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The Cast Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sing An Acapella Theme Song Medley

 photo ezgif-4145032371_zps41llckdk.gif

You can tell the original cast of the Star Wars trilogy are glad to be back, and the new cast members appear to be ecstatic about jumping on board that space opera shuttle to superstardom.

Just to prove what a happy band of out-of-this-world actors they really are they came together to perform an acapella Star Wars theme song medley on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, with The Roots keeping the beat fresh.

(YouTube Link)

Chewie looks a bit put off by the singing, and the droids don't know what the heck to do, but seeing Admiral Ackbar singing along is the most shocking appearance of them all!

-Via BuzzFeed

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Blacksmith Settles The "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel" Argument Once And For All

 photo jetfuelmeltingsteel_zpscdoknfkz.jpg

There's a group of conspiracy theorists who believe September 11th was an inside job, and they cite the "fact" that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel beams as a way to prove their point.

These 9/11 Truthers have been getting on metalworker Trenton Tye of Purgatory Ironwork's nerves for over a decade, so he decided to settle the argument once and for all with video proof that's totally truthy.

(YouTube Link)

It's surprising that Trenton is the first guy to make such a video, since this argument seems to be fairly simple to debunk, only now he'll probably be lumped in as part of the "inside job"!

-Via Huffington Post

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Helpful Video Explains The Japanese Method Of Wrapping Gifts In A Flash

 photo japanesegiftwrapping_zpssxjejq8a.jpg

The Japanese art of origami is all about folding paper into shapes, from simple and geometric to intricately detailed figures, and at their purest origami paper sculptures are made without using scissors, glue or tape.

This may make origami seem useless for wrapping presents, because we're taught to use tons of tape while wrapping presents, but the Japanese have a simpler, and much faster, way of wrapping.

(YouTube Link)

Inspired by the Takashimaya department store speed wrapper video that went viral last December, YouTuber BeatTheBush decided to break the process down for us so we can actually follow along.

And once you've mastered this speedy method of wrapping you'll need only three pieces of tape and the whole process will take only fifteen seconds.

-Via CountryLiving

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A Lost Michaelangelo Painting Has Been Hanging In A Living Room In Queens

Lost paintings are rarely recovered because "lost" is just a nice way of saying they were either stolen or destroyed, but sometimes famous works of art really are somehow lost in the shuffle.

Michaelangelo is one of history's most famous artists, and yet at least a half dozen of his sculptures, paintings and drawings are still lost, but there may be hope for one of his paintings.

The Kober family from Buffalo, New York claim to have a genuine Michaelangelo painting depicting the Madonna and Jesus hanging in their living room, and according to Italian art historian Antonio Forcellino they may be telling the truth.

Martin Kober has been trying to get the painting accepted as an authentic Michaelangelo painting since 2009, and while Italian art historians spent three years scientifically proving it's the real deal the rest of the art world isn't convinced.

What is it about "The Mike" that has American art historians refusing to accept its authenticity? Maybe they're waiting for Michaelangelo to come back from the grave and sign a Certificate of Authenticity?

Read more about the "Kober Michaelangelo" here

-Via The Mary Sue

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Photographic Evidence That Vladimir Putin May Be Immortal

Vladimir Putin is a strange man, that much we know, but what we don't yet know is why.

Is he an evil mastermind hell bent on controlling the world? Probably not, at least not while he's awake.

Is he from another planet? Surprisingly, tests show him to be of this world, but calling him an ordinary human may be a bit of an understatement.

In fact, this photographic evidence seems to indicate Vladimir Putin has been alive and making the same goofy faces while being photographed for at least a hundred years.

One guy took the theory a step further to suggest Putin may be 19th century Greek General Valtinos, which backs the immortal theory even more.

(Image Link)

Since we can't prove Putin is an immortal we can only speculate wildly and make crazy assumptions, but it sure would explain some of the bold moves made by the Russian President.

-Via Telegraph

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Hilarious Ad Shows Why We Should Apologize To Our Cats After The Holidays

People love to torture cats for their own amusement, from the constant petting and brushing to the indignity of having to eat on the ground instead of the table and crapping in a box instead of outside like Dog intended.

But for cats being forced to wear a costume so people can mock them is the most terrible of all tortures, and that's why cats hate human holidays.

(YouTube Link)

Our poor feline prisoners go through so much just to make us smile, so Temptations cat treats is urging cat jailers owners to apologize to their felines for all the humiliating costumes and human mockery.

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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It's A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown!

The iconic soundtracks to the Peanuts TV specials were recorded by the Vince Guaraldi trio from 1965-70, and although we all love that jazzy sound it has been around 50 years of the same songs, so maybe it's time to explore our options.

Surprisingly, a song by Bad Brains goes perfectly with the Peanuts Christmas dance, updating that classic cartoon scene with some old school punk.

(YouTube Link)

It's fun to watch the Peanuts gang gyrate to the soothing sounds of 80s hardcore punk, proving Bad Brains songs and the Peanuts are two great tastes that go great together!

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Guy Quits Job After Burning Man, Spends 10+ Years Creating Sand Art

Many of the tens of thousand of people who attend Burning Man are moved by the experience, their lives "changed" by that funkiest of all festivals, and then they resume their normal lives and move on.

But for 44-year-old Andres Amador the 1999 Burning Man festival was so impactful that he quit his job soon after attending the festival and started creating sand art full time.

Andres earns a living by taking commissions from clients for pieces which are generally photographed from high above (drone?), the photos then used on postcards and calendars.

It takes Andres hours to rake designs into the sand but only a few minutes for the tide to wash it all away, leaving a clean slate for Andres' next meditative masterpiece.

-Via Bored Panda

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Forensic Anthropologist Creates A More Realistic Portrait Of Jesus

Jesus seems like he would have been a pretty cool guy, and since he turned water into wine and hung out with hookers he was probably the life of the party, that is, if he actually existed.

Whether we have proof of his existence or not Jesus has become quite a polarizing figure, and people are constantly claiming their actions are done in the name of the Lord- this guy right here:

If you're thinking that guy doesn't appear to be of Middle Eastern origin at all you're right, which is probably why some people have taken to calling him White Jesus.

This disparity didn't sit right with forensic anthropologist/medieval artist Richard Neave, so he decided to use his skills and the power of science to create this far more realistic image of Jesus.

 photo jesus-real-three-sides-1024x415_zpsbjpaqvkf.jpg

Richard used three skulls found at archaeological sites in Israel as the basis for his portrait, using computerized tomography to flesh out the skulls and create the composite image above.

This is just a guess at what a possibly fictional man might have looked like, but it does seem to go along with the idea that Roman soldiers couldn't tell Jesus apart from his disciples, since White Jesus would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

-Via Esquire

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Ten Shocking Incidents Caught On Live Television

The good thing about live broadcasts is they bring us information in real time and connect us to the outside world through our TV.

The bad thing about live TV broadcasts (at least according to the networks and the FCC) is they can't be edited, so the folks at home see whatever happens while the cameras are rolling.

When boxer Benny "The Kid" Paret was dealt the grievous injuries that would put him in a coma and kill him ten days later it was shocking but part of the risks you run by being a pro boxer. (Warning: violent footage)

(YouTube Link)

Viewers watching the fight on live TV were shocked to see the former Welterweight champ go down, and horrified to later find out about his death, but fight fans know death is always a possibility.

However, it's safe to say nobody knew what was going to happen when JetBlue Airways flight 292 made a crash landing of sorts at LAX in 2005, unable to land properly because the landing gear was twisted sideways.

(YouTube Link)

People watching live at home thought it might be the end for the 140 passengers and 6 crew members, but thankfully this shocking moment didn't result in any deaths or injuries.

See 10 Shocking Moments Caught On Live TV here (contains NSFW material)

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This Family Has Been Winning Christmas For The Last 13 Years

Lots of people share their funny Christmas card photos online, but only one family has been delivering the yule tide yucks for over a decade, proving they were born to do Christmas themed comedy.

They are Laura and Mike Bergeron from Aliso Viejo, California, and their Christmas cards give the gift of laughter and irreverent inspiration year after year.

The Bergerons clearly care about spreading joy during the holidays, and they realize that laughter is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

But they also realize that funny Christmas cards are like crack- you always want more, and when it stops coming it leaves a hole in your life, so they'd better keep those hilarious Christmas card photos coming!

See A Collection Of The Bergeron Family's Funniest Holiday Cards here

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11-Year-Old Björk Reads The Nativity Story On An Icelandic TV Special

Back before Björk was part of The Sugarcubes she was just a young lady with dreams of stardom who appeared on an Icelandic TV special back in 1976, reading the Nativity story while onstage with some talented young musicians.

(YouTube Link)

It's hard to understand what people are saying in the video unless you speak Icelandic, and the English subtitles seem to be a bit off, but it's not hard to see why people were captivated by Björk's unusual beauty. And yet she somehow manages to look practically the same whether she's 11 years old or 50!

-Via Openculture

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Sci-Fi Themed Christmas Cards From Soviet Era Russia

When the Russian Empire gave way to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics they officially, and legally, became a nation of atheists, a sharp turn away from their religious roots.

This made things hard for the devoutly Catholic, and really put a damper on the Christmas festivities, but holiday card artists managed to save the day by sneaking in images of Saint Nick with a little white lie.

These clever artists combined the Soviet space obsession with images of who they claimed to be "Ded Moroz", a wizard from Russian mythology who happens to look an awful lot like Santa Claus.

They combined icons from mythology, cool sci-fi stuff and traditional holiday fare into one utterly amazing outer space scene, creating the kind of Christmas cards most geeks would love to send out to this day.

Man, Soviet Santa is so much cooler than our syrupy, Coca-Cola sponsored version!

See more Engrossing Soviet Science Fiction Holiday Cards here

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Guy Who Jumped Off Golden Gate Bridge And Survived Tells His Story

It's safe to say that nobody in their right mind has ever jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, and whether the jumper is suicidal, suffering from a mental illness or on drugs they almost never live to talk about why they jumped.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular sites in the world for suicide, and less than 1% of those who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge survive.

Kevin Hines is one of those less than one percenters, and he told his story of suicide survival to BuzzFeedVideo in hopes that others like him will seek help rather than end their own life.

(YouTube Link)

Kevin is also producing a suicide prevention documentary that shows the effect suicide has on the person's loved ones, which seems like it will be more effective than the standard "you have so much to live for" message.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Learn Valuable Survival Skills From The Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Guide

Survival skills and disaster preparedness are one in the same in many ways, because when the world is in a state of upheaval knowing how to survive while "in the field" becomes your top priority.

If you want to learn survival skills you should look to those who deal with natural disasters far too often, like the mighty resilient Japanese.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government created a massive (and massively handy) handbook called "Disaster Preparedness Tokyo" to teach Japanese residents crucial survival skills so they're prepared when an earthquake, or other disaster, strikes.

The guide's good for more than just survival skill training- it's chock full of handy tips and tricks you can use in your everyday life. Now you can get out there and survive in style!

-Via Lifehacker

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This Video May Change The Way You Think About Channing Tatum

For some reason Channing Tatum makes a lot of girls and guys purr these days, but that's all about to change when you see him insulting an innocent little kitten on camera.

Here's the compelling evidence that proves Channing Tatum is a cruel, cruel man:

(YouTube Link)

Okay, so he was actually just insulting the kitten to promote his new movie The Hateful Eight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but it still proves one thing- Channing Tatum holding kittens doesn't always equal sexy, no matter what fan art tries to claim.

-Via Vulture

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Funny Bunny Loves To Leap Into Leaves

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a bunny is happily hopping about or freaking out, as the two can look mighty similar at times, but the playful pet rabbit in this video is clearly jumping for joy.

Her human Ian was cleaning out her cage when he discovered Bun Bun's love of leaves, which was thankfully captured on video so we can share in the joy.

(YouTube Link)

Here's the dirt on Bun Bun:

“I am da Bun Bun and I kill da leaves. All dem leaves!” Bun Bun is a rescue bunny, abandoned on a country road and left to fend for herself. She now has a loving home where she likes to run, play, graze on nummy clover and yes, destroy all dem leaves.

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Bread Face Blog Is Giving The People Something They Didn't Ask For

There's a seemingly endless supply of strange videos online, and just when you think you've reached the far end of freaky something like the Bread Face Blog Instagram account comes along and proves you wrong.

Bread Face Blog isn't about bakery disasters, food sculptures or Powdered Toast Man, it's about an oddly adorable little woman smashing her face into different kinds of bread on video for our amusement.

Now before you completely write off Bread Face Blog consider this- with different lighting, a different song, and a different kind of bread in every video the preposterous possibilities are endless!

-Via Cheezburger

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23 Celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

We often assume that actors are nothing but famous faces who memorize lines and look good on camera, but many actors are multifaceted individuals who enjoy doing a lot more than basking in the limelight.

Ex-NFL player turned actor/Old Spice spokesmaniac Terry Crews clearly enjoys hitting the gym when he's not on camera, but lifting weights isn't exactly a talent. However, painting photo realistic portraits is pure talent, one most people don't expect a muscle-bound ex-jock to possess.

Sometimes celebs get to show off their hidden talents in a project they're starring in, thereby secretly revealing their skills to the world.

Neil Patrick Harris got to do just that when he starred as the murderous magician Chester Creb in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

See 23 Celebrities Who Are Shockingly Good At Other Things here

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Ryan Gosling Plays Santa's Biggest Fan In "Santa Baby"

Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas, the larger-than-life bearded guy with two lists that keep kids in line and a team of magical flying reindeer who help him deliver presents to kids around the world in one night.

He was based on a real guy once upon a time, but his legend has become as bloated as his belly to the point where the only people who still believe all those Santa stories are really young children and the two Santa fans in this video.

(YouTube Link)

Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer play the two people you'd least like to meet at a holiday party, especially if you're Santa Claus!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Woman Posts Uplifting Story About Walmart Experience, Walmart Proves She's Lying

People like to use their social media accounts to talk about uplifting things that have happened to them, but for some reason those who post the most uplifting stories are often the saddest people you'll ever meet.

Case in point- Paige Yore from Pueblo, Colorado posted a story on Facebook about a cashier who hugged her after being yelled at by a customer, a cashier who then told Paige his mother had committed suicide that morning....except Paige made it all up.

(YouTube Link)

People started contacting Walmart about that poor cashier in Pueblo, so they reviewed the security footage to see what was going on and found that Paige's video, which had gone viral, was nothing but lies.

There was no hug, no angry customer, no cashier in distress over the loss of his mother, just sad Paige Yore sitting in her car making up a story meant to teach us an uplifting lesson.

The only lesson she truly succeeded in teaching us all- if a social media story sounds too saccharine to be true it probably is.

-Via The Daily What

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10 Fan Theories That Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Movies

Fan theories come in all shapes and sizes, from the minor flight of fancy about a favorite character to the major league franchise universe crossover, and while fun to read they rarely change the way we feel about our favorite movies.

However, when a theory is presented that truly makes sense, like the theory that the main character in The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie are all the same guy, we can't help but see those movies in a different light.

(YouTube Link)

Screen Rant put together a visual list of 10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Popular Films, it's worth watching for the awesome theory about the James Bond films alone!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Servers Dish About The Most Awkward Dating Experiences They've Seen At Work

(Image Link)

Those who work in the service industry are exposed to different kinds of situations depending on where they work, and nobody knows how awkward dating can be quite like those who work in restaurants.

Servers are constantly seeing and hearing things from customers that are sure to be a source of embarrassment for years to come, and thanks to the interwebs we all get to dine on their awkward misery for free!

Servers took to Reddit to write about the worst dates they'd ever witnessed while on the job (contains NSFW language), and while they're not all bad, and a few are movie scenes being passed off as true stories, they should all make you feel better about your dating experiences!

Read 13 Servers Reveal The Most Awkward Dates They Ever Waited On here

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Actors Who Were Surprisingly Almost Cast In Star Wars

The Star Wars movies feature such an iconic cast that it's hard to imagine seeing anybody else playing Han Solo or voicing Darth Vader, or in the case of the prequels, playing Mace Windu.

It's a sure bet Samuel L. Jackson's face comes to mind when you hear the name Mace Windu, but imagine a galaxy far, far away where Tupac Shakur played Mace.

It's a parallel casting choice, and probably wouldn't have improved the prequels, but at least he would've had his own hologram before he died!

As for the original trilogy, Han is Harrison, Harrison is Han, but how funny would it have been to see Kurt Russell blasting Greedo and giving Chewie a hard time?

It definitely would have changed the dynamic of the film, but not as much as if Darth Vader had been voiced by Orson Welles!

Welles was Lucas' first choice, but he went with James Earl Jones because he felt Orson's voice would have been too recognizable. Sometimes it's good to be picked second!

Read Actors You'll Never Believe Were Almost In Star Wars here (contains NSFW language)

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Delightfully Quirky TV Commercials Directed By Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has one of the most distinct visual styles in Hollywood, and it's easy to tell when he's behind the camera because shots start looking more symmetrical and characters become more charming.

Although he's known for his films Wes has also directed over a dozen TV commercials, often dragging some big names from Hollywood along for the ride:

(YouTube Link)

Many of his commercials look like the company paying for the ad said "Here's some cash, give us the full Wes Anderson" which he always delivers in a most delightful way, like this homage to movie smart cars for the Hyundai Azera:

(YouTube Link)

See 13 Awesome And Quirky Commercials Directed By Wes Anderson at mental_floss

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Some Of The Most Savage Things Grandmas Have Said To Their Grandkids

(Image Link)

Some people become more timid and introverted as they get older, their fear of the world growing by the year, while others grow bolder and more brazen, feeling like they can do or say anything due to their advanced age.

They are the old folks without filters, the grandmas who gave up editing their thoughts before spitting them out long ago, and sometimes the things they say really stick with you.

BuzzFeed asked their Community to share the most things their grandmothers have ever said to them, and they received some rather hair-raising responses:

My brother came out as gay to my grandma and she said, “I knew girls weren’t going to like you from the beginning.”


I was painting my nails one time, and my grandma leaned over and said, “That’s a nice shade of whore red.” Then walked away.


My (very Catholic) grandma told me she hopes she dies before I get married so that she doesn’t have to attend my secular wedding.


Read 21 Savage Things Grandmas Have Actually Said here

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There's Still Time To Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving- A NeatoShop T-Shirt!

Arendelicious by Nemons

Holiday shopping mania is in full effect, and those who still have gifts to buy are starting to scramble to buy them all while there's still time.

But you don't have to run around town to bring home the greatest gifts, just head to the NeatoShop and grab tees or hoodies for all the special people on your list!

Whether you're looking for something totally specific

You Go Glen CoCo! by Oneskillwonder

A tee that will make everyone laugh

Angry Elf by Fishbiscuit

Or something out of this world, the NeatoShop is the one stop shop for the greatest wearable gifts!

Christmas Awakens by Stationjack

Continue reading

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Catalonians Really Know How To Have A Crappy Christmas

The holiday we know as Christmas has been celebrated for centuries by many different cultures, but nobody has a crappy Christmas quite like the Catalonians.

They introduced a strange and stinky new element to their holiday traditions, one that many other cultures would find too crass for Christmas- poop.

Poop factors in to a few Catalonian Christmas traditions, including putting out El Caganer (The Crapper), a figure of a man defecating that is often put in with the standard Nativity set, like the giant example above.

Many modern Caganer figures are made to look like characters from pop culture and celebrities, here are a few crap-tastic examples:

(Image Link)

There is also a cuter (yet just as crappy) tradition of putting out the Tío de Nadal (Christmas Log), also known as the Caga Tío (Crapping Log), which stands on two legs and has a painted on smiley face.

(Image Link)

Kids are told to feed the Caga Tío every night so he can crap out candy and presents on Christmas Eve, after the kids beat it with a stick and order it to defecate with an adorable song:

(YouTube Link)

So if you're having a crappy Christmas (but not in the fun way) take a note from the Catalonians and embrace the crappines of the holiday season and surround yourself with things that make you smile!

Read more about The Turd Related Christmas Traditions Of The Catalonians here

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Norman Reedus Bit By Fan At Convention, Posts Perfect Response On Instagram

Norman Reedus has survived all sorts of post-apocalyptic peril as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, but recently he had to contend with a stranger danger he'd never faced before- a feral fan.

While attending the Walker Stalker convention in New Jersey Norman was bit by an overzealous female fan who clearly has a hard time telling real life apart from that undead utopia featured on the show.

She posted this response on Instagram:

I lost my mind...got so excited standing beside him...& just turned my head and bit him! I don't know what came over me.

The "attack" took Norman by surprise, turned the internet into a hotbed of discussion about fans taking fandom too far, but in the end Norman had the perfect response to post on Instagram:


(Image Link)

-Via GeekTyrant


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Florida Man Eaten By Alligator While Hiding From Police

Let this story serve as a warning to all criminals on the run in the great state of Florida- if you're gonna run from the law and try to hide out until the whole thing blows over choose somewhere safe and dry.

This seems like common sense, since wet and deadly are hardly ideal conditions for someone trying to save their own skin, but for some reason stupid criminals on the run in Florida often end up in a swamp, lake or pond.

Here's why you should stay dry- a burglar named Matthew Riggins was running from cops in Brevard County, Florida when he decided to hide from their K-9 units in a Barefoot Bay Pond, where he was killed by an alligator.

The body was discovered ten days later, but a Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper had to be called in to deal with an aggressive alligator guarding the body.

The gator was euthanized and Matthew's body was recovered,  and an examination of the gator found chunks of human flesh in it's stomach. The coroner confirmed the gator had killed and eaten Matthew Riggins, drowning him first like any other prey.

-Via Esquire

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