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It's all built on lies I tell you! Lies! Ok, in all seriousness I remember going to Disneyland as a kid. I had the best time of my childhood. I got to meet the TMNTs, Tigger, Pooh Bear and Baloo. Ah, those were fun times. :)
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When I was kid I would have been impressed and then jealous that I didn't have enough blocks to make this. Now as an change. ;)
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Wow. For a moment there I thought I had a mini stroke and all the words got jumbled. *phew* It's odd I can easily read that I guess our brains just naturally are able to focus out the "noise" and recognize the words. Gotta love our squishy gray matter. :)

And I have to agree with MrPumpernickel: Names are definitely one of the hardest things to differentiate in this sort of brain trickery.
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What the heck?! It's like a giant worm with hands and a mouth and eyes. :o

And, yes, I also did the "Awwww!" and "Ewwww!" with a few "Kill it fire!!" moments.
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Hey! Wanna hear a dirty joke? So, a saltie, a koala, and a kangaroo are in a bar...*looks around and sees a saltie sitting at the bar*...never mind. :(
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I'd find it hilarious if someone ended up with nothing in the box except for a piece of paper. "Here is your box of fresh air." ;)
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Oh, this looks like fun! I can do this without even Googling up the clues!

1. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
2. (No idea) :(
3. Girls and Boys by Blur
4. Milkshake song by Kelis

Not too tough this one...still scratching my head over the 2nd one.
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