Archive for September 12th, 2005

Non Fat.

This funny, short video clip created by Oliver Manzi is called "Non-Fat". It is the winner of 2004 DepicT! Can You Do It In 90 Seconds competition.

Unworkable Devices.

The Museum of Unworkable Devices has a great list of perpetual motion devices and other machines based on physics fallacies.

Hazards of Live News Report.

See what happened when a news reporter Adam Landau of was trying to do a live report on a new noise ordinance in Jacksonville, Florida and a woman wanted to use his mike to sing.A...

Google Moon.

Google Moon is Google's way to commemorate the first lunar landing on July 20, 1969 and to provide a close up look at the lunar surface. One of the coolest feature is the ability...

Flower Urinals.

Clark Sorenson made these fully functional flower urinals for men who are in touch with their femininity. Link...

Dress To Kill.

Ad campaign from Wallis "Dress to Kill". Link...

Hamster Dance!

The original hamster dance is the web's very first viral website. It went around the world in the late 1990s. Like everything else on the Net, it too became commercialized. LinkIf...

You Got Owned.

Undoubtedly many of you have seen this clip, but it's a web classic. Here it is again: YouGotOwned...


This is a short clip created by Ben Wheatley and Rob Hill. In it, Rob jumps a car and then... see for yourself. Link...


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