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Hilarious Acts Of Sign Vandalism

Sign vandalism is so, so wrong…unless it leads to more hilarious pictorial content for the internet!

Those who vandalize with spray paint and such are often trying to make a name for themselves in the street art scene, but the anonymous people who vandalize signs are just trying to bring some funny to our otherwise boring lives.

These unsung heroes aren’t worried about fame or Banksy-esque fortune- they’ve spotted signs and plaques that are a few words or images short of perfection and simply filled in the blanks.

Sign vandals we salute you, so long as your work benefits the good humor of all mankind!

See 33 Signs That Were Vandalised With The Most Hilarious Responses Ever here

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Clueless People Who Thought They Were Meeting A Celebrity

Some people are so star struck that they're constantly on the lookout for their favorite celebs, and they prove if you look hard enough you’re bound to find what you were looking for.

(Image Link)

The odds of spotting a celeb when you’re anywhere but a star studded major event or an industry hotspots like Los Angeles or New York are slim, and yet people think they’re meeting celebrities all the time.

(Image Link)

In fact, they're so convinced the person is a celebrity that they pose for pictures with a random person who kinda sorta has a famous face, then they post those hilarious pictures online for all to see.

(Image Link)

These people are totally clueless, and we thank them for being so oblivious, because without their celeb mania we wouldn’t have fun articles full of hilarious moments in misidentification to share!

See the rest of the 16 Hilarious Times Clueless People Thought They Met A Celebrity here

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Beard Mantra - Hair-Raising Hijinks

Beard Mantra by Amanda Flagg

Guys who grow beards know they're not just a fashion statement- they're an extra set of hairy hands ready to make your life way easier to live. The path to enlightenment may not begin and end with a beard, but it's no coincidence that those who go out seeking enlightenment end up growing a long and bushy beard before they reach nirvana. We're not saying you have to grow a beard to be wise, but if you ever meet a bearded lady sit down and listen to what she has to say, because the beard can teach you a lot about life!

Bring some hirsute happiness to your geeky wardrobe with this Beard Mantra t-shirt by Amanda Flagg, and keep your fashionable life shaveless and fancy-free!

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Adventure Meal Limbo Falls Hello Stranger I Survived The Moon

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Video Game Characters Have Their Attractiveness Ranked By Science

Judging whether someone is attractive or not used to be thought of as wholly subjective, but scientists have discovered that there is a particular facial feature layout which people across the globe find most attractive.

That’s not to say there isn’t any subjectivity involved in judging someone attractive or ugly, because sometimes factors like personality, voice and personal hygiene habits can throw textbook attractiveness in the trash.

Speaking of trash- who do you think of as the most attractive character in video game history? If you said Pac-Man you might need glasses, but if you said the rad mutant Gob from Fallout 3 then chances are you meet a lot of your dates in or around dumpsters!

The nerds at Dorkly used a facial attractiveness analysis tool called Anaface to rank 10 different video game characters from +10 to -999 Charisma, and you’ll never guess which character ended up on top!

See 10 Video Game Characters Get Their Beauty Ranked By Science here

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Painful Baseball Mishaps Caught At Just The Right Moment

Professional sports and pain go together like ball and glove, and when mishaps involve flying bats and hardballs those painful moments become hilariously cringeworthy.

If you’re going to watch your favorite MLB teams slug it out live this summer you should come prepared for battle, because watching baseball can be hazardous to your health!

Kinda gives a new meaning to the phrase "sitting in the nosebleed section", now doesn't it?

Pro athletes learn to play through the pain, but even those who juice can’t hide how bad it hurts when you get beaned with a ball!

See 24 Photos of People Flinching When Baseballs And Bats Attack here

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Bacon And Eggs - Swashbuckling Breakfast

Bacon and Eggs by SOULTHROW

They say eating fried bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday will kill you quick, but if that's true then I can't think of a more delicious way to go out! It's important to start your day with something tasty, but if you're trying to eat healthy then you may want to wear your love of breakfast food on your chest instead of shoving delicious strips of savory bacon and gobs of fried eggs down your gullet! Whether you're a breakfast fiend who doesn't count calories, or you're someone who fondly remembers the days of munching down on bacon n eggs before you began your day with bran cereal, there's no denying this shirt will make you feel jolly!

Spread smiles wherever you go with this Bacon and Eggs t-shirt by SOULTHROW, you'll be the tastiest food pirate in town!

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Dragonslayers WHAAA Walter Is Not Dead Full Metal Helmet

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Adventures Of Super Baron - A Tale Of Plumbers And Bullet Bills

Adventures Of Super Baron by Hartzack

Baron Von Mario had been busy telling everyone at the table about his latest exploits when the one they call Toad snickered in derision. Upon inquiring about the snickering the Baron discovered that nobody at the table truly believed what he was saying, and they all felt his legendary exploits were just that- a make believe legend. Riding through the sky on Bullet Bills, fighting giant fire breathing dragons with spiked turtle shells on their back and rescuing princesses named after fruit did sound a bit hard to believe, but what they didn't know is Von Mario had a secret, one involving extra lives and magic mushrooms...

Bring some fantastic adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Adventures Of Super Baron t-shirt by Hartzack, and spread the word about Mario's super powered adventures!

Visit Hartzack's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more unbelievably cool designs:

The Legend Of Bright Crystal Energy Time Grimm's Tales Never Ending Adventure

View more designs by Hartzack | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Sword Of The Master - The Link Between Two Legends

Sword Of The Master by TeeKetch

Link had been searching for a cave with a little old man inside for so long that he'd never stopped to consider the Master sword could be hanging out in plain view, stuck in a slab of stone. He scouted the area, making sure he wasn't walking into an ambush, and when he was sure he was all alone he grabbed hold of the sword's handle and tried to pull it out. Now Link isn't the strongest hero in Hyrule, in fact he's not much of a threat to anyone without a sword or bow in his hands, but that sword wasn't going to budge no matter who was doing the pulling. It seems a spell had been cast upon the blade, and only a hero with enough heart (containers) would be able to free the blade and use it in battle, so Link had some leveling up to do before he would be deemed worthy of weilding the Master Sword...

Bring some animated adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Sword Of The Master t-shirt by TeeKetch, and master the art of fun fashion!

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Hi Ho Geronimo Bat Boys Endure & Survive Black Magic Supply Co.

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Terminion - I'll Be Back...Banana!

Terminion by Dooomcat

Arnie the minion says he traveled back in time to save the future, or something like that. Truth is, that little guy with the big yellow muscles and gap in his teeth has been watching way too many Terminator movies, and all that dark sci-fi is starting to go to his head! He started calling himself the Terminion and began searching the compound for a minion in a wig named Sarah, and the longer he spent playing Terminion the more despicable he became...

Share your love of a minion's imagination with this Terminion t-shirt by Dooomcat, and watch people positively light up when they see you wearing this hilarious shirt!

Visit Dooomcat's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Vision Forbidden Love Through The Birches Smash Brawl

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Fifteen Lucky Facts About Leprechauns

(Image Via TovMauzer)

They're an iconic symbol of St. Patrick's Day, they wear short pants, a buckled top hat and guard their pot o’gold with their lives, but how much do we really know about those wily little leprechauns?

They began their wee lives as the stuff of Celtic legend, faerie folk kin who called Ireland home well before any human beings made their way to the Emerald Isle.

(Image Link)

Leprechauns are the bankers and cobblers of the faerie world, ready to giveth and taketh away according to their mood. Even though they’ve been tied in with the color green folktales describe them as likely to wear red as well, and they often sport three cornered hats when they're not wearing one of their signature Derby hat.

Want to learn more about those shillelagh shakin’ rascals, including where they live and how you can trap one for your personal mythical creature collection?

Read 15 Lucky Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns

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Fifteen Fun Facts About Rocko's Modern Life

(Image Link)

The 90s were a heyday for Nickelodeon Studios, who introduced the world to a batch of shows they called Nicktoons that would quickly become our favorite animated fare.

In my opinion Rocko's Modern Life is the best show Nickelodeon ever released, a show about a wallaby just trying to make his way through the insane world of adulthood that is both charming and relatable.

Rocko’s Modern Life aged like a fine scotch, and just like scotch I didn’t fully appreciate the taste until I was all grown up, which is the true beauty of the Rocko show.

With a theme song by the B-52s, a talented staff that included Steve Hillenberg (creator of SpongeBob), actor Carlos Alazraqui (of Reno 911 fame) as the voice of Rocko, and Tom Kenny (voice of SpongeBob) as Rocko's pal Heffer, it's no wonder Rocko's Modern Life still feels fresh when so many other 90s cartoons have begun to feel dated.

Read 15 Fun Facts About Rocko's Modern Life over at mental_floss

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X-Banana - The Future Of Fruit Censorship

X-Banana by Theduc

There is nothing obscene, X-rated or wrong with this banana, but due to a recent increase in online censorship regulations by Big Brother, especially in regard to shapes that could be misconstrued as phallic, we must pixelate the image of what lies beneath the peel. Do not be alarmed by this development, it's simply the next step in cleansing the world of imagery that may have the potential to be construed as obscene, sexual or in any way wrong. With pixelation all things are possible, and by 1984 the world will be obscenity free...

Bring some fruity flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this X-Banana t-shirt by Theduc, it's the %$#@en funniest fruit themed shirt ever made!

Visit Theduc's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

House Of Miyazaki Stop Massacre One Piece Skull You Shall Not Pass

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THE LEGEND OF DEADPOOL - A Link To Another Universe


Wade was getting mighty used to switching bodies and tripping between dimensions, but when he ended up in a land called Hyrule he finally felt at home. He'd spent the better part of his childhood playing games about legendary heroes and princesses with names like Zelda and Peach, so when he physically became his favorite video game hero he could barely contain his excitement! He set about tossing cuccos and slashing bushes, on the lookout for spare rupees but then he made the mistake of removing his mask around the town guards. They attacked him on sight, sure he was a servant of Ganon come to capture the princess once again, and Wade began to wonder whether he was ever going to see his beloved Chimichanga Barn again...

Fill the heart containers wherever you go with this THE LEGEND OF DEADPOOL t-shirt by Oliver Banks, it's twice the geeky fun!

Visit Oliver Banks's Facebook fan page and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more merc-tastic designs:


View more designs by Oliver Banks | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Free Laboon - Where's Willy?

Free Laboon by Lithium

The giant whale Laboon has been banging his head against the wall for years, unable to reckon why he was abandoned by his beloved pirate pals, but when he met the Straw Hats his life became bearable again. He took a liking to a young lad named Monkey, who brought the energy of youth back to his life, but Laboon didn't truly feel free until Monkey took him to the coastline and taught him how to play free whale-y. Monkey held one piece of krill jerky aloft and told the mighty whale to fly free, sending Laboon flying through the air like a trained orca!

Bring some animated adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Free Laboon t-shirt by Lithium, it tells one whale of a good story!

Visit Lithium's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more fantastic designs:

Mathly Hallows Lantern Light Heavy Words Gear Second

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Intelligent Car - Keep Your Mind On Driving And Your Eyes On The Road

Intelligent Car by Pepetto

When you think of an intelligent car what's the first thing that comes to mind? Bluetooth capability? Anti-collision sensors and rear view camera? A car that virtually drives itself? When folks were introduced to the automobile over a century ago they might have pictured something like this- a car that has a mind of its own, like some strange otherworldly creature from a steampunk novel. Maybe we'd be better off letting giant vat grown brains do all the driving for us, because without thumbs or a mouth they won't be doing any texting!

Get your geeky wardrobe in gear with this Intelligent Car t-shirt by Pepetto, it's a fun way to show your love of punny pictures and strange science!

Visit Pepetto's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightful designs:

Dangerous Rose Haircut Number 8 Electric Guitar ES 335 Brain + Heart = Infinity

View more designs by Pepetto | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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9 Of The Strangest Animated TV Shows From The 1990s

(Image Link)

In the 1990s animated TV shows were freed from their Saturday morning shackles and allowed to entertain older kids, adults even, leading to a change in industry attitudes toward the medium of animation.

Companies like Disney claimed TV cartoons were just for kids and should be kept "wholesome" so they don't warp young minds, then along came a show called Ren & Stimpy to dispel that myth.

Ren & Stimpy changed the cartoon game by bringing elements of the surreal and utterly bizarre to the mainstream, as well as a renewed appreciation for old timey "noodle limb" style character animation.

As you peruse this collection of 10 of the strangest animated TV shows made in the 1990s you'll definitely notice some similarities to Ren & Stimpy, and lots of shows that are simply one-of-a-kind!

1. Life With Louie (1994-98)-

(Image Link)

Louie is just like every other kid on the playground, except for the fact that he basically looks like the little person version of Louie Anderson, complete with the comedian's hairdo and sense of style.

Louie comes off as the child equivalent of Garfield the Cat, and despite the fact that his show may have singlehandedly led to the current obesity crisis (I kid, I kid) it had a lot of fans and lasted four seasons.

Life With Louie was endearing, strangely relatable, and full of delightfully surreal moments, like the time Louie was inspired by his conversation with a cow (skip to 17:30):

(YouTube Link)

2. The Brothers Grunt (1994-95)-

(Image Link)

The Brothers Grunt is about five (albino?) humanoids who run around in their underwear, make strange grunting noises and eating cheese while they search for their lost brother.

The Brothers Grunt didn't do so well from a critical standpoint, and didn't last long as a result, but it did help launch the career of Ed, Edd n Eddy creator Danny Antonucci, so it wasn't all bad!

(YouTube Link)

Continue reading

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13 Things You Might Not Know About Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3 quickly became a fan favorite when it came out in 1988 because of one main thing- the Tanooki Suit! The addition of a suit that allowed Mario to glide through the air and look like a cute raccoon at the same time made gamers grin with glee, and gave Mario a unique sense of style he never had before.

The Frog and Hammer suits are pretty cool too, but did you know Mario was originally going to have access to a Centaur suit?

Apparently the game designers felt Mario dressed up like a raccoon and a frog was all the horsing around gamers could handle! *kneeslapper*

Read 13 Things You Might Not Know About Super Mario Bros 3 at Gamma Squad

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Woman Discovers Spider Cocoon In A Bag Of Bananas

Every bunch of bananas takes a mighty long trip to get to its final destination, and sometimes little critters hitch a ride like creepy crawly little stowaways aboard the SS Banana, taking them to see faraway lands...like Wales.

A man from Wales recently picked up a bag of banana from his local Tesco supermarket and brought a severe case of arachnophobia home for his wife.

She opened the bag of bananas and discovered to her horror that the bag held a cocoon full of spider stowaways- Brazilian Wandering Spiders, which look like this when full grown:

The Brazilian Wandering Spiders, or Banana Spiders as they’re commonly know, are considered the “world’s most venomous spider”, and their venom is known to cause painful erections that last far longer than a dose of Viagra.

The spiders started to hatch right before her eyes, so she threwthe bag in the freezer and called Tesco for some answers. The company requested she return the cocoon and fruit to the store so they could be investigated, still no word on whether the husband kept a few of the spiders around for the couple's next date night.

-Via TDW

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Neighborhood In Akron, Ohio Plagued By Public Pooper

The Castle Homes neighborhood in Akron, Ohio is currently in the midst of a crapstorm- a serial crapper has been leaving steaming piles of hatred on parked cars and, in at least one incident, on toys left in the front yard.

The man is currently wanted for 19 different illegal dumps in Castle Homes, but Akron police believe he may be responsible for dropping over one hundred smelly deposits in the last two years.

Thanks to a time lapse camera set up by a resident whose car has repeatedly fallen victim to the serial pooper we now have a face to match the feces:

(Image Link)

If you know this man you probably won't admit it, but for the sake of decency call the Akron Police and help them bring this crappy citizen to justice!

-Via Gawker

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Does Doctor Who Pass The Bechdel Test?

The Doctor has been assisted by some mighty fierce female companions over the last five decades, and Doctor Who has helped make strong female characters into a sci-fi staple. But does Doctor Who, with all of his powerful female friends, pass the Bechdel test?

The Mary Sue’s Sarah Barrett decided to find out how the 21st century episodes of the show rate according to the Bechdel test, and not surprisingly it scored a pretty darn high 80%!

Graphic One contains data per series, per writer, per showrunner and per companion, while Graphic Two contains data color-coded data per episode (click links to see full size versions)

The Bechdel test is an extremely simplified way to determine whether a show or movie contains gender bias, but it’s an entertainment type test used on entertainment type stuff, so just go with it!

Read more about Doctor Who's Bechdel test results here

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12 Fluffy Facts About Disney's Version Of Winnie The Pooh

He’s a willy, nilly, silly old bear with an extremely diverse group of animal friends who lives in a dark and foreboding forest called the Hundred-Acre Wood. He’s Winnie The Pooh, and ever since A.A. Milne brought his son's stuffed bear to life in a wonderful series of stories every kid who meets him instantly falls in love with him and his sugary sweet tales.

Our old pal Stacy Conradt put together a rather interesting collection of fluffy facts about Disney's version of that honey lovin' little bear, including this tasty tidbit- Winnie the Pooh has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Not bad for a bear with a head full of fluff!

Read more facts about Winnie The Pooh at mental_floss

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Crazy Cat Lovers And Their Hair-Raising Homes

We recently posted an article featuring photographer David Williams' series that revealed the rather ordinary looking men who defy the crazy cat lady convention and prefer the company of cats to dogs.

Well, allow us to present the antithesis of that series focused on normalcy, because this photo series by Andréanne Lupiens is all about the crazy.

Crazy Cat Lovers reveals the madness feline fans experience when they let too many cats into their homes, and the fantasy of being surrounded by kitty pals becomes a nightmarish reality.

Okay, so Andréanne's photo series is supposed to be whimsical rather than scary, but having your home overrun by bratty cats who don't give a flying hairball about trashing the place seems like a nightmare to me!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Line Of Bags And Backpacks Straight From Toonsville

Animation lovers (or more likely the animation obsessed) are constantly looking for ways to make their lives feel cartoony without actually abandoning their flesh and bone body for one made of ink and paint.

Generally this means wearing clothing and accessories featuring their favorite cartoon characters, and maybe the occasional pair of Mickey gloves or puffy slippers shaped like Minnie’s shoes.

Now, thanks to this incredible new line of bags made by Jump From Paper, we’re one step closer to a total toonification of our lives.

The SS 15 collection looks like the kind of bookbag our favorite schoolbound cartoon stars would carry, with strong contour lines, simple shapes and bold colors that make these bags seem too toony to be real!

-Via Boing Boing

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The Strangest Dragon Breeds In The D&D World

The creative folks behind the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game system have a knack for blending their own original content with that of their mythological influences. They’re able to take creatures from mythology such as elves, dwarves, demons and, of course, dragons and create new breeds/races/types that fit right in with their mythic counterparts.

Dragons are still the most popular and enduring species in the game, and although most campaigns don't involve fighting a dragon the addition of a draconian presence can quickly change a group's tone from "we own this quest!" to "we'l! never survive this encounter!"

Add one of the bizarre breeds that made io9's list of The 16 Strangest Dragons in Dungeons & Dragons to your campaign and watch player characters flee with terror when faced with the mindless horror of the Brainstealer Dragon or the undying stench of the rotten Zombie Dragon!

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Seventeen Animals That Prove Nature Is Terrifying

We all know that nature is full of horrors, and we've all seen When Nature Attacks to confirm that animals can easily take out a human with a flurry of hoof blows. 

And then there are those animals that don't need brawn to get the job done, those amazingly adaptive animals who learn to protect themselves in the most terrifying ways.

These critters lurk around just waiting for someone, or something, to mess with them so they can show off their amazing adaptations and scare the fur or feathers off a would-be predator.

Some, like the Horror Frog, actually cause themselves harm when in defensive mode:

Others, like the bravely defiant Fulmar, have learned to spit in a predator's face to avoid becoming a Fulmar McNugget, using their own special sauce to make that predator lose its appetite:

See the 17 Things In Nature That Just Shouldn't Exist Because They're Terrifying here (Some entries contain NSFW language)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Tumblr Dedicated To Kindle Cover Disasters

(Image Link)

The world of digital media is wide open for new creators to share their vision with the world, and many people are choosing to self publish their stories these days instead of dealing with a publisher.

Putting your story out there by yourself is great, but choosing to also create your own cover art, which is still a big factor in whether people will buy your book or not, can negatively affect sales.

(Image Link)

If the cover art is lousy, offensive or too minimal it may turn customers off, but if it’s a total disaster it might end up on a Tumblr called Kindle Cover Disasters!

Like purveyors of fine literary cheese, the folks behind Kindle Cover Disasters are giving these bottom of the barrel works of cover art a home and an audience, so we can all savor the flavor!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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News Stories That Sound Too Strange To Be True

(Image/Story Link)

Living in the Information Age means hearing about stuff happening all over the world the minute it hits the news, and with access to so much info comes the realization that life is full of utter lunacy.

We hear stories about crimes and lives lost on a daily basis, but for every ten (hundred?) terrible news stories there are those other stories that make us smile and scratch our heads in wonder.

(Image/Story Link)

These are the true life tales of the truly bizarre, the stories of strange crimes committed by even stranger people and events so bizarre they sound like an urban legend.

BuzzFeed's 23 Stories That Are Wild From Start To Finish seem too ridiculous to be true, but all most totally check out, and every story on the list is just begging to be made into an episode of Law & Order!

(Image/Story Link)

Read 23 Stories That Are Wild From Start To Finish here

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Sexy Cosplay Versions Of Pokemon

(Girafarig by Mokuyo Cosplay/via AkiJet)

When you hear the words "sexy" and "Pokemon' used together it’s easy to assume that the costumes in question are of Ash's pal Misty or Jessie from Team Rocket, but those have been done to death. In this case we’re talkin’ about full blown sexy versions of pocket monsters, and boy will they ever make you wanna catch 'em all!

Dorkly put together a list of 35 Attempts At Sexy Pokemon Cosplay…That Totally Succeeded, proving that strange can be good when it comes to sexy cosplay.

(Lugia by Rising Moon Cosplay/via Sweet Sensation Photography)

If you’d rather not think of Raichu, Espeon or Dugtrio as sexy then by all means pass this one by, but if you’re intrigued by the idea of sexy Pokemon then take your eyeballs for a walk on the wild side!

See 35 Attempts At Sexy Pokemon Cosplay...That Totally Succeeded here

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These People Are Having A Really Bad Day At Work

Having a bad day is a subjective experience- for some hitting too much traffic on the way to work is enough to put them in a funk, while others keep smiling until they’re almost crushed to death by a wall of beverages.

 photo badday3_zpsulsbhtle.gif

We’ve all had a day we thought was the absolute worst possible, but the people in this terrifying collection of GIFs survived some really bad days, and they have the scars to prove it.

 photo badday2_zpspljeahke.gif

There’s no subjectivity in this collection, these are simply scenes from terrible days converted into GIFs and shared with the interwebs to help us put our bad days into perspective.

See 20 Times People Have Had Worse Days Than You here

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Garbage Collectors Spill Their Secrets

Trash collection is one of those luxuries many of us take for granted- we put the trash out on the specified day and let the collectors come and haul it away in their big, stinky trucks, knowing the whole process will repeat on a weekly basis.

And yet we know so little about those valiant folks who usher our waste off to its final resting place- do they hold it against us when we call them garbage men/women, and how do they feel about picking up our trash?

According to the dozens of professionals interviewed for 14 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Garbage Collectors calling them garbage men/women is just fine, and most truly enjoy their dirty job. So what do they hate? Poor quality trash bags and the autumn leaf-pocalypse.

Read more secrets of garbage collectors over at mental_floss

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