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My wife and I were head-over-heels in love when I met her parents. They are very reserved people. My wife and I were apparently too affectionate in their presence.

Other than that, it went quite well. They think that I'm a bit odd (or perhaps more than a bit), but they've always been welcoming.
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There's an expression in Florida: the further north you go, the further South you go. And the further south you go, the further North you go. This map makes that geographically accurate.
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Every time I go into my local library (not that I have time for books, but they have a printer), there’s someone behind the desk in costume, and usually at least a couple of people dancing.

That's pretty much nationwide these days.
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Kino's Journey sounds interesting.

I don't have a reading list like that, but I do keep a running list of books that I read. It helps me keep focused on reading goals. Right now I'm re-reading all of the Shakespeare that I read in high school.
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