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Here's A Funny GIF About Facebook Stock

As I mentioned above, here's a GIF about Facebook stock prices plummeting, and the movie version of Zuckerberg isn't taking the news very well.

It took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride and wasted ten valuable seconds of my life that I'll probably miss when the Grim Reaper shows up pointing his bony finger at me. Yay for the goofy crap found on the interwebs!


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Online Comic Series - Romantically Apocalyptic

If you like your comic strips darkly comedic with a dash of dystopia and a wickedly cool graphic style then you have to check out Alexiuss Vitaly's online series Romantically Apocalyptic.

It chronicles Zee Captain and his Second In Command as they make their way across the post apocalyptic ruins of a massive cityscape, looking for love and inspiration as to just what they're supposed to be doing.

So stay indoors this summer and let Zee Captain take your mind on a tour of humanity's hilariously bleak future.  --thanks Travis!


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Engraving Inspired Street Art By Phlegm

Phlegm is hitting the U.K. streets with a fresh style straight from the olden days, a decidedly illustrative style inspired by woodblock printing and engraving.

His whimsical works add a sense of mystery and fairy tale charm to the cityscapes in which they reside, and it must be fun for urban explorers to come across one of Phlegm's pieces lurking under a bridge.

(Previously on Neatorama- Squid Boat By Phlegm--LINK)

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Fascinating Illustrations By Anatoly Fomenko

Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko creates illustrations which are both expressions of mathematical concepts and visual  depictions of his innermost thoughts and emotions.

With razor sharp use of perspective, abstract imagery and many shades of gray, Anatoly's works are at once amazing and confounding, and would look right at home on the cover of a Pink Floyd album.

You can take your eyes on a long, strange trip through Anatoly's works at the Juxtapoz link below, and try not to get lost in there!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Epic Garbage Pail Kids Back Tattoo

This is what happens when parents refuse to let their children keep their precious Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, or when an undying obsession becomes an (arguably) bad decision.

I'm assuming that his name is Ozzy, which is why this is his favorite GPK card, and this guy seems like such a superfan that he probably has a copy of the 1987 Garbage Pail Kids disaster movie on DVD.

I used to have that card, I traded it for Loogie Leia!



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Movie Trailer - Wreck-It Ralph

(YouTube Link)

Disney's upcoming animated feature is guaranteed to make hardcore gamers go squeee! with delight.

It's an homage to old school, quarter plunking arcade gaming called Wreck-It Ralph, and it stars John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and Jack McBrayer, to name a few stars from this amazing cast.

Fans of funny are sure to find a chuckle, and I'm sure it will inspire a new generation of classic video game enthusiasts to pick up their control pad and get those pixels moving!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Hand Drawn Scientific Illustrations By Peter Jellitsch

These scientific illustrations look like they were made by a machine, and in a way they are machine made. However, the machine in this case is an amazing  human artist by the name of Peter Jellitsch.

These hand drawn pieces reveal Peter's mind at work, creating what he calls an "analog translation of digital data", but I prefer to think of them as the blankets that science built.

Link  --via JazJaz

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Toys Photographed In Humorous Situations

Ryan Roberts likes to set up humorous situations with toys then shoots a bunch of pics of the scene, like a guy who wasn't allowed to play with toys looking to exact revenge via photographic playtime.

His series is like the photo version of the stop motion TV series Robot Chicken, and is sure to appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Hilarious Geek Mashup Art By Evgeny Yakovlev

Evgeny Yakovlev is an illustrator from Karaganda, Kazahkstan who specializes in ridiculous acts of geek mashupery.

That's clearly not a real word, but sometimes it takes a little creative vocabulary to describe geek art this awesome.

Take a gander at Boba Fett collecting a bounty on the nefarious Road Runner, Edward Scissorhands discussing family with Wolverine, and twelve more epic works of geekus maximus mashupalus.

Okay, I've clearly taken this stupid word creation thing a bit too far!

Link  --via Gamma Squad

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A Paper Version Of The Prometheus Trailer

(YouTube Link)

If you find the trailer for the upcoming Ridley Scott film Prometheus a little too good looking, maybe this paper version will suit you better.

With some extremely lackluster special effects and a drawing style that would make a five year old feel better about their own scribbles, this is the least spectacular trailer for Prometheus that you'll ever see!

--via Geek Tyrant

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What Your Favorite Drinks Look Like Under A Microscope

Photographer and beverage enthusiast William LeGoullon decided to explore his love of the liquids on a microscopic level, and these fascinating photos of your favorite beverages are the result.

Pictured above is the beautiful, leaf-like structure of beer, and William's series includes the other four most consumed beverages- tea, coffee, wine and cola.

It's like a tour of the wet stuff from an ant's perspective, and the differences in texture are compelling, but don't take my word for it-hit the jump and see what you've been sipping on!

(previously on Neatorama-Microscoic Views Of Alcoholic Beverages--LINK)

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Comedy Short - Reset Your Password

(YouTube Link)

It seems like websites get some kind of sick pleasure from making us change our passwords on a regular basis, and the qualifications for an effective password are becoming more ridiculous every day.

This comedy short from UCB Comedy stars Caitlin Downing as a gal who gets no love when it comes to choosing a new password.

I feel your pain Caitlin, and I hope you have your new password written down somewhere, 'cause that sucker is gonna be hard to remember!

--via Lauging Squid

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Joss Whedon, Stan Lee And Other Geek Overlords As HeroClix Figures

If you're a fan of the tabletop battle game HeroClix then you're going to love these geek overlord edition figures coming out exclusively with a special edition of the Comic Con documentary- Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope.

The set features Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Morgan Spurlock and Harry Knowles as mighty mini HeroClix figures complete with powers appropriate for each creator.

For instance, Stan Lee can Wade Through Autograph Seekers, and Morgan has the power of Surprise Interview, both very fitting powers eh?!

Look for this special edition boxed set to come out July 2012. Until then get psyched, because Comic Con 2012 is just around the corner! Woohoo!

--via Super Punch


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Short Film - The Ventriloquist

(YouTube Link)

Being a ventriloquist is a tough gig because people assume you have a few screws loose, and the dummy gets most of the acclaim.

For some, ventriloquism allows them to say whatever's on their mind, for others it's just a way to pay the bills, and for a select few the dummy actually becomes their best friend.

This awesome short film stars Kevin Spacey as a man and an obnoxious dummy who are having a hard time relating to humanity.

(barely NSFW due to one bad word)

--via Viral Viral Videos

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Psychedelic Movie Posters By We Buy Your Kids

These re-imagined movie posters are by We Buy Your Kids, an Australian design studio with works as cool as their company's name.

Their posters feature simple retro styled imagery, bold kinetic text and a psychedelic edge that harkens back to the days of Yellow Submarine rides and tuning in, turning on and dropping out.

And the best part about these posters is you can buy (some of) them directly from WBYK, so you won't have to live without them!

Link  --via Super Punch

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Neil Gaiman's Commencement Speech Turned Into A Comic

Neil Gaiman recently delivered a commencement speech for Philadelphia's University of the Arts which people found so heartwarming and inspiring that someone decided to turn it into a comic.

The someone in question is Australian illustrator Gavin Aung Than, and he did a great job of making the speech even easier to digest, with whimsical imagery and lots of brightly colored panels.

Hit the link below if you want to see the rest of Gavin's equally heartwarming take on Neil Gaiman's graduation speech, then print that sucker out and pin it to your wall for a dose of daily inspiration.

Link  --via BuzzFeed

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Fantastic Four Radio Show From 1975 Featuring Bill Murray

(YouTube Link)

This fantastic retro find features a young Bill Murray reading the role of Human Torch alongside Stan Lee in a 1975 radio version of the Fantastic Four comics.

The radio show ran for thirteen episodes and featured the Fantastic Four squaring off against classic foes such as- Super Skrull, Moleman and the Latvian Iron Man himself Doctor Doom.

It's fun way to listen to a video on YouTube, and may even appeal to Millenials who aren't used to using their imaginations to picture the scene!

--via Comics Alliance

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A Cute And Clumsy Baby Elephant Playing With A Soccer Ball

(YouTube Link)

Well, I think the title says it all on this one folks! This cute, clumsy baby elephant kicks the ball around for a bit, falling down here and there and amusing every human in attendance.

And now that the video has been shared on the interwebs it can amuse people across the globe with it's clumsy critter antics. Yay!

Why are baby elephants so darn cute regardless of what they're doing? Because they're baby animals, that's why!

--via Best Week Ever

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Highly Detailed Paper Cities By Yumiko Matsui

Yumiko creates spectacular paper cityscapes rich with detail and an imbued sense of life in the big city.

It's as if the little cars really do have somewhere to be in a hurry, and the people who populate this city live their lives blissfully unaware that they could be squashed by a falling peanut or errant pebble at any moment.

Top it all off with the fact that the billboards will light up once night has fallen on this mini metropolis and you've got a papercraft city where a bug wearing a tie and top hat would feel right at home.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Skyrim Finally Gets An Expansion Pack

(YouTube Link)

Have you finally re-adjusted to life in the real world after spending thousands of hours completing the epic fantasy video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

Well, I have some terrible news for you-Bethesda is about to release an awesome looking expansion pack called Dawnguard, and it looks good enough to envelop you in its dark embrace once again, making you forget that you were once a productive member of society.

So call in sick when the expansion pack is released and get back to doing what you do best- playing Skyrim like a boss!

--via Topless Robot

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Tip Toland's Hyper Realistic Ceramic Sculptures

The subjects in Tip Toland's sculptures can best be described as ManChildren- men who clearly haven't outgrown their adolescence and appear to be on a journey of self discovery.

They're unnervingly realistic in detail and form, and Tip has captured these familiar human expressions and feelings so perfectly that they appear ready to spring to life at any moment.

Take a gander at the rest of Tip's disturbing ceramic sculptures at the links below, because creepy can also be fun!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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A Mushroom That Eats Plastic

Researchers from Yale University recently discovered a mushroom in the jungles of Ecuador that is most magical indeed, for this little fungus dines on polyurethane, a very common type of plastic.

Here's more on this amazing fungus:
The fungi, called “Pestalotiopsis microspore”, is able to survive on eating plastic alone—while without the need for air or light.

Students Jonathan Russell and Pria Anand have written in the journal ‘Applied and Environmental Microbiology’, that the enzyme the fungus uses to decompose plastic has been isolated.

Scientists hope to use the extracted chemical to solve the plastic trash and help bioremediation projects.

Now that's a creative way to help solve our global waste problem, unless it turns into an ever bigger problem when the fungus develops a taste for human flesh!


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The Horrifying Truth Behind Pixar's Cars Universe

I posted a funny comic yesterday about the truth behind the animated series Adventure Time, and readers were quick to point out that the series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Finn might be the last living human.

Well, here's round 2 in our speculations about the unknown back stories behind cartoons seemingly meant for kids, and this time we're talking about Pixar's Cars franchise.

It seems that some professors of geekology have posted their speculations about the series on the interwebs, theories which tie in to Wall-E and the end of human life as we know it.

Intrigued? Hit the link and read on about the post-apocalyptic theory behind Cars, it's an entertaining notion even if you're not a fan of the films.


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Papercraft War Machine Statue

It seems like paper sculptures are getting bigger, better and more complicated every day.

Take this 1:6 scale War Machine sculpture for example, built complete with LED chest light and fiber optic lights in the eyes and palms.

This little guy is so meticulously detailed, and perfectly painted, that you probably can't even tell that it's made of paper unless you look at it up close.

Check out the step-by-step photos of how the template for the War Machine papercraft sculpture was created at the link below, it might inspire you to create your own heroic works of paper art.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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The Surreal Sculptures Of Roger Reutimann

Roger Reutimann is a man who has worn many hats as an artist-painter, classical pianist, craftsman and, more recently, as a sculptor.

In some ways Roger's works embody a classical style, like the use of naturalistic human forms and themes of mortality, while qualities like choice of finish and the use of surreal elements imbue his sculptures with a decidedly modern appeal.

There are a few pieces featured at the Creep Machine link below, and if you like what you see there you should take a look at Roger's site for his full collection, including works which some may consider NSFW (artistic nudes).

Link  --via Creep Machine

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Awesome Full Sized Final Fantasy VIII Replica Gunblade

This is one beautiful cosplay accessory-a replica Gunblade from the video game Final Fantasy VIII that doesn't look like a cardboard blade covered in gobs of paint.

The guy who built this screen worthy replica made it for a college course in prop making, using MDF, balsa wood an a Pringles can to get the job done right.

From the look of this amazing Gunblade, this guy should have no problem getting a job in Hollywood as a prop builder.

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Animated Music Video - Rivers And Homes

(YouTube Link)

This creative music video is for the song Rivers and Homes by the Brooklyn based band J.viewz, who asked fans to send them self portraits which they incorporated into the video as a unique form of stop motion animation.

It's a rare combination in a music video-good music and compelling visuals, with an interesting short storyline put into the mix to round the whole thing out.

--via Laughing Squid


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Unintentionally Artistic Space Suit Test Photos

It's too bad NASA decided to fake the moon landing, because these space suit test photos would have come in mighty handy when preparing for such an epic excursion.

I'm kidding, of course, they're actually photos taken at NASA's first acid test, where they donned the suits and let the vibes flow freely through them to the beat of a bongo drum.

Okay, these photos were actually taken in order to test and demonstrate the range of motion and mobility offered by their space suits, but it's good to let your imagination run wild once in a while.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Cool Character Design Tutorial Video

(YouTube Link)

This handy dandy little tutorial video comes to you courtesy of ex-WETA Workshop designer Tim Gibson, who is more than happy to share some tips and tricks on character designing with aspiring illustrators.

Tim will help you take your characters from Meh to Me Gusta! in this info packed five minute video, so get out your pencils and drawing pad (or your Wacom tablet) and whip your character sketches into shape!

--via Drawn

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Relive The Horror Of Childhood In Among The Sleep

(YouTube Link)

Among The Sleep is an upcoming video game that looks unique and imaginative despite the terribly unimaginative title.

You play as a two year old, who battles their imagination as well as strange forces at work in their home, which is one of the most unique premises for a video game I've ever heard.

Then the trailer reveals that the game will be very atmospheric and spooky, and the manufacturer's blurb claims "surreal creatures and diverse environments will present you with both physical and mental obstacles that challenge your creativity".

Okay, I'm officially excited about playing as a baby character in a video game!

--via Super Punch

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