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I remember something that a Latin American history professor taught me in college.

During the early years of the Spanish conquest of Central America, a Spanish expeditionary force made contact with a Maya tribe. They tried to convert the conquered Maya to Christianity and end the practice of human sacrifice, but translation problems got in the way.

During their efforts, Spanish missionaries showed crucifixes to the Maya. The Maya responded by thinking, "Oh, so that's how they want us to sacrifice people!" So they began crucifying their victims, to the horror of the Spanish.
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Excellent list, Zeon. I vividly remember Liquid Television, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Aeon Flux, The Maxx, and Winter Steele. There was also the consistently funny PsychoGram.
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My parents did a good job of preparing me. There's no obvious adult skill, like cooking or writing a resume, that I didn't have by the time I graduated from college.

The skills that I didn't have by that point are the kind that can't be taught.
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