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Oops - got myself confused. Thanks Clairmonde. I've fixed it now.

Re: I'm Feeling Lucky button - basically it takes you straight to the #1 position for whatever it is you're searching. So, like the article stated, it skipped Google's search result page.
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There's no question that living in California is expensive. Houses in California are more expensive not because of taxes, but simply because of supply and demand.
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Software - yes, thank you, Zavatone. I've fixed it in the post.

Re: Al Gore and the InterWeb. You guys should be able to take it as a joke by now. Here's what Al Gore himself said about it: "The day I made that statement, about the inventing the Internet, I was tired because I'd been up all night inventing the Camcorder."
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There have been many posts on Neatorama about bank robberies before (the duck tape robber and the Top 10 Stupid Criminals comes to mind)

The term "geezer bandit" isn't ours - the FBI came up with that one.

If you want to be technical, I suppose you can call this post "AMA" because, you know, NEAT OR AMA. :) And when it comes to controversy, this post ain't nothin'. Check out the Elephant Hanging one we had a while back.
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