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That Kill Binks shirt - I'd love one if it didn't have KILL under it. Lots of good shirts are spoiled by restating the obvious for the hard of thinking. I was looking at a really good Darth Vader shirt the other day in Asda (UK Walmart subsiduary) which really didn't need STAR WARS written under in big letters.
To be fair, Neatorama's shirts rarely have excess print, but that one's a glaring example. Unless it's a pastiche one something I don't recognise, of course.
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How convenient. Commenting is closed for your rant on religion. I have friends who are atheist's & I have friends who go to Church. Guess what, They both have a belief system. As a believer, I have come to the end of myself & started my journey down the road thinking that there has to be something else out there.

I just wanted to tell you that True believers aren't homophobic, or think atheist's eat baby's. We simply try to adhere to the context of what the Bible preaches. So, if you think, because we don't like homosexual's, because we don't agree with them living in their sin, then that's only because we're following the Bible & not our cultures narrative. It's not because we're scared of them, or hate them.
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