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Thanks! Carpentry is hard, but it can be empowering to be able to build things.

Just after I had started this lamp, my wife asked me to build a set of shelves to particular specifications. I was able to do so pretty quickly because of my recent experiences.

I have Macross II on VHS, too. It may not be very good anime, but it's one that I remember fondly from my youth.
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I like a bit of pessimism. Not a lot, but a bit. In real life, things break and you can't just reverse them. The Xindi massacre millions in Florida and Cuba and the victims stay dead.

But I also like escapist fiction. So a balance is ideal.
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Now I'm vividly remembering working at a downtown public library. I don't miss it a bit.

We had security guards, but they were paid just above minimum wage and were thus not inclined to be assertive with unruly patrons.
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I remember listening to an interview in which Richard Adams (Watership Down) said that if he hadn't read Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he never would have written anything.
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