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There are people who consider Star Trek to not be legitimate science fiction, but a space opera.

"Spock's Brain" was . . . inadequate though (It is impossible for Star Trek to be bad.)
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I hesitated to post the story. The fact that it was published in the Daily Mail was one reason why. But I decided that since an actual scientist was involved in the analysis, that it was post-worthy with appropriate caveats written in.
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One aspect of the show that I particularly appreciated was that the writers dove deep into the history of DC to find long-forgotten characters.

The series finale was outstanding.
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I'm kicking myself right now because over the weekend, my 5-year old asked to look at videos of rabbits. I pulled up this video for her but somehow it didn't occur to me to post it. What was I thinking?!
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I agree with Zeon wondering if the author of this neatorama article is even a comic book fan or knowledgeable cause it was one of the most poorly worded and thought out article I've seen on here, regurgitating the same ole rhetoric from people who don't want women in their 'boy's club'.

That's really excessive. Lisa's point is clear and coherently expressed. It flows smoothly from point to point.
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Is it the fact that female superheroes (and females in general) in comics are sexualized that makes some people angry, or is it that male superheroes and other male characters are not objectified with the same frequency?

I think that the point is to demonize heterosexual male desire.

I suppose the only true test of public opinion would be a massive increase in male comic book characters being sexually objectified. I daresay if, however unlikely, that did happen all of a sudden, the only quantifiable result would be a reduction in comic book sales.

I suspect that you are correct. But I would enjoy watching the free market deliver that hard and painful lesson.

My take: if you see comics that you don't like, then don't read them. Read the stuff that you do enjoy. Life is too short to get worked up over bad comic books. Time is better spent enjoying those that you do like.
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That's sad.

We've got a fantastic vet. We have to drive a long way to take our dog to see her, but she's brilliant, caring, and understands our financial limitations. She's very generous.
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