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It should be widely known (and isn't) that DC Animated make the best comic book movies. I am not even saying best "animated" comic book movies. I am saying best comic book movies, period.

Yes, yes, and yes. I fully agree. Those direct-to-DVD treasures are far superior to most live action superhero movies, especially DC's.
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I think that a vet told me that rabbits usually don't need to be bathed.

Mine lived indoors in the largest small animal cage that I could find. It still wasn't really big enough to satisfy me. But I gave them lots of out-of-cage time to chew on the carpet and computer cables.
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I bathed my rabbits once and only once. It terrified them. I never did it again.

Maybe if I had bathed them when they were just kits, they might have gotten used to the sensation.

As it was, they kept themselves clean pretty well.
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