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Surreal Carpet Masks By Bertjan Pot

Who says normalcy is the only way to fly? Throw one of these crazy masks created by Bertjan Pot on your face and let your freak flag flap freely in the breeze.

Created via happy accident when Bertjan tried to make a carpet out of "rope stitched together with textile fibers", they're whimsically disturbing and sure to make you the most talked about person in town, all behind your back of course.

So put on a happy face, or a frown for that matter, because nobody can see your face when you strap one of these things on!

Link  --via Jaz Jaz

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Who Said It- Mitt Romney Or Mr. Burns?

Despite the fact that they look nothing alike (yet), Mitt Romney and Mr. Burns sure have a lot in common, especially when it comes to hilariously bad quotes.

Have fun testing yourself with this quiz created by MAD magazine online, aside from the few famous Mitt quotes it's way harder than you think, and no peeking!

Link  --via Buzzfeed

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A Submarine Shaped Like A Killer Whale

Become one with the killer whales by riding around inside them! This slick Orca shaped submarine brings sexy back to the beach, and mammals riding around inside a mammal shaped vehicle means twice the mammalian madness!

This baby can breach just like the Son of Sharktopus, has a high speed of 25 mph, and it's got a sweet hi-def speaker system to boot. The one drawback-the $100k price tag, which will have you jumping through hoops for quite some time in order to save up enough scratch. But isn't that inside-of-Shamu feel worth it?


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Hilarious Ad For The Dollar Shave Club

(YouTube Link)

The Dollar Shave Club wants to sell you razors so you can get busy shaving your hairiest body parts, and with this ad cutting through the interwebs I'm sure they'll be chin deep in loot in no time.

Selling shaving razors club style for a few bucks a month doesn't sound like the best idea for a company, but this hilarious commercial has convinced me otherwise, mostly because they have a guy in a bear suit working in their warehouse. A guy in a bear suit wouldn't be caught dead working for a crappy company, at least not while wearing the suit.

--via Geekosystem

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Vhils Pays A Visit To Shanghai

Super original street artist Vhils is back with more of his urban deconstruction artworks, which are created by carving the details of each portrait into the walls to expose what lies beneath. I like to think of his works as artistic erosion, and his skills are undeniable because they're written in stone.

Check out his new works straight from Shanghai, portraits of evicted tenants on the faces of buildings set to be destroyed. They bring a sense of majestic beauty to an otherwise ruined cityscape, it's just too bad they'll all come tumbling down someday soon.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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This Charming Super Morrissey Bros. Song

Soundcloud user Lazyitis has released the most charmingly original mashup song I've heard in a long time, a remix version of The Smiths "This Charming Man" to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme, complete with sound effects and a delightfully digital sound. Mozzerheads unite, we're gaming tonight!

Link  --via Best Week Ever

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Mark Newport Knits Costumes For Superfolks

Artist and freakin' awesome knitter Mark Newport recently debuted his new series IN ACTION, an installation that features knit suits for superheroes, at the University of Texas Downtown Gallery. So now your favorite comic book characters can be warm and cozy while patrolling the city looking to bust some bad guys.

You can see the rest of the suits in the collection, as well as a creepy video of Mark knitting away while wearing a cable knit suit straight from my nightmares, at the link below.

Grandma-get out your knitting needles,'cause I know what I want for Christmas this year!

Link  --via ComicsAlliance

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Wacky Wild Restaurant Designs From Around The World

If you're looking for a restaurant that will knock your socks off with an innovative interior design, then this list of far out restaurants on Flavorwire will come in handy.

From the dangerous looking Labassin Waterfall restaurant in the Philippines that John Farrier posted last month (link),  to the tripped out psychedelic striped interior of Cafe Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden Germany (above), these interesting interiors are sure to delight the senses as you chow down.

No word on whether the food is any good in these themed restaurants, but with such interesting interiors it's a sure bet you're not going to visit them just because the food's good. Check out the rest at the link below, they're well worth the price of admission.

Link  --image credit: SKBB

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The Shockingly Minimalist Horror Film Alphabet

If you've memorized every line from Re-Animator and you're a big fan of the alphabet then you'll probably dig this illustrated chart, which was created by Stephen Wildish in honor of some of the most popular horror movies of all time.

From Zombieland (new) to The Omen (old school) and many fan faves in-between, this ghoulishly minimalist alphabet poster would look right at home in a butcher shop or hunting lodge, and is sure to start many bloody good conversations. Bonus points if you can name every movie on this chart!

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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Custom Made Metroid Arm Cannon Game Controller

Looking for a more enjoyable way to play Metroid games on your Nintendo Wii console? Well, then check out this bad boy-a custom made Arm Cannon that houses your Wiimote in style, so you can channel your inner Samus as you blast alien critters to bit.

Created by Reddit user nhg92, it's a cosplay and epic gaming accessory in one! Now if only he can find a way to integrate the Nunchuk controller into a Samus suit....

Link  --via Super Punch

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Clemens Behr Takes His Sculptures To The Street

The (mostly) urban sculptures created by Clemens Behr kinda look like carefully arranged piles of trash, but throwing these works of art away would be such a tragedy, as they bring a sense of wonder and chaotic disorder to the urban cityscape.

From a giant skull made out of paper goods to psychedelic tent like structures set up on grassy plots like some sort of hobo's nightmare, Clemens brings his brightly colored madness to the streets and, thanks to him, the big city is a much more colorful place.

Link  --via Booooooom!

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Fan Film Shows Geek Love For Static Shock

(YouTube Link)

Static Shock found a lot of love from cartoon fans and comic book enthusiasts when the animated series debuted in 2000 on the WB. Based on the Teen Titans character Static, an African-American teenager with the power to control static electricity and magnetism, Static Shock was geared towards a younger audience, and therefore dealt with much tamer topics than the comic book series.

This fan film was made in honor of creator Dwayne McDuffie (who passed away just over a year ago), and it looks to somehow combine the two sides of Static and pack plenty of power into a full length movie version.

The trailer doesn't reveal very much, but I like the gritty style and the idea of showing Static learning to use his powers while wearing a crappy, homemade costume, all through the eyes of a news reporter.

--via ComicsAlliance

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Antichamber Is Psychedelic Gaming Goodness

(YouTube Link)

In a world full of first person shooters and epic roleplaying games, it's nice to know that game designers are still interested in stepping out of their comfort zones and creating strange conceptual games that blow minds and take players on some rather strange trips.

Created by Alexander Bruce, this game looks like a nightmare journey through an old school PC with a serious virus, and the soundtrack serves as a constant reminder that things aren't always what they seem in this surreal journey called Antichamber.

Link   --via BoingBoing

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Real Life Kabuto Slingshot Spear From One Piece

(YouTube Link)

One Piece is officially the most successful anime series ever, so it's no surprise that custom toy weapon builders would want to bring some of the props from this series to life. The Slingshot Channel decided to make a Kabuto, a slingshot spear, for themselves in order to test its feasibility as a deadly weapon, and the results are dangerously cool! Check out the video and decide for yourself if this bad boy belongs in your home arsenal.

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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Tired Of Squeezing Your Own Juice? Get The Gurefuru Chuchu!

(YouTube Link)

Leave it to the Japanese to invent a gadget that is both useful and fun, all in a cute little package! The Gurefuru Chuchu is an innovative device that allows you to convert fruit into juice right inside the peel, without any squeezing, cutting or mess.

It's obviously marketed towards children, but I could see the Chuchu catching on big time with all juice lovers, especially those who enjoy a novelty factor with their fruit juicy goodness. Gurefuru Chuchu go forth and juice it good!

--via TDW

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Porcelain Fighters Come Crashing To The Ground

The tiny ceramic combatants in this gallery look like they're battling themselves into pieces with their fierce kung fu skills, but they're actually just a bunch of figurines that have been dropped on the ground for the sake of art. Photographer Martin Klimas decided these fighting figures might look pretty cool if he could capture them in mid-shatter after being dropped from a height of about 3 meters. The resulting photos are well worth all the destruction, but I can't help wondering if some of these images are photoshopped because the figurines are breaking apart so perfectly. Maybe these photos are a testament to how well these figurines were made? One thing's for certain-all of the figures were harmed in the making of this series. Link  --via Petapixel

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The Urban Field Guide To Subcultural Tribes

Ever wonder what those freaky guys and gals that hang out at your local watering hole are all about? Don't get the ins and outs of their particular brand of bad taste, and you want to know what they're doing walking around looking like that?

Well, this field guide to subcultural tribes by artist Rob Dubi should help you to understand just what sort of freak you've encountered when you spot one in your neighborhood.

From Fixed Gear Hipsters to Apple Store Indies, these informative charts break down their style and the message they're sending to the world in easy to understand illustrations. So now you can get to know these breeds from afar, and start a new people watching hobby at the same time!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Charge Your Smartphone With The Power Of Your Breath

Just in time for the release of The Dark Knight Rises comes this stylish Bane mask, which is perfect for cosplayers and those who just want to channel their inner Ba....wait, what? This isn't a Bane mask, but rather a conceptual device that allows you to charge your iPhone with the power of breath? Hmmm....tell me more:
The AIRE mask is a concept that hails from the mind of Joao Paulo Lammoglia, where it will rely on the power of your breath, converting it to electricity thanks to tiny wind turbines. All you need to do is ensure the AIRE mask remains connected to an iOS-powered device, breathe as usual, and you are good to go.

Well, this may come in handy if you really need to play AngryBirds in a post apocalyptic setting where there is no access to electricity, or if you can't stop running long enough to charge your phone, but I have terribly bad breath at the moment so I'm not sure that this device would like being parked on my face!

Link  --via Geekologie

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Three Minute Superman Musical Is Still Two Minutes Too Long

(YouTube Link)

Beaming to you live from 1975, it's Superman The TV Minute Musical! With cast members like Lesley Warren and Loretta Swit you may be asking yourself "How can such an epic production go so horribly wrong?"

The answer is quite simple-hire a goofy looking guy who needs to hit the gym more than once a month to play Superman. then make it a musical with ridiculously bad lines. Thankfully, Everything Is Terrible has condensed this train wreck of a TV musical into three minutes of hilarity, so you can get the point without suffering from any long term side effects.

Link  --via Comics Alliance

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Scary Cool Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Cosplay

Who wants another boring old superhero costume, or another suit of Spartan armor, when you can have the allure and mystery that is this little cutie looking badass in her big ol' battle armor?

The white out contacts are a nice touch, as is the bag full of  potion vials at the ready, but I started to wonder what this Demon Hunter looks like without the armor.

Then I realized that Its_Raining_Neon's DeviantART page (link found below) would probably feature some *ahem* more revealing pics, so I checked it out and found out that pretty much all of her cosplay sessions are epic scale goodness. Be still my beating heart!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Easy Way Out Is A Stop Motion Delight

(YouTube Link)

Gotye is taking the world by storm with the heartfelt lyrics and innovative musical style found on his new album Making Mirrors, and his latest music video for the song Easy Way Out gives us a treat made especially for your eyes to enjoy. Do you ever feel like the guy in this video, or is that just a side effect of working from home?

--via Booooooom!

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What Rage Faces Look Like In Real Life

(YouTube Link)

Rage Faces can be used by certain awkward individuals, who seem to lack the power of speech necessary to express how they truly feel and are therefore forced to express themselves via Faces of Rage.

Watch this video closely so you'll know who to avoid as you make your way through the urban jungle. And you'd better hope that you don't get stuck in an elevator with that guy, because I'm pretty sure he has a smell to go along with his Coolface!

--via Geekologie

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Nothing Happens In Twilight: The Video Game

(YouTube Link)

Want to check out the most boring awesome video game ever made, especially if it's geared towards teenage girls with a vampire fetish? Then you gotta check out Twilight: The Video Game, the game where all kinds of crazy stuff happens, unless you're Bella, in which case you just stand around waiting for someone to come along and tell you what to do while practicing your silently mopey face.

It's a game for people who don't like fun, and it's guaranteed to scare you-with boredom vampires! Brought to you by the good folks at Robot Chicken and Adult Swim, makers of fine snark since a while back.

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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NYC Wants To Turn Water Tanks Into Works Of Art

New York City wants to teach residents to be responsible with water by turning water towers into public works of art. The campaign is called Word Above The Street, it will take place in 2013 and will feature artworks from a myriad of artists, both famous and not, most of which will have a (surprise!) water theme.

It's a great way to add color to the urban cityscape and (legally) let people see your serious art skills, but I think the water conservation aspect will require a street team to spread the message.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Ridiculously Obvious Identity Theft

When I first saw this picture I thought "When did Jack Nicholson move to Brazil? And why did he change his name?" Then I actually read the article and discovered that this ID card is actually the handiwork of a rather moronic man trying to pass for South America's answer to Jack Nicholson. Here's the scoop:
A man from the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife was arrested today and charged with falsifying public documents after he attempted to open a bank account using an ID with a photo of world-renowned actor Jack Nicholson.

It was one of several ID cards found on his person. The Brazilian news portal G1 notes that the 41-year-old does not resemble Mr. Nicholson.

So, either the guy is totally nuts, or he thought that using a photo of a globally recognizable movie star, especially when he looks nothing like said star, would be a great way to get a fresh perspective on his life. Too bad he didn't try out for As Good As It Gets 2 before getting caught!


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Surreal Animal Paintings By Chris Buzelli

These awesome animal themed paintings by Chris Buzelli prove that strictly representational nature paintings are a thing of the past.

With a whimsically surreal style and thought provoking presentation full of fluidity and natural rhythms, looking through Chris' works is like taking a tour of the weirdest nature preserve ever.

Take a gander at the whopping 23 examples of Chris' works gathered at the link to Buzzfeed below, they'll help you get in touch with your own spirit animal.

Link  --via Buzzfeed

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Princess Peach Channels Lana Del Rey

(YouTube Link)

You know her as the damsel who's eternally in distress in the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, but does anybody bother to ask her how she feels about needing to be saved all the time?

Princess Peach channels Lana Del Rey to tell you, in her own words, why she's sick of being an end game prize, and why she longs for the days when she starred as a playable character.

(barely NSFW due to language)

--via Kotaku

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Vaesen Is One Tripped Out Animated Short

(YouTube Link)

The raw talent that most animators bring to the entertainment industry never ceases to amaze me, from their grasp of concepts like timing and weight to the sheer beauty of their illustrations in motion, animators are multi-talented individuals, and they love to show their skills off to the world.

This tripped out animated short, entitled Vaesen, was created as a student film project by Adrian Dexter, Birk von Brockdorff, Arnold Bagasha, Drude Mangaard, Jody Ghani, and Mikkel V. Petersen while attending The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

There is no doubt in my mind that the team members that helped create this beautiful animated short have gone on to do bigger and better things in the industry, but one thing's for certain: this is a student project they can proudly share with the world.

(NSFW due to cartoon nudity)

--via Cartoon Brew

Adrian Dexter's site (LINK)

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The Only Real Choice For President Is A Puppet

(YouTube Link)

Let's face it, most Presidents end up being somebody's puppet soon after they're elected into office, so why don't we just elect a puppet outright?

Marvin E. Quasniki, Nerdist.com's candidate for President of these United States of America, seems like a great choice with a realistic American dream-lower your expectations, wallow in mediocrity, and be glad that your family members aren't running around hungry for brains!

Join Marvin, and his adorably lazy bulldog, for a good old fashioned fireside chat-for Freedom.

--via Nerdist

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Man Inherits Million Dollar Comic Book Collection

It's a story you've heard before-a cache of Golden Age comics are discovered and end up being worth a bundle. But this collection, inherited by Michael Rorrer from his aunt, contained 44 of Overstreet Price Guide's Top 100 issues, including Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27 (1st appearance of Batman), and Captain America #2, just to name a few. Here's more on this incredible inheritance:

"This is just one of those collections that all the guys in the business think don't exist anymore," said Lon Allen, the managing director of comics for Heritage Auctions, the Dallas-based auction house overseeing the sale.

The Action Comics No. 1 — which Wright bought when he was about 11 — is expected to sell for about $325,000. A Detective Comics No. 27, the 1939 issue that features the first appearance of Batman, is expected to get about $475,000. And the Captain America No. 2 with Hitler on the cover that had caught Rorrer's eye? That's expected to bring in about $100,000.

Allen, who called the collection "jaw-dropping," noted that Wright "seemed to have a knack" for picking up the ones that would be the most valuable. The core of his collection is from 1938 to 1941.

Man, all the older generations in my family ever did with comic books is throw them in the trash or use them to mop up oil leaks on the driveway!


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