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This is what happens when protocol is ignored. Standard coffee safety protocol dictates that not a creature should be stirring, not even a mouse.
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Honestly, my kids begged me to join them on Facebook (when they were younger), so I made a "non-professional" account for family and friends. Now they are disappointed that I don't see the stuff they post on Facebook, just like I am disappointed they don't read Neatorama. Different worlds, I guess, each with limited time.
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Young kids quite quickly pick up some of the basic aspects of things like graph theory, set theory, and even abstract algebra in the right contexts. I've seen multiple mathematicians speculate that teaching such topics more and at much younger ages could raise both kids interests in math and their long term prospects in pure math. The issue is that for 99% of people these math subjects have no direct practical use (still great mental exercises in multiple ways though), and some efforts to teach such subjects in the past did so at the expense of more practical arithmetic and applied math that people need in today's world. While I'm all for kids exploring topics for sake of interests or to help improve abstract thinking, the basics still need to be covered.

But with the way math is taught in most schools now, the closest most get to pure math is a proof-centric geometry course (which some like much more than a cookbook algebra course), and those that trying to go more heavily into math in university hit a wall with an abstract algebra course that weeds out a large number of people from math programs.
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I don't get the reason to keep it, they have already mapped the entire genome of the virus, so what more do you need? And keeping it it for research in case it re-emerges makes no sense, cause if it re-emerges, well, there it is, accessible again for you to research with.
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Yeah, this is not the kung-fu touch of death we're talking about. If that bridge, unprepared, could be collapsed by a single touch then I'm glad I never drove over it.
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I never forged my mom's name, but .... The first day that I missed during 7th grade because of illness, my mom sent me off with a note the next day to give to the school office. I found my best friends sister, had her write the exact same thing that my mom had written, and gave that one to the office. They called my mom and checked to make sure that she had indeed written that note. My mom replied that she had. The office put that note on file, and whenever I played hookey, I would have my friends sister write me a note. The office would check the new note with the old note, would see that the hand writing was the same, and I was good to go. BTW ... that little ruse only lasted a few times before they caught on. Then there was trouble.
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