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My father in-law once played this prank on his unsuspecting friend. The friend purchased a brand new pair of shoes - unbeknownst to him, my FIL bought two more pairs of shoes, each in consecutively smaller sizes. Every couple of days, he'd switch out the guy's shoes ... so he was perplexed as to why the shoes that once fit perfectly got smaller and smaller.

It was an expensive joke to play on someone though.
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No, not boiling hot. The day temp in the Mojave desert is around 120 F (49 C) but the night time temp can be as low as 20 F (-7 C), so the water temperature is probably going to be warm.
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Thanks Deo - it's a balancing act. I try not to be heavy handed in squelching comments, if I can take the opportunity to engage the commenter in a constructive conversation. But I do admit, sometimes I'm a bit herpy derpy myself - and sometimes we will delete trolling comments to avoid derailing the conversation of a particularly controversial post.
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