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The cage is probably for the store's more expensive products. It looks empty, so the store owner probably just got it installed.

It's not unusual for police officers to take a long time to respond to break-in alarms in high-crime areas. Pomona, California, is pretty bad crime-wise.

I think the store owner was complaining about thieves stealing his stuff (not necessarily cash).

Lastly, the trap is the hallway door can only be opened from the room - once the door slams shut, the thief is trapped in the hallway with no way out. :)
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They can probably overwhelm the opposite army by sheer mass alone, like the way they forced MacArthur's forces back down from the Yalu river in Dec 1950. From NY Times:

Hours later, some 260,000 Chinese troops appeared as if from nowhere and hurled MacArthur's troops southward in a grisly repetition of the flight toward Pusan. By Christmas, the battered and humiliated Americans were struggling in subzero cold to re-establish a defensive line near the 38th parallel.

MacArthur was so incensed that he requested more than 30 atomic bombs to create a "radioactive belt" to halt the Chinese troop, before President Truman fired him.
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