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Fascinating - and considering that the camera on the iPhone is better than many actual cameras out there, it's no surprise that technically the photos came out great!
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And here I thought tupperware parties are marketing ploys for the purpose of selling tupperwares! It's most fascinating to find a club dedicated to swapping coffee creamer lids.
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"Strangely enough, the Koala is one of the only animals known to have evolved a smaller brain in order to preserve energy in the species"

I knew it! Brains are overrated.
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DDT is EXTREMELY effective in battling outbreaks of mosquito-born diseases, even in tropical climates, but indiscriminate sprayings run the high risk of developing DDT-resistance.

Growing up in a tropical country beset with all sorts of mosquito-born diseases, I came to appreciate the government's decision to withhold indiscriminate DDT spraying and live with a low, basal rate of infection in order to reserve the use of the pesticide to quickly quell malaria outbreaks.
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Just to play devil's advocate here, but don't speed traps make the road safer? (At least in the long run, if that stretch of a road gets a reputation for being tough on speeders, then they'd drive more carefully there)
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