dazzle (yes, dazzle) the enemy without permanent har...

China's Snow and Ice Festival.

Check out R. Todd King's interesting travelogue and neat photos of China. This one is of Harbin's Snow and Ice Festival. Link...

Prosthetic Beak for a Rare Japanese Stork.

Taisa, a rare Japanese white stork, broke his beak last November. Since then, he's had difficulty catching fish and couldn't get along with his girlfriend due to stress.Dentist T...


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