Anti-Rape Female Condom

Sonette Ehlers, a South African medical technician, sparked a controversy when she invented "Rapex", a female condom-like device with internal spikes that hooks onto the rapist during penetration, cause intense pain (duh!) and must be surgically removed.

Ehlers was inspired when a rape victim told her "If only I had teeth down there."


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If you kill a criminal ,then you are becoming a criminal too..

I agree with John.
No need to make it lethal..
If you want to kill him, then pull out a gun and target head,heart or legs (if you want to run).
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A guy isn't going to stay hard long with barbs in him. Once he goes soft, he really doesn't need to worry about being unable to urinate. There should be pleanty of room to go. I don't think anyone is going to die from bladder explosion with this thing.
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also i should have added this comment about an insurance case i was told about: my sister works at an huge insurance company in my city. she told me about a case years ago involving a woman wanting to take "revenge against all men", after finding out her cheating husband gave her AIDS! wow, if a rape victim buys many of these devices, and i am one of the men she goes out and meets at a club/bar one supposed to go to the doctor and claim i didnt rape this woman? im totally screwed!
this is of course a very extreme case of using this device negatively, of course, but isnt it possible?
like i stated before, this device sounds like a great benefit for womens' protection, but lets not make it lethal, and women still need to know how to defend themselves and maybe carry a self defense weapon too!
good luck to all, and god bless!
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