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This year, my daughters are selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time. I've consumed more Girl Scout cookies in the past two weeks than my entire life previously. Thin Mints are great, but so are Lemonades and Peanut Butter Pies.
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I don't disagree, but that portion of the text is a direct quotation. I usually alter quoted text (and always with a notation) only if (1) it is needless and avoidable profanity or (2) it states the name of a criminal defendant prior to conviction.
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#1 and #3 seem overly optimistic about the ability of sheer cash to enact positive social change.

The best way to improve Gotham would be to leave. It's a rotten society. Gothamites would do better to, individually, move away from the city and start elsewhere where the social and political environment is less toxic. Bruce Wayne could set a personal example.
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The genre of alternate history has also greatly benefited from the development of cheap self-publishing. Most of it us complete junk. But there are real gems hidden in the bowels of the Amazon Kindle Store that would otherwise never have been published.
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