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You make a great point sandyra, and the idea of someone having an allergic reaction makes the use of a baby and a dog in the shoot seem even more unethical... I will never rub honey in my eyes after reading your comment, that's for sure!
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That's awesome Chris! He did a great job, the show definitely has a lot of visual appeal and the sets look great. It looks like Romain worked on a lot of variety and sketch comedy type shows, exactly what they needed on Pryor's Place. And he worked on Flip too, eh? That was a great show too! Here's to your talented father!
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It may be even more of a shocker to you that these quotes were probably written by their fellow female students. Here are some links to images from yearbook staffs around that same era:

Notice anything these yearbook staffs have in common? They're made up of mostly women!
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Actually Stephen it's Stotch, so we were both wrong! BTW does watching every single episode of the show since it began plus playing every South Park video game ever made and seeing every other thing Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever made, including Book Of Mormon, qualify me as a "true fan"? Because it probably should...
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Yeah, over six years ago Miss C posted an article about the same photo series. I think something that was posted six years ago but is really cool bears reposting, and thanks for reading Neatorama for so long that you actually remember that article from 2008 Nathan! That was before my time -;-
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Well I guess we'll just agree to disagree Michael. To me the staging of the characters (how they're posed, and the environment around the characters), the realistic renderings, and the lively feel of each captured moment simply screams Rockwell to me.

It's not like I'm saying the artist is the next Norman Rockwell, it's simply a bit of fan art created with a nod to Rockwell's style, a more interesting take on comic art.
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I know, it's one of those hard calls when it comes to which word to use. I feel like selfie is a good blanket term for self portrait, whether full body with a timer or hand held, so the term selfie gets used a lot these days.
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I can't help but wonder- do you actually read comic books, Lisa? Anybody who does knows that this issue is pretty silly, because men are just as objectified- powerful male superhero= steroid beefcake, many of which run around half naked as well. And if you're scrawny? Well, you'd better have a cool power or you're screwed.

Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, nearly a match for Superman, and her classic outfits aren't particularly objectifying. Superheroes are about idealization, not reality, and this whole objectification issue is based on people who don't even read comics taking offense to the cover art, which any true comic reader knows hardly ever matches the storyline within the issue.

Are men offended when every romance novel in the world features a Fabio beefcake on the cover? No, because we know this is all marketing, a way for publishers to sell their books.

Another thing that makes this whole issue ridiculous is the fact that many superheroes wear clothes simply because of censorship. Comic book creators from the Golden Age have been quoted as saying if they could draw their characters naked they would, both male and female, because virtually invincible aliens wouldn't really feel the need to wear clothes. So Superman is actually supposed to be flying around naked, but that wouldn't fly with the parents and censors. How's that for objectification?

This issue is being pushed by non-readers but isn't stopping the publishers from doing what they've been doing for decades- making their target audience buy their books. They're never going to care much about these arguments because the people perpetuating this BS don't buy comics.

I suppose the only true test of public opinion would be a massive increase in male comic book characters being sexually objectified. I daresay if, however unlikely, that did happen all of a sudden, the only quantifiable result would be a reduction in comic book sales.

Personally I've been reading comics for over thirty years, and I know doing this wouldn't result in a reduction of sales because the so-called objectification would only take place on the covers, and real readers would still be buying issues so they can read the stories. But, as I said before, this is only an issue to people who don't actually read comics.

Lastly, on the topic of the recent Manara cover for Spider Woman- she's a character from the Bronze Age, and Manara was most active during the 70s and 80s, so this is clearly meant to appeal to older readers who actually remember reading Bronze Age comics with Spider Woman in them and appreciate Manara's style. The cover isn't meant to appeal to fans who jumped on board the comic book trend after watching The Avengers, it's a throwback meant to appeal to readers like myself who have been reading comic books their entire life.

I agree with John's point that "if you don't like them then don't read them", but sadly this whole issue is being pushed by people who don't even read comics, people who are capitalizing on the current popularity of comics and writing articles about things they know nothing about.
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I thought about that, but then I figured the billion or so people who saw the movie Avatar would get the reference, since all the action in that movie takes place with his avatar and not his normal body. I'm guessing you never saw Avatar?
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Hmmm, not sure if this is a backhanded compliment, or a truly positive bit of feedback, which is rare to find online these days. Either way, keep on laughing! And if you wonder why I didn't mention the casting couch angle see Ezz's comment above.
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I had a friend who "worked" dice punishment into the game by placing his d20 in a bag full of crappy d6 and beating them mercilessly against the kitchen counter. The d20 never seemed to learn its lesson though, and now that I think about it maybe that guy just had some serious anger issues...
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I'm not sure why you consider this "jumping on the bandwagon", it appears you're simply unaware of this art movement.


Hyperrealism sprang from the photorealism movement in painting and sculpture from the 1960s and 70s, but where photorealism is simply making something look as realistic as possible hyperrealism adds a narrative and emotional element to the work.

So when you walk into your average wax museum the figures are just standing there looking like their human counterparts, aka photorealism, while most of Bobby's works contain an emotional element that makes them come to life even more than a simple photorealistic sculpture.

While it's true that not all of Bobby's works would fall into the category of hyperrealism the vast majority contain a narrative or emotional element, such as Jack's screaming face and axe, which make this a more appropriate title. However, like the names of many artistic movements it's subject to personal interpretation, and tends to make nitpickers foam at the mouth.

In the future if you have a question about a terminology, or why someone decided to use a particular term in their post, it would probably be best if you just ask without all the snark, and without using potentially insulting phrases like "jumping on the bandwagon". Otherwise good question and I hope I answered it to your satisfaction!
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Ummm, not sure which site you've been reading but we post fun stuff like this all the time. Your words- "Neatorama is not a news source, it's an entertainment source."
Everything doesn't have to be a story, sometimes you gotta lighten the mood up a bit with some funny pics!
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I re-read what was posted and agree with you Smitty Smee, so I made some edits to up the compassion level in the article. Hopefully the article doesn't sound so insensitive anymore, and thanks for pointing that out Smitty! I truly meant no disrespect.
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