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Sometimes I come across an intriguing story and decide not to post it here because it doesn’t pass the smell test, meaning it might not be true.

That was one of my reasons, too. I saw it on Monday morning and couldn't have scooped several sites similar to ours, but decided to pass.
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The rationale is that it's easier to keep kids safe when they're trick-or-treating within a supervised parking lot instead of wandering around a residential neighborhood at night. Or, as Miss Cellania points out, they live in a rural area where houses are spread far apart.
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I'd like to go hunting someday, but it's a really expensive hobby where I live.

I don't think I'll ever get a mancave, but a backyard shed is within the realm of possibilities. My wife has kindly let me put up some anime and manga posters. In my own shed, I could fill all of the walls.
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