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Photo Series Shows Animals Hitching A Ride On The Paris Metro

Riding public transportation can sometimes feel like you're riding on a train bound for the circus, with lots of clowns, performers and freaks of nature aboard who turn your commute into a maddening affair. Maybe they should just let the animals hitch a ride alongside the crazy commuters?

Photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil give us a glimpe of what it would be like to ride the Paris Metro with a bunch of animals in this fun photo series and aside from all the poop, and occasionally having your face whapped by a tail or pecked by a beak, it looks like a lot of fun!

-Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Full Cardboard Suit Of Iron Man Armor

Tony Stark may not have had much use for cardboard when he was building suit after suit of super shiny Iron Man armor, but Tony would definitely admire the craftsmanship and skill shown by Kai-Xiang Xhong when he built this wearable cardboard Iron Man armor.

The included video finds Kai-Xiang showing off a bunch of his other models, including an Alien xenomorph made out of straws and a giant cardboard T-Rex skull that is really freakin' cool!

Kai-Xiang decided to keep the suit natural cardboard color 'cause that's his style, and it looks like the feet were formed around a pair of Spongebob slippers, so his feet stay warm when he slips this bad boy on to grab the mail.

-Via Geekologie

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Kaleidoscope Faces

I’m not sure if people are already gearing up for 4/20, or if the internet discovered a vial of virtual acid it had forgotten about, but there have been all kinds of trippy things floating around the interwebs lately.

Case in point- this series of image manipulations by Norg Nodis featuring faces neatly sliced into sections then re-assembled kaleidoscope style.

Even without the aid of herbal enhancements or psychedelics your mind will go “whoa” as you stare at the neatly shaped facial features that radiate out from the core of each subject’s being, or some such New Age type jargon.

-Via DesignTAXI

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Batman Is A Cold Blooded Murderer

Holy homicides Batman, you’re a murdering psychopath masquerading as a crime fighting superhero, and this Cracked article entitled The 6 Most Brutal Murders Committed By Batman proves it!

Batman is obviously a big picture kinda guy, and he considers henchman to be expendable because no matter how many low ranking baddies he kills they never seem to tarnish his reputation.

You’d think Robin would have called him out on at least a few of these killings, but Robin probably turns a blind eye to it all because he’s afraid of becoming Bat Boy’s next victim!

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Music Video Featuring Ridiculous Ideas For Video Games

(Video Link)

Tokyo Police Club is not the name of a video game, although it certainly sounds like a groundbreaking gameplay experience, Tokyo Police Club is the name of an indie band who love video games.

Tokyo Police Club made a video for their song Hot Tonight, and it features all kinds of imaginary video games someone should actually make such as Tour Canada, Manic Mayor, the Street Fighter clone Twitter Beef and Stage Rush, the sound gear stacking game.

Okay, maybe Tokyo Police Club just needed a good excuse to include video games in their music video…

-Via Kotaku

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A Colorful Stop Motion Short Featuring Storms Of Paint

(Video Link)

April showers are refreshing, acid rain may turn your hair green, and hailstorms really hurt, but if the clouds opened up and started raining paint we’d all turn a muddy shade of gray.

Paint Showers is a colorful animated short by Miguel Jiron, and it’s one of the most relaxing abstract stop motion animated shorts you’ll ever see!

Miguel created the short by applying paint to a pane of glass in a process similar to the one used to create psychedelic graphic projections for concerts back in the good ol' days of rock 'n' roll. Have a nice trip!

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Surreal And Absurd Photography Of Martin Kollar

You should take Martin Kollar seriously as a photographer and artist, even though his photos tend to be anything but serious in tone.

Martin’s unique photographic vision reveals the absurd side of human life, depicting people lost in thought during in-between moments, as they wait for something to happen while interesting things are happening all around them.

The Czech photographer has a knack for capturing subjects in the raw, and he has a clever way of juxtaposing his still human subjects with eye catching elements which beg to be the subject of each scene.

-Via Juxtapoz

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Tourist Shares Pics Of New York City In The Early 1980s

Most tourists take a few pictures while they’re on vacation, but these pictures are generally not much to look at, focusing primarily on the tourists themselves rather than their surroundings.

But Paul Wright wasn’t your typical tourist, he was a young man from the UK visiting New York City in 1982 and 83 with lots of love for the city's seedy side in his heart and an eye for photography.

His pics capture the strange, the edgy, and downright bizarre side of NYC with wide eyed glee, and his tourist snapshots show a city which has changed quite a bit over the last thirty years.

The best part of Paul's images are the insightful comments he has included with each image, describing the story behind the photo in a delightful homage to a time when the chain stores and property developers had yet to take over NYC.

-Via Gothamist

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Twelve Of The Strangest Comic Book Crossovers Of All Time

Comic book crossovers happen all the time, usually due to fan requests or some major event meant to bring the two universes together in a spectacular way, but the crossover comics on this list aren’t your usual fare. These weird crossovers go beyond 'what if', past 'what the…'  and straight to 'WTF?!'

When the Punisher shows up in Riverdale looking for a gangster who bears more than a passing resemblance to Archie things are getting strange, but when the Quik Rabbit battles the Weather Wizard and saves a frozen Superman by deciphering some Egyptian code you know these crossover comic events have truly jumped the shark!  

Go forth, brave reader, and discover more strange comic book crossover events over at io9!

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15 Facts You May Not Know About Diablo

Diablo is the kind of video game that has tons of crossover appeal, attracting more than just fans of action role-playing games and dungeon crawlers, and the button mashing, monster smashing frenzied melee fighter has evolved quite a bit since the release of the first Diablo game back in 1996.

But if the game designers had gone with some of their original plans for the game, like using claymation graphics for the characters or giving the whole thing a time limit, would Diablo have as many fans as it does today?

To celebrate the release of Diablo III’s first major expansion Reaper of Souls the diehard gamers at Gamma Squad have put together a list of 15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About Diablo.

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Hilarious Anti-Rob Ford Campaign Posters

Things are getting mighty strange in the election to choose Toronto's next mayor, and a group calling themselves No Ford Nation have created a delightfully comical smear campaign with ads that feature fake candidates claiming they "Won't smoke crack, only pot" and "will only get publicly drunk and won't kill people".

It's campaign related comedy at its finest, but with a real message behind it- "Anyone's better than Rob Ford." Since the election isn't until this fall there are bound to be many more bold statements made against the crack smoking Mayor of Toronto, but will the citizens of Toronto agree with this radical tactic, or will they find the whole thing tasteless and ineffective?

-Via Reddit

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The Hand Stitched Sculptures Of Cyril Le Van

Art often attempts to initiate a conversation between the viewer and the viewed work, gently toying with their sense of what is real and what is merely artistic representation.

Cyril Le Van initiates this sense of wonder by printing photo quality designs onto plastic sheets which he then uses to create soft sculptures.

This juxtaposition of the hard object and soft fabric, the visual realism of the print and the obviously not very real looking nature of the sewn together object, this is Cyril's visual exploration of consumerism and why people place so much importance on material possessions, as he strips away the status symbol nature of the object and makes it merely something nice to look at.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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The Colorful Crayon Works Of Diem Chau

Artist Diem Chau was one of those kids who didn’t particularly enjoy coloring during arts and crafts time in school, because he clearly preferred to use crayons as a sculptural medium.

Diem sculpts miniature scenes into the top half of Crayola crayons, carving fine details into the colorful wax that seem almost impossible to achieve considering the scale of his works.

Diem's miniature masterpieces have an appropriately childlike style, with plant and animal motifs incorporated into each tiered wax sculpture that make them look like tiny schoolyard totem poles.

-Via Juxtapoz

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This Isn't A Painting, It's A CGI Masterpiece

(Video Link)

The computer has become a powerful tool for the artist over the last twenty years, and CGI has reached a level of realism that makes it possible to bring anything you can imagine to life, but digital artists who choose classical works of art as their inspiration really have their work cut out for them!

Farkas Zsolt has created a 3D masterpiece that brings Benczur Gyula’s classical painting Budavar visszavetele to life with hi-res models, and unless you can see the three dimensional contours of each subject it looks exactly like the original painting.

The entire scene weighs in at a whopping 8.5 million polygons, which means it's more poly rich than your average still shot from a Pixar movie, and Farkas was kind enough to include a breakdown of his entire process so both the curious and those brave enough to attempt such a feat for themselves can give it a shot.

-Via Kotaku

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Is This What The Muppets Would Look Like As Humans?

The Muppets are (arguably) the most famous puppet troupe in the world, and their fans like them fleece and foamy with their original, iconic look and style.

But since many of the characters are humanoids, and their distinct personalities really bring them to life, it makes sense that illustrators like Nick Hoffman would begin to wonder what the Muppets would look like as human beings.

All of the humanoid characters, like Bunsen Honeydew, Statler and Waldorf and Dr. Teeth, look pretty much the same, but Kermit is unrecognizable as a man in a dorky green suit, and Gonzo now looks like more of a creep than a weirdo.

(If you're having trouble figuring out who's who here's the original poster that inspired this piece)

-Via io9

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Papercraft Versions Of Classic NES Games

Paper art comes in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of complexity, but for my money the most fun papercraft creations are based on video games.

Artist and avid gamer Steph Caskenette has created a series of papercraft artworks called NEStalgia, featuring “screenshots” from classic Nintendo Entertainment System games like Contra, Kirby's Adventure and Castlevania.

Steph combines papercraft and digital art techniques to create her 8-bit inspired works, but instead of perfectly replicating the look of each game she gives them a wrinkly makeover and uses layered effects to give each piece a three dimensional look that most 2D side scrolling games were missing in the early days of console gaming.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Tom And Jerry Short Remade With CGI Anime Girls

(Video Link)

Classic animated series like Tom & Jerry are often studied by animation students so they have a better understanding about timing, staging, and character animation.

The short in this particular study is Down Beat Bear from MGM, 1956, which is heavy on the musical numbers and just the thing to show off your sense of timing as an animator, and the cutesy characters on the anime side are from a video game series called Touhou Project.

This surreal side-by-side short was created by YouTube user dfj688 using an animation program called MikuMikuDance, which explains all the dancing but very little else about this strange project.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Ultimate Pokemon Pet Cosplay - Umbreon Dog

When people say they’re doing a bit of Pokemon cosplay with their dog they usually just dye them different colors, or strap some ill fitting scraps of fabric on them and call it a day.

But this lucky(?) dog got to cosplay as Umbreon the right way- with a really cool looking full body costume! The costume, which includes a full head mask, was created by DeviantARTist leafeon-ex, who apparently owns one of the world's most patient dogs.

Umbreon dog may not be able to see all the adoring Poke-fans fawning over her, but she has the satisfaction of knowing that if she steps into the pet costume battle arena wearing this crazy cool getup she’s sure to catch all the awards.

-Via Reddit

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Action Movie Kid - A Video Series That Brings Imagination To Life

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Dreamworks artist Daniel Hashimoto doesn’t take his work home with him, because he’d rather spend time playing with his son James and using a little movie magic to turn James into the world’s youngest action movie star.

Now James may not do all of his own stunts, and he may have the power of visual effects programs like After Effects helping him look more heroic, but their video series called Action Movie Kid is about the power of imagination, and bringing James’ superhero dreams to life.

From daring grappling gun stunts to sweet lightsaber swingin' moves, James is ready for a leading role in upcoming movies like Die Hard: With A Kid or The Bourne Adoption.

-Via GeekTyrant

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Animated Short Shows How To Read Cat Body Language

(Video Link)

Cats are kinda crazy and unpredictable, or at least we think they are because we have a hard time reading their body language and understanding how their postures and behaviors reveal what they’re actually thinking.

Now, thanks to animator Cindy Suen and her adorable animated short Cats Communication, we have a guide to the visual language of felines.

It's not the most definitive source on the subject, but it reveals enough information so you can avoid becoming a target of kitty rage the next time you encounter one of these furry freaks in the urban jungle.

-Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids If They Know Any Naughty Words

(Video Link)

We recently posted a video featuring a guy asking his three year old nephew to recite all the bad words he knows, many of which were unsurprisingly butt related.

But Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t satisfied with the results- he felt that this particular kid's list of curse words didn't fairly represent the bad words known by all kids, so he decided to head out to Hollywood Boulevard to see what kind of filth was running through the mind of L.A.’s children.

Kimmel's scientific research into the subject yielded some rather surprising results, including the fact that most kids think dumb is a bad word, and when these kids let loose it's enough to make a sailor blush!

-Via Cheezburger

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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TMNT Movie Trailer Spawns The Michaelangelo Meme

(Image Via Awkward Elevator)

A trailer for Michael Bay's controversial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot movie finally made its way onto the interwebs this week, and while it relieved some of the anxiety felt by fans of the franchise it also created a whole new meme- the Michaelangelo.

Mike’s odd appearance in the trailer was immediately likened to that of Shrek, then other folks jumped on board the Michaelangelo meme train and created some hilarious visual masterpieces sure to make net surfers say cowabunga.

Got a Michaelangelo meme of your own design? Post it in the comments section!

-Via Gamma Squad

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Hoarder Is Killed By His Own Wall Of Trash

(Image Via WFAA)

Increased risk of fire, exposure to toxic mold, and toxoplasmosis due to animal waste exposure are all risks you run living life as a hoarder, but the most common risk is the one that recently took the life of a Dallas man- death by suffocation or crushing, when giant piles of junk come crashing down on top of you.

The 67-year-old Dallas resident was buried under what neighbors described as “a ten foot high wall of trash” so police had to enter the home through the roof, searching for two full days because the dogs were unable to sniff out the victim's body beneath all the trash and rotting animal carcasses.

The only good thing to come of this tragic incident is the fact that his dog Buddy survived the ordeal and found a new home with one of the victim's friends. They should probably change his name from Buddy to Lucky!

-Via Gawker

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What Marge Simpson Would Look Like In Real Life

(Video Link)

The Simpsons, and all the cartoony folks that populate the imaginary city of Springfield, may look cute and colorful on the small screen, but in real life they'd look downright freaky!

This depiction of Marge Simpson in real life called "Flower Marge" was created by photographer Alexander Khokhlov, with the help of makeup artist Veronica Ershova and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko.

Marge's hair gets its textural look from the hundreds of chrysanthemums which were glued to the frame that forms her signature hairstyle, and when the model closes her eyes the transformation into cartoon superstar is complete.

The included video shows the making of Flower Marge, but you may want to mute the sound before you tune in.

-Via Geekologie

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Ghost Photographs - Little Spectral Paintings On Found Images

Even though we can’t see them with the naked eye, there are ghosts hanging around everywhere we go, revealed in the developed photographic image. In fact, some of our friends and neighbors are ghosts, at least according to Angela Deane’s Tumblr site Ghost Photographs.

Angela ghostifies found photographs with a little paint and a lot of tongue in cheek, revealing the spectral side of the human world and using her skills as a ghost whisperer for good.

Turns out all those Halloween costumes we were right- ghosts really do wear white sheets with cut out holes for eyes, I guess those costumes weren’t so cheesy after all!

-Via Booooooom!

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Impressive Papercraft Phoenix Sculpture By Zim & Zou

Paper has been used as an artistic medium for centuries, with papercraft creations used as decorative elements and inexpensive works of art by many cultures across the globe.

This amazing papercraft phoenix sculpture created by papercraft superstars Zim & Zou looks like it could be the centerpiece for a fiery fall festival. However, this particularly vibrant work was created for a pro-recycling campaign put together by French environmental organization Ecofolio.

The phoenix looks so delicate, with intricately detailed layered elements that look like they’d end up ripped or wrinkled during transportation, but surprisingly this papercraft masterpiece was placed on display under glass at a bus stop in Paris. 

-Via Laughing Squid

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Morrissey And Phil Lynott Go Head To Head On Pop Quiz

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Pop Quiz is a star studded British game show that has been revived many times over the years yet never seems to live up to it's original incarnation from the 80s, mostly because pop stars were way cooler back then.

This totally rockin' episode from 1984 stars Kim Wilde, Derek Forbes from Simple Minds, rock legend Philip Lynott and the Moz himself- Morrissey!

Watch as Morrissey suddenly regrets his decision to appear on this painfully milquetoast show, laugh as the host in the funny shirt, Mike Read, tries to act like he’s totally New Wave while using hip lingo like “groovy” and calling people “captain”, and wonder how they got Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott to stay so mellow throughout the entire show. 

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Thomas Card Documents Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo’s Harajuku district is known as the place to go if you want to see outrageous street fashions and uniquely Japanese counterculture movements, and even those who are in the know can’t seem to keep up with all the iterations of style which are constantly appearing in this most fashionable district.

Photographer Thomas Card travelled to Japan one year after the tsunami devastation to document some cutting edge Japanese street styles for his book Tokyo Adorned, but unlike previous photo series featuring Harajuku style Card’s series documents the subjects in front of a white background, so their crazy clothes and accessories can take center stage.

There are so many different elements to their outfits that it may take a second or third look to see it all, and can you imagine how long it takes them to get dressed?

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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This Is The Corey Feldman Music Video You've Been Waiting For

(Video Link)

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years, you just haven’t been able to see him because he hasn’t been in any TV shows, or movies, he’s been playing music and trying to keep Corey from being so Corey.

Corey Feldman is back, with a new music video for his band Corey’s Angels called Corey Feldman’s “DUH!”

In the video we see Corey wearing his signature Michael Jackson inspired outfits, busting some MJ style moves and clowning around classic TV style with a bunch of scantily clad babes.

I'm sure you'll have lots of questions after watching the video, but unfortunately there are simply no answers to be found. This is, after all, a product of the enigma known as Corey Feldman.

-Via Cheezburger

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Images Of Bears Doing Human Things

(Image Via Imgur)

(Image Via Kevin Dietrich)

There’s a reason they chose a bear to be the star of so many cartoon shows, from Yogi to Baloo to the Three Bears in those Looney Tunes shorts, because very few critters act as humanistic as bears.

When a bear stands up and gives you a wave you can almost see your big, hairy uncle doing the same thing, and when they hold a newspaper, sit at a picnic table waiting for a basket full of goodies to come their way, or simply stick their tongue out at the photographer we instantly imagine a friend or family member doing the same thing.

Enjoy this selection of images showing Bears Doing Human Things, put together by the animal loving folks at Bored Panda.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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