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I think that you've figured out the source the problem, Joseph. The snake just wanted a ride and was waiting for the car owner to drive him to his destination. If he had only done so on the first day, he wouldn't have had to deal with the snake for nearly a week.
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Yes. But also society has changed so much that if I was single now, it would be necessary to be specific instead of making assumptions. For example, polyamory is now a thing, whereas I hadn't even heard of the word until a few years ago. When I was single, there was a presumption of monogamy. I wouldn't even need to bring it up with a potential partner. I don't think that's accurate anymore.
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you think trampolines are safe for children

That's awfully specific.

Back when I was single, I had one memorable deal-breaker: if you think that astrology is real.

Now that I've been happily married for a decade, I could probably come up with at least a dozen deal-breakers since I've experienced my own good relationship and seen other people's bad relationships. But they'd be things like "if you use drugs," not "you like The Princess Bride."
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It’s all set to music reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s “Carry On” and “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

It's hard to really enjoy Weird Al's song parodies anymore. I'm so out of touch with current music that I don't know what kids are listening to these days.
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Your knowledge of swords is impressive.

I jokingly suggested to my wife that we get a pair of crossed swords over our mantle. She very firmly and seriously said no.
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