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I think that counts as a cancellation.

I remember reading that the purpose-built submarines were kept in Japan for home waters defense because it was too late in the war for Japan to consider anything else.
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It's not just the stupidity. They put complete strangers in fear for their lives. What did they ever do to deserve that? This isn't so much a prank as being a jerk to strangers who have done them no wrong.

I don't think that the prankster should be executed. I'm saying that it's reasonable to draw on someone who gives every appearance that he's about to attack you with a chainsaw. That's not capital punishment. That's defending yourself against a ghastly threat that has taken you by surprise.

I'm not cheerfully indifferent to that possibility--just indifferent.
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True--it's never been any of those things (except incomprehensible when I write uncaffeinated) and, in fact, we haven't made a ton of money. But we've been financially self-sufficient for nearly a decade. Very few blogs have ever done that. And Neatorama has paid my kids' preschool tuition. I'm not sure how I would have come up with the money for that otherwise.
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Bill, hit me up sometime. We'll go crash a party together. It'll be magical.

You'll have a glorious time with him. Then he'll whisper into your ear "no one will ever believe you" and disappear in a flash of light.
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I used to be in a bad situation in which I had to frequently apologize for things I hadn't done wrong. When I got out of it, I intentionally broke myself of the habit of using the phrase "I'm sorry" for anything other than an apology for something that I was actually responsible for.

It has creeped back into my vocabulary lately, but I'm no longer as concerned about it.
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