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Story idea:

In 1969, a bizarre string of murders occurs in Brevard County, Florida. All of the victims were died from stabbing wounds, apparently from the same knife. The murders stop just as quickly as they started. The perpetrator is never caught.

In 2052, astronauts operating out of the International Moon Base on the lunar surface visit the old Apollo 11 lunar module. They open it. Inside, they find a bloody knife.
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There are so many stories of him being unexpectedly nice to people.

One thing that I noticed from reading a book about him: Rogers was very good at setting boundaries. He had a professional life, a private family life, and a line between them that he enforced politely and effectively.
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I was afraid of that, especially since I had only the slightest notion of what I was writing about. Thank you for the correction. I've deleted that phrase.
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