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It's also useful to put aside a piece of writing for a long time so that it falls out of your short-term memory.

I spent 5 years trying to write, rewrite and publish a scholarly journal article. At one point, I left the text aside for a full year. When I came back, I found a major stylistic error in the first sentence.

I had read that document so many times, but missed that error because I was so used to my own text.
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This is a good point. I considered phrasing the headline that way, but decided to go with one that was punchier but less precise. Sometimes there is a trade-off.
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If you threw me back in time to before the age of the internet (or, rather, the world wide web), I think that I could adapt fairly well. But I would be hard for me to cope without word processing.
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There's an old Western tradition of attributing human behavior to bears. About a year ago, I read the book The Bear: History of a Fallen King, which is a history of the bear as a symbol. Medieval Europeans believed that bears were human's closest relatives among animals. They also commonly believed that bears and humans were interfertile--that they could successfully mate with each other and produce young.
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The San Antonio River Walk is indeed a nice place. It's quite romantic, especially at night. My wife and I have enjoyed its ambiance.

The battlefield park at Vicksburg is also great. It's my favorite Civil War battlefield park.
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To expand on one of the facts: Zachary Taylor never voted before being elected President because he was a professional soldier. He never wanted to be in a position to have voted against his own Commander-in-Chief. At least, this is the explanation that Taylor offered.
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Toddler programming isn't actually that bad. Somehow 4 continuous years of Dora the Explorer hasn't killed me yet. But I have banned Thomas and Friends from the home.

Parenting is much as Thomas Sowell described it: "Each new generation born is in effect an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late." I never expected my children to be civilized by nature.
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The United States certainly didn't win the war by itself, but I'm skeptical that the Allies could have stopped the 1918 spring offensive without American help.
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