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Animated Dark Comedy Short About Exterminators From Another Planet

 photo 1469563793860444557_zpsdqxecp0s.jpg

Pests like roaches, mice and ants can make your life feel like a nightmare when they invade your home, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet, now does it?

(Vimeo Link)

Bûche Royale is a darkly comedic CGI short by Aline Le Sage , Sarah Amrani and Lucy Vallin showing what it's like to be a human exterminator on a far off world, where the line between population control and genocide is rather blurry. (Contains NSFW language)

-Via io9

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20 Lesser Known Horror Movies You Need To See

'Tis the season to watch your favorite fright filled flicks, and whether you're a fan of the fear, hardcore into gore or like a dark tale to unfold there's bound to be a bunch of great horror movies out there that you haven't seen.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmakers from around the world enjoy terrifying audiences with their unique take on horror, and there are tons of under the radar indie movies out there that are just as good, if not better, than their mainstream horror cousins.

(YouTube Link)

Rolling Stone put together a greal list of the 20 Scariest Horror Movies You Need To See, including better known Japanese horror movie Audition, fairly familiar titles like The Descent and Funny Games, and a slew of new horror flicks sure to tickle your grisly fancy! 

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Fifteen Retro Cartoons That Very Few People Remember

People tend to remember cartoons they enjoyed watching as a kid, even the ones they saw only a time or two, so if nobody remembers a certain cartoon it's probably because watching that toon has caused mental scarring.

But memory is a tricky thing, and sometimes we repress our show-related memories because that horrendously awful show featured characters we want to continue liking.

The "funky fresh" Hanna-Barbera reboot called Yo, Yogi! is a good example of a show that's best forgotten so we can go on liking those classic 'toons the way they were before the dumbification.

Dorkly has put together an erroneously titled collection of 15 Retro Cartoons That Literally Nobody Remembers, and besides the bad titling the list includes three shows that never really existed. See if you can figure out which ones are fake!

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Horrifying Halloween Baking Fails

Halloweentime is upon us, and that means people will be doing lots of baking, prepping food and entertaining guests like they do for all the other fall and winter holidays.

Your jolly uncle Jim might not care what he stuffs in his piehole, but everyone else will be wondering what's in it, how long it took you to make it and how it tastes.

However, if your Halloween themed baked dish comes out looking like this people won't be wondering anything but "why did they bother?"

But sometimes a failure is simply not your fault, because the recipe claims to be far easier to complete than it actually is.

When that happens you should just grin and bear the friendly ribbing, because all that really matters is how your baked goods taste!

See 16 Horrific Halloween Baking Fails here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Long Forgotten Animated TV Show Called Super President

The President of the United States used to be seen as a larger-than-life figure capable of seeing our country through any trouble and smoothing things out for the citizens who voted him into office.

But nowadays it's more important for the Prez to come off as an average guy (or someday gal) and stand by our sides during times of trouble, rather than launching bald eagles and cannon fire from on high.

However, the President still had the power to captivate the imagination of the public back in 1967, and so Super President was born.

(YouTube Link)

Super President was supposed to make the President come off as a cross between Batman and James Bond, but his boring bantering and inability to solve cases on him own makes him a little too much like our real presidents! (You can see more episodes of Super President on the Dandy Deal Media YouTube channel)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Some Of The Most Outrageous Entertainment Industry Lawsuits

With so much money being made by the Hollywood elite it's no wonder people are constantly looking for ways to strike it rich by filing lawsuits against the bigwigs for beaucoup bucks.

Sometimes the case has a kernel of merit, like the lawsuit filed against Summit Entertainment over the Nic Cage film Knowing, which alleges they infringed upon Global Findability's patent on geocoding technology.

(Image Link)

This lawsuit may not have paid out for the plaintiff, but it has raised some interesting legal questions such as- can a coding method actually be patented? and how does including the coding method in the movie violate the patent?

However, many cases brought up against entertainment industry professionals are nothing but frivolous from the very beginning, such as the case of disappointed moviegoer versus Drive.

(Image Link)

The plaintiff, Sarah Deming, alleges that Drive starring Ryan Gosling was promoted as a film akin to The Fast And The Furious franchise, but when she saw the film she was disappointed by the lack of fastness and furiousness. I wonder if Sarah was similarly disappointed by Mad Max: Fury Road?

Read about 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits here

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An Animated Interview With Tom Waits

 photo yAXQXP_zpsytxmnfbq.gif

Tom Waits is quite a character, with a voice that makes you want to listen intently to every tale he has to tell and a face that tells a whole 'nother story of its own.

When Tom Waits talks he generally has some pretty interesting stuff to say, and one particularly interesting interview by Chris Roberts in 1988 was chosen to receive the Blank On Blank animated treatment.

(YouTube Link)

The PBS series Blank On Blank features animated versions of lost interviews with famous faces such as Hunter S. Thompson, Roger Ebert and Joni Mitchell, just to name a few, so Tom is truly in good company!

-Via Boing Boing

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Let This Magical Unicorn Show You The Proper Way To Poop

According to scientific research we've been pooping all wrong, sitting on the toilet like we're sitting on an easy chair rather than squatting like we're supposed to, which is where the Squatty Potty comes in.

The Squatty Potty is supposed to help us eliminate more solid waste by raising our feet up while we go, and whether their claims are true or not their commercial definitely caught my attention!

(YouTube Link)

I'm really glad my local ice cream parlor doesn't serve rainbow swirl soft serve, or I'd have to switch to frozen yogurt...

-Via Memebase

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10 Of The Most Unique Horror Movie Kills

Horror movies center around death, and whether they feature the straightforward slaughtering of people by a slasher, or people being slowly driven to death's door by a haunting, horror flicks are all about the kills.

Since characters drop like flies in horror movies the kills can become extremely repetitive and lose their cringeworthiness, so including creative kills can really make your film stand out. (Video contains NSFW material)

(YouTube Link)

Bloody Disgusting has gathered a gruesome assortment of disturbingly memorable kills from horror flicks, omitting the Final Destination series altogether because they're full of unique kills. It's just the thing to get you in the mood for a Halloween horror movie marathon!

See 10 Of The Most Unique Horror Movie Kills at Bloody Disgusting

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Gruesome Halloween Display Has Neighborhood Kids Running Scared

When it comes to decorating for Halloween there's a fine line between suitably scary and downright disturbing, and sometimes we Halloweenies have to reel in our morbid imaginations a bit so we don't scare off all the trick-or-treaters.

But, as the Barrett household in Parma, Ohio discovered, you should use even more discretion when you live a block away from an elementary school or prepare to incur parental wrath.

Kids and parents alike feel that the decorations, which include an impaled body, a body wrapped in plastic hanging from a tree and a figure crucified upside down, are too disturbingly realistic to have up around children.

The decorations seem perfect for a haunted house or an area with fewer kids, but a display that gruesome is guaranteed to keep kids from trick-or-treating at their house of horrors, and where's the fun in that?!

-Via Cosmopolitan

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Give Your Fellow Gamers What They Really Want With The 12 Games Of Christmas

Our friend and NeatoShop artist extraordinaire Matt Heald (aka Retro Review) is putting some 8-bit awesomeness on this year's Christmas shopping list with his new project The 12 Games Of Christmas.

Matt wants to help you spread that feeling of nostalgia you once had when you unwrapped a classic console game on Christmas morning with his line of old school video game inspired shirts and matching Christmas cards.

With pixel art straight from classic games like Alex Kidd In Miracle World, The Legend Of Zelda, Bubble Bobble and many more, Retro Review has created a great gift package for all the gamers on your list.

And right now you can help Retro Review bring The 12 Games Of Christmas to life by backing his Kickstarter project, which he has put together just in time for the holidays.

These are the gifts for gamers that keep on giving, the t-shirts (or sweatshirts) and matching cards that will make your geeky friends and family members say "Ho ho ho! What a great idea!" when they unwrap them on Christmas day. But don't delay- the 12 Games Of Christmas project ends on November 2nd!

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The X-Men Lineup Decade-By-Decade

The X-Men started out as a band of mutant misfits akin to those involved in the counter-culture movements in the 1960s- a disenfranchised group of teen mutants looking for a little acceptance in a world that both feared and hated them.

That's why the fluid nature of the group's lineup makes sense, since there will always be a new batch of teens manifesting powers and looking for a little guidance at Professor Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

But it's really hard to keep track of all the changes when various characters have been coming and going for over fifty years.

Illustrator Ed Piskor created this handy visual guide to help us keep track of how the X-Men lineup has changed over the years, with each row representing a decade in X-Men history, starting in the 60s and running through the 90s. Looks like you've got one and a half more to go Ed!

-Via Boing Boing

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Some Of The Worst Things Playmates Have Said About Life In The Playboy Mansion

(Image Link)

Hugh Hefner has spent decades cultivating and grooming an image for the Playboy empire that kept its best assets up front and the bad stuff hidden behind closed doors.

But, despite what the Playboy empire is selling us in the press, things are not so happy in Hugh's magically misogynistic kingdom. And, try as he might, Hugh hasn't been able to keep his Bunnies from spilling the beans about it all.

The Playboy image is all about sexy, classy and wealthy, but when you hear firsthand accounts of the lifestyle Hef leads within the mansion's walls sexiness is quickly replaced by sadness:

8. "Hef was used to dirty carpets. The one in his bedroom had not been changed for years, and things became significantly worse when Holly Madison moved into his room with him as Girlfriend No. 1 soon after I moved in, bringing her two dogs. They weren't house-trained and would just do their business on the bedroom carpet. Late at night or in the early hours of the morning — if any of us visited Hef's bedroom — we'd almost always end up standing in dog mess." —Izabella St. James in her book, Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion

Read The 15 Worst Things Playmates Have Said About Life In The Playboy Mansion here (contains NSFW language)

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Images Of A Young André, Before He Became The Giant

Before he was the biggest competitor in the ring the man who would be known as André the Giant was simply André René Roussimoff, dapper man about town who made lifting cars look easy.

Okay, so André was never really "average", but before he became a household name thanks to his performance as "The Giant" in the WWF André was a young, and much leaner, man from Grenoble, France looking to use his massive size to his advantage in the ring.

André was 6 foot 10 inches tall by age 18, so the giant nickname came naturally, but what's surprising is how handsome he was in his younger years, he could have been a movie star!

Oh wait, he was a movie star thanks to appearances in The Princess Bride and Micki & Maude, I guess André's dreams of stardom were achieved after all!

See more Surprising Photos Of A Young, Good Looking André The Giant here

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What Makes A Horror Video Game Good?

The recent release of the survival horror game Until Dawn has inspired some couch conversation about what makes a horror themed video game good, and which horror game elements get old really fast.

In this case the characters discussing the dilemma are Freddy the animatronic bear from Five Nights At Freddy's, Slenderman from Creepy Pasta fame (who also has his own game), and a longhaired dude named Davis, so you know the argument is about to get serious...ly nerdy.

(YouTube Link)

The Warp Zone created this fun take on what makes horror games tick to prove a point- it's good to have a fine assortment of frights available when you're playing a horror game!

-Thanks Miss C!

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Ten Lucky Non-Japanese People Who Became Ninjas

When the ninja movie trend hit theaters back in the 1980s a slew of action flicks were released that featured a non-Japanese fighter trained in the ways of Ninjutsu, the most shadowy of all martial arts.

(YouTube Link)

Viewers had always assumed only Japanese people could be trained in the ways of the ninja, but these movies made us believe that with intense training and a heart full of revenge any of us could become a ninja too.

(YouTube Link)

The intense ninja training didn't amount to a hill of shuriken for me, but a few lucky characters got to slip on the hood and katana and live out their dreams of being a white ninja, letting us watch while they lived out their shinobi dreams.

See 10 White People Who Inexplicably Became Ninjas at io9

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Researchers Use CT Scans To Study Remains Of Pompeii's Victims

3D scanning and printing technology is almost always associated with either the entertainment industry or as a tool for fabrication, but there are lots of other amazing things you can do with this new tech.

Italian researchers appointed by the Archaeological Superintendance of Pompeii are trotting out a brave new way to study the past with a little help from futuristic tech- they're scanning the plaster cast remains of 86 individuals and creating 3D renderings to study the bones and impressions the Pompeii victims left behind.

The scans are so detailed that both teeth and facial features can be studied closely, revealing what the citizens of Pompeii ate and that they had flourine in their water supply just from studying the teeth alone.

Read more about what CT scans will reveal about the victims of Pompeii here

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Store Owner Sets Trap For Burglar And Tapes The Whole Thing

One of the most frustrating things about having your home or business broken into is the fact that the thieves are almost never caught in the act by law enforcement officials, and video isn't always enough to put them away for their crimes.

Convenience store owners are more familiar with this frustration than most, and for some reason even the lowliest and most cowardly crook will take a stab at robbing a convenience store for some quick cash.

But most convenience store crooks just grab the cash and dash, so how do you deal with a sneaky burglar who keeps breaking in and robbing the store in the middle of the night?

(YouTube Link)

You set a trap for them, that's how, and one clever owner not only trapped the thief- he recorded the whole break-in on video! (Contains NSFW language)

-Via Viralnova

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A Coat Rack Comes To Life In This Hilarious Prank Video

Pulling off a terrifying prank is an integral part of Halloweentime for some people, and since most pranksters love to share their prank videos online it's a great time to enjoy some jump scaring fun.

(YouTube Link)

Magician and fright enthusiast Rahat Hussein invited some delivery drivers into his house while he went looking for his money, and while Rabat was gone the drivers got a whole lot more than just a tip!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Brazilian Gang Members Love Social Media

Social media has been full of strangeness from the very beginning, but nobody could have predicted how strange things would become once the entire world started sharing their personal experiences online.

Case in point- Pics and videos posted by people who should be keeping a low profile, like Brazilian drug dealers, can be seen all over social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

What started out as a way for people who live in Brazil's favelas to show how corrupted their neighborhoods have become due to drugs and gang violence has now become a way for those same criminals to flaunt their power and taunt rival gangs.

And yet these Brazilian gangbangers can't help but share snapshots of their hardcore illegal lives, giving us a glimpse into the rampant gang violence tearing Brazil apart.

See more of The Social Media Of Brazil's Gang Wars here, and you can also read about how Brazil's Drug Dealers Are In Love With Social Media here

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Glove And Boots Dream A Little Dream Of Freddy Krueger

It's nice to have someone sing you to sleep before bed, but if the singer is the nightmare inducer himself Freddy Krueger you're probably better off staying awake or you'll never wake up again!

Freddy's melted face is terrifying to behold even in puppet form, but, as Mario of Glove and Boots discovered, he does have one heck of a singing voice when he belts out the twilight themed tune "Dream A Little Dream Of Me".

(YouTube Link)

Could it be that Freddy isn't such a bad guy after all, and the nightmares can actually be attributed to teens eating too much junk food before bed?

-Via Laughing Squid

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People Who Felt Betrayed By Their Internet Purchases

Buying stuff online is a gamble, even when the listing includes lots of photos of the item, which is why people still head to physical locations to see, touch and try on the items they're thinking about buying.

That way you don't end up with the dress version of a Watergate salad instead of the beautiful dress you thought you were ordering.

Sometimes it's hard to tell where things could have gone so wrong between the item shown in the picture and what is actually being sold, like this print to order rug with boundary issues.

But anyone who has bought enough stuff online has met with a few happy accidents among the mistakes and misrepresentations, like when you buy beer socks and get way cooler cat socks instead. Score!

See 19 People Who Were Terribly Betrayed By Their Internet Purchases here

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Awesome Cardboard Creations From Maker Faire

Cardboard is truly a maker's best friend because it's cheap, easy to find in large quantities and the perfect medium for making models of your creation.

From pattern making to prototyping to building the project itself, cardboard is an ultimate, and totally eco-friendly, way to bring your ideas to life.

This year's World Maker Faire New York featured some outstanding cardboard creations, including fully functional pinball machines, a really cool dinosaur costume and a giant bear's head for attendees to use as their cubhouse.

(Image Link)

And as if that stuff wasn't cool enough, cardboard sculptor Bartholomew Ting followed up his bear head bunker with a life-size F1 car sculpture, which naturally drove attendees wild!

See more cardboard creations from Maker Faire here

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Brilliant Ways Movies And TV Shows Have Snuck Stuff Past The Censors

Censorship is supposed to protect viewers from being exposed to things like nudity, gore, explicit language and disturbing situations, basically all the things viewers usually want in movies or TV shows.

That's why creators are constantly battling the censors to keep their shows intact, censor despised content and all, and their struggle sometimes forces creators to flat out lie about what's happening on the screen.

Censors hate blood, and they actively force filmmakers to remove any trace of blood from their trailers, but back in 1980 Stanley Kubrick got away with telling the censors that his iconic blood flood in The Shining was really just "rusty water".

Because of Kubrick's lie the trailer, complete with that disturbing shot of the "rusty water" flooding towards the camera, briefly made it to theaters before being pulled by the MPAA.

Are you wondering why Fonzie was featured in the lead image? Believe it or not, Happy Days also had trouble with the censors about one issue- Fonzie's leather jacket.

The Fonz looked like a total Potsie without his leather jacket, but censors claimed only criminals wear a leather jacket when they're not riding their bike, so show creator Garry Marshall started working a motorcycle into every scene.

Read 6 Brilliant Ways Movies & TV Shows Stuck It To The Censors here (contains NSFW language)

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Watch The World's Youngest DJ Wow The Crowd

There are many musicians who claim they were born with a rhythm in their heart and a funky beat in their soul, but none of them can offer actual proof to that effect like 3-year-old DJ Arch Jr.

AJ's performance on South Africa's Got Talent blew the audience away, and even though the little guy hasn't figured out the "smile and say hi to the camera" part of performing he already knows how to rock a party right.

(YouTube Link)

So where does the world's youngest DJ go from here? Straight to the top of the kindergarten rave scene!

-Via Cheezburger

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Self Portraits Painted By Vampira

Creatures of the night don't come much more hauntingly beautiful than Vampira, TV's first horror host who inspired many creepy characters to come, including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Vampira is a character created by the late Maila Nurmi, and although she inspired future generations with her fiendish fashion sense and vampy persona, Maila's time in the spotlight was sadly short lived.

Maila spent her golden years painting portraits of Vampira and selling them through an art dealer in L.A., her iconic character kept alive via paint covered canvas.

Here's a short video featuring Maila discussing where her passion for painting began:

(YouTube Link)

Read more about Vampira's passion for painting at Dangerous Minds

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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The Top 10 Secret Levels In Video Games

Discovering a secret level in a video game is like discovering pirate's treasure, only without the monetary gain and cool Captain's curse.

These are the levels that keep gamers talking, the secret spaces that give us a reason to replay a game until we've discovered every pixel of that virtual world.

(YouTube Link)

WatchMojo put together a nice list of their picks for Top 10 Secret Levels In Video Games to put you in a nostalgiac mood.

From Super Mario World's fabled Star Road to the ridiculous Secret Cow Level in Diablo II, these are levels that "are hidden and must be found by completing certain objectives or searching certain areas of a game", a gamer's ultimate prize for playing.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Always Carefully Check Your Photos Before Posting Them Online

Photobombing is all about perfect timing on the part of the photobomber and the camera perfectly capturing the moment an unwanted visitor entered the shot, so beware those photobombs which are silent but deadly.

(Image Link)

These surprise photobombings can cause the sharer quite a bit of embarrassment if they're not careful, so don't get caught by these background buffoons or you'll be hearing about it via social media.

(Image Link)

You should carefully scrutinize every photo you take before posting it online, to make sure you don't have anything too personal or racy in the shot and keep people from calling you a boob.

(Image Link)

People Who Should Have Checked The Background Of Photos Before Putting Them Online  (contains NSFW imagery)

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Ten Life Forms That Would Survive A Nuclear War

Visual media has played out all sorts of different post apocalyptic scenarios, from the fantasy zombie kind to the down and dirty nuclear annihilation doomsday, and somehow humans always manage to survive.

But where humans would be dealing with radiation sickness some creatures would hardly even notice the effects of a nuclear war, proving they deserve to be called a survivor.

We've all heard the theory that cockroaches would survive a nuclear blast because they can withstand more radiation than humans, but did you know the fruit fly is even more of a survivor than the roach?

According to Mythbusters only ten percent of roaches would survive a 10,000 rad bomb blast (Hiroshima level), but the common fruit fly can handle up to 64,000 rads thanks to their slow cell division and extremely fast reproduction. That means fruit flies are pesky and persistent!

See 10 Life Forms That Would Survive A Nuclear War here

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Seven Surprising Uses For Vodka

Vodka makes us warm and happy when we drink it, and doesn't destroy us the next day like the browns, but what makes vodka so awesome is you can do a whole lot more with it than just make martinis.

Vodka is a natural disinfectant, deodorant and mold and mildew remover, so you can use some of your liquor cabinet stash to clean house before your friends come over for cocktails.

The clear liquor is also an insect repellant and dandruff remover, although you probably don't want to spray yourself with vodka before driving or you'll have some explaining to do if you get pulled over!

Read 7 Surprising Uses For Vodka at mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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