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Ah, dupes happen. I posted a lot of them myself, but thank you for bringing the issue of lijit up - I'll email them to see why "group bridge jumping" didn't bring up the post.

Update: actually it did - I don't know what happened there at first ...
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Glad that things were okay Doc Rock. One of my neighbor also had a fire b/c of a mirror trinket in his backyard reflected sunlight onto a pile of rubbish and lit it up.
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Calling cog an ad-agency plagiarism is like calling Rembrandt a fraud for being the first to come up with the concept of the portrait.

They did 606 takes, actually. What you saw was all on one take (with two cameras). CGI was used to enhance the water spritz and remove some dangling wires. The actual Rube Goldbergian contraptions were all real. You guys are just haters.
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