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This Is What American Parties Look Like Around The World

(Russia, Image Via Instagram)

(France, Image Via Instagram)


American is not only a nationality, a state of mind and something people shout at Border Patrol agents when they cross the border from Mexico, it’s also a popular party theme around the world.

People love throwing American parties, which generally consist of eating popcorn, hamburgers and other “American” food, drinking out of red plastic cups or beer bongs, with flag and red white and blue decorations everywhere and partygoers all dressed in American fashions.

They look like a cross between a high school sleepover, a frat party and a costume party all rolled up into one great excuse to get drunk, which is something Americans love to do when they throw their own American parties. See more pictures at Buzzfeed.

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Winter Is Coming- And So Is An Official Game Of Thrones Hip Hop Album

(Video Link)

There’s all kinds of Game of Thrones inspired merch out there, from clothing to action figures, but the latest in the long line of official merch is also the strangest- an officially licensed hip hop album with tracks by Common, Big Boi and Daddy Yankee.

The mixtape is called “Catch the Throne”, and it was created to appeal to hip hop fans that might not be familiar with the show, encouraging them to catch up on the show before the fourth season begins.

Even though it’s just a musical advertisement for HBOGO and VIBE magazine the tracks aren’t half bad, and it will soon be available to download for free via Soundcloud so you can’t beat the price!

-Via Topless Robot

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High Fashion Collection Inspired By Batman Villains

(Video Link)

The villains who go up against Batman are some of the most stylish, and most iconic, in all of comic book history. From the dapper Penguin to the clowny-yet-stylish Joker to the questionable attire sported by The Riddler, these villains ooze style and fashion sense so it’s only fitting that fashion designers would look to them for their latest runway inspiration.

Design duo The Blonds headed to Gotham City for their latest collection of cutting edge women’s clothing designs, and the Batman villain influence on their designs ranges from totally overt (Catwoman catsuit) to more subtle (Riddler purple jumpsuit with green furry jacket).

No word yet on whether this villainous collection has created a new batch of super posh criminals, but one thing's for certain- wearing that catsuit to a formal function will make you the center of attention!

-Via Fashionably Geek

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Simpsons Couch Gag By Sylvain Chomet

(Video Link)

The Simpsons couch gag intro has been recreated, interpreted and totally transformed by many of the greatest animators in the world, including Bill Plympton, John Kricfalusi, and the crew from Robot Chicken, and now Sylvain Chomet has applied his signature style to the gag for an upcoming episode.

Sylvain is best known as the director of The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist, and when Matt Groening asked him to create a couch gag sequence for an episode which will air on March 9th he jumped at the chance to do The Simpsons his way.

Sylvain’s incredibly unique style may make the animation on The Simpsons look pretty crappy in comparison, but nobody watches The Simpsons to be wowed by the art style, right?

-Via /Film

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Peeing In The Pool Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

We’ve all heard of people doing it, we’ve all done it on the sly once or twice in our life, and we’ve all heard the urban legends about the colorful chemical that identifies the culprit.

I’m talking, of course, about peeing in the pool, and up until now it has been seen as a harmless, albeit gross, thing to do when you’re swimming those summer days away and don’t want to get out just to empty your bladder.

But scientists have discovered something that will ruin your summer- peeing in the pool can be hazardous to your health. According to scientist from China Agricultural University and Purdue University “compounds in urine mix with chlorine to form chemicals that have been linked to respiratory effects in swimmers”, so the next time you take a dip try to hold it until you get out- for your health.

-Via Gizmodo

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Whimsical Clay Illustrations By Irma Gruenholz

Artist Irma Gruenholz creates illustrations in clay, which may lead to the question- doesn’t that mean she creates sculptures?

The answer is yes and no- yes they are clay sculptures, all three dimensional and stuff, but these dioramas are meant to be viewed as a full scene like an illustrations so no, they’re not what you would normally think of as a simple sculpture.

Irma’s whimsical scenes are full of colorful characters, silly humor and intriguing imagery that is enhanced by the sculptural quality of the elements in each scene. And although these scenes could have been drawn in 2D, or created in a 3D program, there's something much more endearing about the fact that Irma chose clay as her medium.

-Via Juxtapoz

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A True Detective Fan Site Worthy Of The Show

The new hit show True Detective features stellar performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and a gritty noir inspired storyline, but what the show doesn't have is a website that makes fans wanna yell "alright alright alright!"- until now.

A fan site created by Nigel Evan Dennis recently launched called We Keep The Other Bad Men From The Door, and this fun "updated graphic tribute to HBO's True Detective" is full of information on the characters, clues and a detailed map of Louisiana showing where the events in each episode take place, among other things True Detective.

But be forewarned- the site contains spoilers, so if you aren't caught up on the show you might not want to visit the site just yet.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Animated Explanation Of The Big Bang Theory

(Video Link)

It seems that people have a better understanding of the theory of evolution these days, and yet they’re still plagued with questions about another scientific theory- The Big Bang.

What caused the explosion, and how did an explosion in space create a planet full of hairy bipeds?

Since The Big Bang theory is still such a hotly contested topic, the scientifically minded animators known as Kurzgesagt decided to cartoonify the theory so it could be easily understood by all.

Kurzgesagt have made all kinds of “short videos, explaining stuff”, but this one may be their most important entry to date.

-Via Sploid

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Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

(Image Via imgur)

(Image Via Killer-owl)

Our pets generally want to be wherever we are, including lounging around on our furniture in their never ending search for a comfy spot. But human type furniture is made for us human types, and sometimes our pets find it difficult to use a couch, chair, stool or hammock properly, resulting in some hilarious pet fail photo ops.

Bored Panda has put together a set of 30 photos showing cats and dogs losing the battle against human furniture, and in a few cases finding themselves stuck in really odd places like the dishwasher and on a set of blinds.

They remind us why we let those furry clowns live with us in the first place, and why pet owners can never seem to stay mad at them for long.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Fast Food Workers Reveal The One Item You Shouldn't Order

(Image Via Shutterstock)

We all know that eating too much fast food can be incredibly bad for your health, and that many fast food chains cut corners to maximize profits, but according to the fast food workers who chimed in to Ask Reddit there is at least one item at every restaurant you should never order.

As a former employee of Little Caesars I can attest to the fact that the "butter" used on the Crazy Bread sticks is an awful, fake food product that was never refrigerated and would sit out for months.

Ever since I worked there I can't bring myself to eat at Little Caesars, and after you read this list of what not to eat you may think twice before you pick up some fast food.

-Via Thought Catalog

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Business Baby Is The Latest Kid Meme Sensation

Recently a proud father posted this picture of his multitasking son on Facebook, and when a family friend saw the meme potential in the image he decided to post it to Reddit with the caption "Look, tell Clyde he's a dumbass...and then fire him".

Redditors immediately went crazy captioning the image, creating the latest and greatest internet sensation in kid based memes. Here are some of the hilarious results:

The moral of the story- don't share images of your kids on Facebook if your friends are always on Reddit, or your kid might become "The Internet’s Favorite Uncompromising Mini-executive".

-Via 22 Words

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Photographs Of Greenwich Village From The 20s And 30s

People are wary of cameras being pointed at them nowadays, and folks become extra paranoid when they’re up to no good and don’t want someone capturing photographic evidence of their misdeeds.

But the 1920s and 1930s were a simpler time, and photos were seen as a benign medium, considered flattering if people wanted to take your picture even if you were hanging around a speakeasy or dive bar.

The photographs taken by Jessie Tarbox Beals, the first published female photojournalist in America, give us a window into Greenwich Village's past, with the seedy standing alongside the historical, and 29 of her photos which have become part of Harvard's Schlesinger Library are now on Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

-Via AnimalNY

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Animated Shorts At The 2014 Academy Awards

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Frozen won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 2014 Academy Awards, which came as no surprise, but in the category of Best Animated Short the victor, which seemed to blow people’s minds, was a quirky short called Mr. Hublot.

Mr. Hublot ran up against Get A Horse!, a new Mickey Mouse cartoon drawn in the old noodle limbed style of the original Steamboat Willie cartoons; Feral, which was lauded and applauded by the animation community as a whole leading up to the awards ceremony; Room on a Broom, which is an adaptation of the children's book with the same name; and Possessions by Shuhei Morita, which is his first Academy Award nomination and part of the Short Peace film omnibus.

If you enjoyed Mr. Hublot you can check out some concept art and an interview with the creators Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares here.

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Soviet Toys- Russia's First Animated Film

(Video Link)

In 1924 the Soviet Union was in its infancy, and the glorious leaders in charge used communist ideology and propaganda to keep the people going along with their master plan.

One such tool for getting their message across under the guise of entertainment was the newly discovered medium of animation, which appealed to both kids and adults and which they felt had more artistic integrity than motion pictures. Animators went to work creating propaganda films, and the first such film was called Soviet Toys.

It was created in 1924 by the Soviet State Film Committee, under the direction of Dziga Vertov, and it’s full of the kind of heavy handed anti-capitalist propaganda you’d expect from the Soviet Union, except the message is animated so it’s fun to watch!

-Via io9

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33 Simpsons Impressions In Five Minutes

(Video Link)

The Simpsons stars a cast of extremely talented voice over actors, including the amazing Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer who voice many of the signature characters, but if they somehow lost the entire cast yet decided the show must go on they could hire Brock Baker and they wouldn’t miss a beat.

Brock is an impressionist who does a Marge that sounds more like Patty and Selma, thinks the Critic is actually part of The Simpsons, and notices that his impression of Moe sounds like Gilbert Godfried while it's tumbling out of his mouth.

Okay, so maybe the Simpsons wouldn’t be able to survive with Brock alone to do the voices, but for a guy who sits around his house doing impressions and making YouTube videos all day he’s pretty good!

-Via Pleated-Jeans

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Awesome Balloon Art And Fashion By Daisy Balloon

When you go by the bubbly handle Daisy Balloon you’d better be a total airhead, or one amazing balloon artist. Daisy is the latter- she’s a balloon twisting machine with an eye for fashion design and an overall style that’s bound to go pop.

Her balloon sculptures are colorful and amazing, like her giant rainbow bear made out of smaller bear balloon sculptures, but her squeaky fashion sense is what’s getting the attention of visual display designers, fashion designers and celebrities like Bjork, who wore one of Daisy’s balloon dresses during a live performance.  

The real question isn’t how Daisy (real name Rie Hosokai) makes a dress out of balloons, but rather how can people stand to be around someone wearing a balloon dress when it keeps sqeaking!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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My Nature Documentary by Jack Handey

(Video Link)

You may remember Jack Handey from his inspirational writings/musings/philosophy nuggets which were featured on Saturday Night Live way back in the day, and you may be relieved to hear that Jack hasn’t stopped creating new sets of words which are quite humorous when put together in the proper order.

Jack's writing speaks to the Handey in all of us, so when he wrote a piece for the New Yorker’s “Shouts & Murmurs” section back in 2007 entitled My Nature Documentary people took notice.

But Hollywood couldn’t decide on a proper budget for the film and decided to pass, so a group of CGI artists led by Noah A Rappaport took it upon themselves to adapt this moving animal reality show into a totally realistic animated style short. 

See monkey and giraffe get along like never before in My Nature Documentary by Jack Handey.

-Via Gizmodo

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Nick Cave Creates Armor For Artists

Nick Cave is a performance artist, dancer and sculptor who creates wearable artworks called Sound Suits which "change the wearer’s relationship to gravity, and alter one’s physical interactions with the world".

Nick's works are complex, edgy and just a bit off, and though they may seem like giant mascot costumes created by a guy who has taken one too many tabs of acid there’s actually an interesting, and political, message behind these chaotic looking full body sculptural suits.

Nick was inspired to create his first suit in 1992 after hearing about the Rodney King beating, so he started exploring ways an artist could be protected against violence while still expressing themselves freely with their art. The result is a suit of colorful armor for the performance artist that both protects the wearer and makes them feel like an otherworldly creature.

These amazing sound suits are currently on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston until May 4.

-Via Hi-Fructose

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A Different Kind Of Oscar Statue

With all the drug related deaths leading up to the 2014 Academy Awards Ceremony artist Plastic Jesus decided to create a piece of public art meant to stimulate conversation, cause controversy and bring attention to a glamorized drug epidemic.

It’s entitled “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”, and it skips the subtext and personal interpretation by simply showing the Oscar statue shooting up.

The artist was inspired by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, as well as the death of his cousin and cousin’s wife, all due to heroin overdoses, and his publicly art piece was on display during the week leading up to the Oscars until someone tried to abscond with the statue claiming to be a city official.

Now that the Awards Ceremony is over, and this controversial sculpture will go from timely political street art statement to gallery showpiece, will the message lose any of its luster? 

-Via L.A. Weekly

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Suzi Quatro- The Original Riot Grrrl

You may not be familiar with Suzi Quatro’s musical career, you may know her only as Fonzi’s gal pal Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days, but Suzi isn't just some sitcom star or wannabe biker chick- she’s the original riot grrrl.

Suzi started her musical career in Detroit in 1964 when she formed a band with sister Patti and two friends called The Pleasure Seekers, but by the time Suzi went solo in 1973 she was the leather clad, bass playing Motor City badass later acts like The Runaways would admire and emulate.

Suzi is the first female bass player to become a major rock star, and paved the way for female rockers to come like Heart and Joan Jett, and if you like Garage Rock you should definitely read more about the storied career of the amazing Suzi Quatro here.

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Eleven Alternatives To The Burning Man Festival

(Image Via Simon O'Callaghan)

(Image Via Jenna Foxton)

If you’re dying to attend a massive outdoor freakfest like Burning Man, but you don’t live in the U.S., you hate the desert, or you simply can’t get tickets to that exclusive desert oasis then it’s time to get off the Burning bandwagon and discover eleven lesser known alternative festivals.

From Burning Man’s African cousin AfrikaBurn, which has been taking place every year in the Tankwa Karoo National Park in South Africa since 2007, to the surreal Electric Forest festival which takes place in the forests of Rothbury, Michigan each year, to the extremely eclectic Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, there are plenty of alternatives to the once underground Burning Man festival if you’re willing to travel light and let your freak flag fly.

-Via Fest300

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A Sommelier Gives An Honest Review Of Cheap Beer

(Video Link)

You may see cheap beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Natural Ice and Steel Reserve as Hipster fodder or a way to get drunk for less than ten bucks, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of an honest review by a professional sommelier.

Let sommelier Whitney Adams tell you things about the cheapest cans of suds available to you, things you never thought mattered like the aroma, aftertaste and flavor notes contained in these pong tested, frag guy approved brews, and see if her opinions make you think differently about these mass produced beers. Personally, I'll stick to anything Stone Brewery makes, thank you very much!

-Via 22 Words

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Hand Painted Wood Action Figures Inspired By A Song Of Ice & Fire

If action figures existed in the mythical era depicted in George R. R. Martin’s popular fantasy series A Song of Ice & Fire they would have looked like these awesome wooden action figures created by Mick Minogue.

The Hound and Jamie Lannister action figures were created for a Song of Ice & Fire inspired art show at LTD Gallery in Seattle, Washington, which Mr. Martin himself will be attending, and each hand painted, highly detailed wooden figures features battle damage features, a blister card and an age approval of 4+ with the note "Suitable for Wildlings".

-Via Topless Robot

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Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Castlevania

Simon Belmont first began his battle against Count Dracula and the forces of darkness when the game Castlevania was released for the Japanese console Family Computer Disc System in 1986, with a NES cartridge release to follow in 1987.

Since then it has gone on to become (arguably) the most remade video game ever, with a new volume Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 coming out soon, but did you know that nobody is really sure who created the original Castlevania? Or how about the fact that parts of the original Castlevania castle show up in nearly every 2D version of the game?

You can find out more fun facts about Castlevania here.

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London's Underground Farms Of The Future

(Video Link)

How will humans survive if the surface of the planet becomes uninhabitable, and what will we do for fresh food? According to Growing Underground we’ll move the farms below the surface, and that’s just what they're doing in abandoned tunnels underneath London.

Richard Ballard and Steve Dring from Growing Underground have come up with a method of growing "energy efficient, water efficient, pesticide free, totally organic, totally adorable produce they plan to sell to London restaurants and retailers", and their future plan for underground farming could be the best way for grocers and restaurants to stay supplied with fresh produce with a minimal carbon footprint and no outsourcing.

-Via Nerdist

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Commercial Reel For The Jim Henson Creature Shop

(Video Link)

When the entertainment industry needs a far out creature puppet created they turn to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, who have been in the business of bringing fantastic puppets to life since 1979. Their signature style and dedication to quality makes their screen worthy creations sought after for TV shows, movies and commercials by companies worldwide.

Here's their current commercial reel, showing all the awesome puppets and far out creatures they've created for TV ads such as the Snuggle Bear, the Jack in the Box puppet and that little green guy who keeps talking about how easy it is to get a loan from home.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Rare Color Photographs Of Imperial Russia

Capture a snapshot of the Russian Empire circa 1910 and you’d expect to see images of turmoil, chaos and an empire on the verge of bloody revolution, but these color portraits by photographer Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii are full of a sense of serenity and peace.

Sergey used an early tri-color photo process that involved shooting the subject through three different filters-red, green and blue. These three color images were then projected through the same color filters onto a screen and superimposed, creating the realistically colored final image.

Sergey's amazing and rare color photographs come from negatives purchased by the U.S. Library of Congress in 1948, and now they're available to view online here.

-Via Bored Panda

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The American Photography Of Brian Finke

Photographer Brian Finke is an American bystander, someone who is there to see the Heartland go about their daily business and catalog the key moments via camera.

Frinke’s America is simple and technologically unadorned, caught in a moment by a suburbanite with the eye of a street photographer. The only problem with this theory is the fact that Brian Finke is from Brooklyn, so he's about as middle America as a slice of New York cheesecake.

His vision of cheerleaders, construction workers, flight attendants and football players is from an outsider's perspective with total access to the scene, giving each image a feeling of uninterrupted life and human energy.

-Via Juxtapoz

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Bronze Sculptures That Look Like They're Vanishing Into Space

The figures sculpted by Bruce Catalano seem to be disappearing from, or phasing into, our reality from another dimension, and even though the figures aren’t in particularly dynamic poses they carry a sense of movement with them, leaving the viewer waiting for the figure to fully materialize.

The series is called "Travelers" and these visitors to our world bring with them one piece of luggage and a look that says who they are and where they've been. The partially complete figures seem wispy and light as air, but each one is cast in bronze and quite heavy, so there's no chance these visitors will be drifting away just yet.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Experimental Music In Children's Television

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Children’s television used to be a pretty far out adventure, full of psychedelic animated shorts and music by bands enjoyed by both the kids and their parents, but ever since music went bubblegum pop, and kids shows lost their cool, it’s easy to forget how hip children's television used to be.  

A new Tumblr called EMOCTV is busy collecting instances of strange and experimental music found in children’s television shows, like this clip from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he demonstrates an ARP synthesizer that should be set to a dubstep beat immediately, and a classic clip from Pee Wee's Playhouse with music supplied by The Residents.

-Via AnimalNY

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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