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I was thinking "D" is for dollar bill - dog is a bit too broad :)

Re: Deep Blue - it's not unusual for a chess player to have a team of experts analyzing the opponent between games, so perhaps it's kind of like re-programming Deep Blue.

The thrust of computer chess player now is in the software, not the hardware. In essence that "200 million positions per second" is now kind of bunk.
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These are just objections to trademark request being filed, not a lawsuit. The US Patent and Trademark Office officer can still approve the trademark request, over the objection of the Re/Max attorney.

I do agree with Rehava's suggestion that it's just harassment.
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Isn't the cardinal rule of wearing make up is to make it appear that you're not wearing any?

That said, I think Mike Jones is right: models aren't there simply to look good, they're there to make the designer's clothes look good!
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Self-assembly may be more common than originally thought. I worked on amyloid fibers in graduate school, and shortly after I graduated the thinking in the field was that all sorts of proteins can self-assemble into fibers under the right conditions.
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Reason 1: Houses produce lousy returns, while stocks produce good ones
What is he smoking ... or which stock market is he buying in?!

Historically, I think real estate has a much higher return than stock market. Tax-wise it's also more beneficial to own than rent: 1) you can deduct the mortgage interest, but not rent and 2) the capital gains on selling your primary residence is tax-free up to $250K.
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@Frau - the UQ process is not perfect. Posts that should make it often didn't because of the photo (or lack of it) or the description.

Editors usually look at every single subs to counterbalance the votes but sometimes there's too many posts and not enough time ... Sorry!
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Does the beaver's flat tail mean that he's been ran over by a car before?

(Yes, I'm a city boy and without looking at an actual picture of a beaver, I'm not sure if their tails are naturally flat ...)
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It's beautiful! Perhaps we should blanket train tracks with lawns - at least that'll create a lot of jobs for gardeners. Maybe if we're lazy, we can use astroturf ... Same effect from a distance without all that mowing.
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In the beginning of a liquidation sale, prices actually tend to be higher than other places (liquidators will actually often bring in new inventory, marked higher, just for the "liquidation sale").

Later in the going out of business sale, prices are low as they're in the "let's get rid of everything" (i.e. liquidation) phase.
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Yeah, Star Trek was the first thing that came to my mind when I read Johnny Cat's comment.

This transparent concrete piece sounds familiar, but I couldn't find it in Neatorama's archives.
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This one will never sell
they'll never understand
I don't even sing it well
I try, but I just cant
But I sing it every night
and I fight to keep it in
Cause this one's for you
This one's for you
... mall rats!
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@Craig - I do see your point, but the (false) story was propagated as facts by the founders of the company ... how could a writer research against that? Put 'em on polygraph?

Only until he recanted a decade later did we find out that it was just a myth (hence the disclaimer).
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@seefish and Craig - the Southwest napkin story was the accepted version until Rollin King recanted a decade later after the book (and the article) was published.
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