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Famous Movie Scenes With Cats

(YouTube Link)

Advertised with the catchy slogan "now with more cats!", this hilarious mashup of movie clips and popular internet cat videos sure put a chuckle in my buckle! Is that a saying? No? Well, it should be. Enjoy your classic movies, and the cats that make them all look ridiculous.

--via Animal NY

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Andy Warhol Painting Debbie Harry With An Amiga

(YouTube Link)

Apparently Andy Warhol was quite handy with the Amiga computer, here he is using an early paint program (anyone know which program?) to colorize a digital portrait of Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie.

And while this task seems simple by today's standards, this video is from 1986, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and gas was a buck and a quarter a gallon!

--via i09

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Mmmmmmm....Maple Syrup Popcorn!

The Royal Theatre in Toronto is hosting the Canadian Film Festival this year, so they're breaking out the big guns-buckets full of maple syrup popcorn goodness!

It's described as "a perfect mix of sweet and salty", and sounds like a fun syrup to pour all over many kinds of food products-maple bars, maple pancakes, even maple candy would be be so much better drenched in maple syrup!

So, is popcorn going to be good when subjected to a maple syrup shower? Does a Mountie crap in the woods?


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This Is Why They Call Him The Boss

(YouTube Link)

Bruce Springsteen took time out during a recent show in Philadelphia to take a seat with the fans and chug an ice cold beer. And that's why he's still The Boss, even after over 35 years performing he still puts the R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A, oh wait, that's a Mellencamp song, my bad.

--via TDW

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Propaganda Posters For The Hunger Games

With the overwhelming popularity of The Hunger Games, it's not surprising that the interwebs is filling up with fan art created to satisfy even the hungriest Hunger-ling.

College Humor has created this series of funny propaganda posters based on the hit film, and whether you're a fan of the movie or not I'm sure you'll appreciate the dark humor and subtexts in the tag lines. Suddenly I really want to watch The Running Man and Surviving The Game back to back!

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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Would You Let Grandpa Jim Throw A Party For Your Kids?

(YouTube Link)

Grandpa Jim wants to throw a house party for your kids, where he'll teach them about religion and old timey fun in a lame, milquetoast approved way! So this is what (some) kids did for fun before the interwebs? Sign me up!

By the way, if you want to throw a Grandpa Jim style party of your own (and who wouldn't!), there are party kits available online for as little as $7 American. Go fun!

--via Everything Is Terrible

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Animated Cardboard Short-"Mr. Carton"

(YouTube Link)

This understated animated short comes from the mind of Michael Bolufer, and it's the pilot episode for a 12 part series. It looks like a fun way to bring cardboard and sharpie together, and it's animated for your viewing pleasure. A Cardboard cartoon, what'll they think of next?!

--via Drawn

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Cute Kitties On Treadmills

(YouTube Link)

As a follow-up to yesterday's gallery of obese animals, here's a video showing a bunch of kittehs hitting the treadmill to shed those extra pounds.

Some are dedicated to getting in shape, others are lazy and don't seem to care about being a bit too fluffy, and they're all too cute! And I know this video is a couple of years old, but if you've never seen it before it's new to you!

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Pixelated Papercraft Masters Of The Universe Baddies

These pixel art versions of the Masters Of The Universe rogue's gallery comes to you courtesy of artist Ty Lettau, who was kind enough to convert them all into papercraft figures you can print out and put together for your own amusement.

Who knew Skeletor was such a square? Print them, play with them, and marvel at how little muscle mass these guys have on their blocky bodies!

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Awkward Superman Comic

There is no way the citizens of Metropolis would allow Superman to continue patrolling the streets if he was actually this awkward. Heck, I'm surprised The Man Of Steel isn't involved in more lawsuits, considering how much damage he does to buildings and vehicles as he fights crime. And the least you can do when you're posing as Clark Kent is keep your pants on!

Link  --via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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A Gallery Of Obese Animals

Apparently there's an animal obesity epidemic in the U.S. that coincides with people being heavier than ever before, at least according to the almighty media.

Personally, I prefer my kitties on the heavy side, so they don't taunt me about my weight with their condescending looks and incredible feats of agility.

Michelle Collins from Best Week Ever wants to raise awareness about this issue with a gallery she has put together of overweight animals and the humans that get a hernia trying to lift them off the ground.

Or maybe she just wants to point and laugh at the poor little critters, which will probably lead to kibble binging and catnip addiction.


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Adorable Legend Of Zelda GIF

This cute animated GIF comes to you courtesy of Daniel Bressette, who clearly has love for The Legend Of Zelda and glowing pieces of meat. Entitled Let's Eat, it's a celebration of the fact that winter is over, except for those who have made Hyrule their home.

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Sand Flea Jumping Robot Is The Coolest RC Car Ever

(YouTube Link)

Boston Dynamics is showing off their newest innovation with this video of their Sand Flea Jumping Robot in action. It looks like a flask with wheels, or one of those RC cars that can flip end over end and keep wheeling, but the Sand Flea is so much more:
Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings.

While the Sand Flea is currently in development for use in military applications, I'll be surprised if RC cars don't integrate the awesome jumping feature into their own models in the near future.


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Dark Knight Rises Trailer In LEGO

(YouTube Link)

The Dark Knight Rises is almost upon us, and I'm excited by all that I see about this movie-awesome action figures, the confirmed return of Liam Neeson as R'as Al Ghul, and now the trailer gets a LEGO makeover, thanks to Paranick Filmz.

You gotta love how far stop motion LEGO films have come over the last few years, and with the inclusion of visual effects the bar has been set even higher.

--via Comics Alliance

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Volkswagen Beetle Stegosaurus Sculpture

When you're looking for a vehicle that epitomizes the Jurassic era, look no further than the Volkswagen beetle!

Created by the Mutoid Waste Co. for the Beautiful Days festival in Devon, this guy would be scary if he could walk faster than my grandma.

Thankfully, this guy isn't going anywhere except straight into my dinosaur scrapbook.


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Trailer For Rise Of The Guardians

(YouTube Link)

Santa Claus has never been more badass, with his tattoo sleeves and militaristic garb, it's no wonder he was chosen to lead the guardians of humanity.

Check out this slick trailer for the upcoming release of Dreamworks' Rise Of The Guardians, it will make you believe in magic all over again, even if it's only the magic of CG animation and visual effects.

--via Nerd Bastards

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Disgusting Virgin Boy Eggs Are A Chinese Delicacy

Just when you thought the food eaten by the mainland Chinese couldn't get any stranger, here comes this disgusting delicacy-eggs soaked in the urine of boys under 10 years old.

Called Virgin Boy Eggs, they're a big hit in the city of Dongyang, and the urine is collected from primary schools around town, making this a decidedly local flavor.

Vendors claim the eggs have good health properties, but don't they say that about every gross food item they try to peddle in China?


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The Turntable Spirograph Machine

(YouTube Link)

Retired DJs take note-there's a use for your old turntables after all!

Just attach some arms like you see in the video, lock a sharpie in place, then trip out on the spirographic artwork that the turntables create-all by themselves!

It looks all geometrical and neat, and the soothing sound of the pen dancing across the paper is enough to calm even the most rabid raver. Just don't try scratching when the tables are doing there thing, or you'll end up with a big old mess!

--via Booooooom!

Update 4/16/12: Drawing Apparatus is the name of the machine, made by Robert Howsare - Thanks Robert!

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Alternate Mad Men Intro Sequences

(YouTube Link)

The hit show Mad Men has become the victim of parody across the interwebs, and Don Draper isn't going to sign off on these alternate versions of the intro sequence.

It's a cute little way to waste some time as you wait for next Sunday's episode of Mad Men to air. Scotch and soda, anyone?

(NSFW due to language)

--via DesignTAXI

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Fantastic Gypsy Wagon Designs

Gypsies are known for being very colorful people, and their traveling wagon homes reflect their flair for style, and help them stand out from the rest of the caravan.

It's like Pimp My Ride from the old country, and most of them look like they come straight out of a fairy tale, except for the creepy shirtless guys hanging around everywhere.

Head over to Flavorwire and check out these gilded mobile homes for yourself, it may make you want to hit the road and live the life of a nomad.

Link  --image credit: Lenora Genovese

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Norwegian Diplomat Says Role Playing Can Save The World

Newly appointed Norwegian minister of international development Heikki Holmas feels that role playing games can be beneficial to society, and could even help foster peace in the world by creating realistic conflict in a fictional setting.

Here's what he has to say about roleplaying:
“RPGs can be extremely relevant in putting people in situations they’re unfamiliar with, Save the Children have their refugee games. I have friends in Bergen who’ve run human-rights RPGs. But you have to be professional. You create real emotions when you play role-playing games, real emotions that stick.”

“That’s kind of the slightly scary aspect of role-playing games, which has to be considered. At the same time, it’s what makes it possible for RPGs to change the world. LARP can change the world, because it lets people understand that humans under pressure may act differently than in the normal life, when you’re safe.”

Heikki's opinion was formed by his experience as an avid tabletop and live action gamer, and the founder of Norway's roleplaying game convention RegnCon.

I like where Heikki is going with his strategy to use RPGs as a form of conflict resolution, but when you have all that Mountain Dew and Hot Pocket grease coursing through your veins things can get ugly, even if the conflict is only on paper.


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A Truly Terrifying Cyclopean Hairdo

Want a new hairdo that will also watch your back? Then check out this cyclops inspired hair creation, which comes to you courtesy of Biglilkim.

She really knows how to make an entrance and an exit, and I pity the fool who tries to sneak up on her from behind, because the eyeball on the back of her head has been known to shoot purple laser beams at bad guys.

Link  --via Obvious Winner


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Custom Gears Of War Digger Launcher

This incredible prop looks like it's been through a hundred years of intergalactic conflict, and appears to weigh a ton, just like the one carried by Boomers in the video game franchise Gears of War.

Created from scratch by Ryan and Dena Palser of Kronos Props, it's the perfect way to launch some nasty little Diggers at the Gears and take over the planet, one emergence hole at a time.

I've seen some Gears of War cosplay, mainly Gears in COG armor, but have any of you seen Locust cosplay on the interwebs? If you have, please share!

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Painted Needlepoint By Caroline Larsen

Caroline Larsen creates her interesting, and colorful, needlepoint style images entirely out of paint, using a most peculiar technique of her own invention. Here's how it's done:
Over several years she has developed a unique technique for applying paint: her works are created by squeezing undiluted oil paint through a bag outfitted with a serrated stainless steel tip resulting in an exceedingly thick, intricately woven oil painting. Using this piping process she is able to apply ribbons of paint that weave up and over themselves to create images.

Her works have such a uniquely textured look that it's natural to wonder how she does it, so now you know-she creates them with some custom formulated awesomeness.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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If Classic Movies Had Morality Choices Like Mass Effect

It's funny to think how movies would play out if characters had to choose between multiple morality choices, like you do in the Mass Effect video game franchise.

Things would have turned out quite differently if Ray had sat there discussing religion with Gozer in Ghostbusters, or if Jules had nicer conversational options to choose from as he shook down Brett in Pulp Fiction.

Movie studios should take note, because this would be a fun bonus feature to add to some DVDs, and a really good way to use outtake footage at the same time.


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An App That Turns Photos Into Animated GIFs

If you've ever wanted to create GIFs on the fly with your smartphone, but found complexity of existing GIF creation programs like Cinemagraphs daunting, then you have to check out Flixel.

Flixel lets you decide which portion of the frame you want to be animated, then it records frames to play back as a GIF, while the rest of the photo remains still.

The result is a pretty cool bit of motion applied to your photos, and makes for some interesting, albeit twitchy, imagery. You can see a short video of Flixel in action, and many more GIFs created with the app, at the links below.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Mechawhales Have Come To Save The Day

(YouTube Link)

This animated short by Hauke Scheer has it all-action, aliens, and whales in mecha armor powered  by their minds.

The one thing this short doesn't have is the music rights to AC/DC's classic song "Back In Black", so Hauke came up with his own version, which sounds pretty close to the original.

This short left me with one nagging question-why didn't they give the whale a helmet?

--via Geekosystem

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54 Artists Create A Unique Set Of Playing Cards

Digital Abstracts, an online design resource, has brought together 54 artists to create an extremely unique deck of playing cards, with an image from each artist on their own card.

With some really cool designs, some of which correspond to the card that the image is on, this is one deck of cards you won't get tired of staring at as you plunk down your kid's lunch money during a few quick hands of Texas Hold 'Em.

But these cool cards come at a price-$54 to be exact, so I'm not sure if they're meant to be played with, or admired under glass...

Link   --via DesignTAXI

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Robotic Hand Will Make Video Chatting Even Creepier

(YouTube Link)

Engineers at Osaka University in Japan have created this robotic hand for use with video chatting, to help people talking to each other online feel more connected.

It's warm like a human hand, registers grip force, and will be programmed "to harass their colleagues with a constant stream of formal greetings".

I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't really matter either way, because this device looks like the beginning of a strange new world of online arm wrestling matches and *ahem* safe virtual encounters.

Just don't ask this thing to wash your windows, or you will see a strike sign appear in it's hand faster than you can say Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

--via Engadget

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Peter The Elephant Plays With A Smartphone

(YouTube Link)

Companies make it hard to tell if videos like this one, which shows Peter the Elephant using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the help of his lovely assistant, are advertisements or just genuinely cool animal videos.

This particular example is a commercial and an adorable animal video, and even though a few scenes are faked I still love watching Peter play with the smartphone. Yay for animal approved technology!

--via The Daily What

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