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Aww! It looks like the parakeet equivalent of a sheep dog. And, yes, it certainly does look like there is something wrong with it's legs and wings. Perhaps all that fluff is making it hard for him to walk about or move his wings. Still adorable in a mutant way.
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It's all built on lies I tell you! Lies! Ok, in all seriousness I remember going to Disneyland as a kid. I had the best time of my childhood. I got to meet the TMNTs, Tigger, Pooh Bear and Baloo. Ah, those were fun times. :)
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When I was kid I would have been impressed and then jealous that I didn't have enough blocks to make this. Now as an change. ;)
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Wow. For a moment there I thought I had a mini stroke and all the words got jumbled. *phew* It's odd I can easily read that I guess our brains just naturally are able to focus out the "noise" and recognize the words. Gotta love our squishy gray matter. :)

And I have to agree with MrPumpernickel: Names are definitely one of the hardest things to differentiate in this sort of brain trickery.
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What the heck?! It's like a giant worm with hands and a mouth and eyes. :o

And, yes, I also did the "Awwww!" and "Ewwww!" with a few "Kill it fire!!" moments.
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Hey! Wanna hear a dirty joke? So, a saltie, a koala, and a kangaroo are in a bar...*looks around and sees a saltie sitting at the bar*...never mind. :(
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I'd find it hilarious if someone ended up with nothing in the box except for a piece of paper. "Here is your box of fresh air." ;)
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