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I worked as a circulation clerk at my college library, often on the closing weekend shifts when only student workers were present.
One especially lazy co-worker would literally sleep through his shift on a library couch. I was disgusted by his slothful unwillingness to contribute to what little had to be done. So, one night, I just let him sleep and closed the library at the appropriate time.
He awoke at midnight and realized that he was inside the locked and presumably alarm-set library. So he called the campus security force to let him out.
Although my boss never mentioned it to me, the next week, he posted a rule saying that workers had to wake sleeping co-workers before closing the library.
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Aside from that, we also have to buy the proper clothes, proper supplements, and proper water.

It's amazing that marketers try to convince us of this. Or, perhaps, we convince ourselves that we can't start exercising until we have all of these essentials lined up.
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I don't know if my own experience is a representative sample. But when I was growing up, Halloween was exclusively a kids' holiday. Now it's very much for both kids and adults.
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Jordan Peterson thinks that this is a golden age of television because binge-watching permits the viewing of long-form, complex narratives in serials, such as Breaking Bad. The narrative sophistication of television can now reach the scale of complex novels.
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