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I got the following factoids from a ibrary assistant at the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

Did you know that MGM used to use a young lion cub as their logo for their short films, ca: 1940 I've seen it in their promotional materials, but don't know if he "roared". I believe they referred to him as "Leo Junior".

I was able to print out your article on the various film studios' logos, and it will be added to our file here at the library under "Trademarks". And I found a bit more info for you. Hope you can find these articles by these citations:

Variety (W) Sept. 1, 2008 "Leaping Logos! A limitless litany adorns every new pic" -by Peter Debruge

Hollywood Reporter July 10, 2006 "Disney magic of old in new animated logo" -by Sheigh Crabtree (re: the new 'castle' logo that debuted with
"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest")

and our most-recent entry is rather short, from the L.A. Times Nov. 7, 2008 "Updated style for MGM's lion" -by Susan King

Leo the Lion has had a makeover. The famed MGM logo feline has been digitally restored and given a new roar. The refurbished Leo will make his
bow on the James Bond thriller "Quantum of Solace," which opens in the U.S. on Nov. 14.

The famed logo was designed by Howard Deitz 92 years ago for the Goldwyn Pictures Corp. and first appeared on the 1917 romance "Polly of the Circus." Over the last nine decades, five different lions have been used as the logo. Slates, who was hired after the 1924 merger that created MGM, made his debut on the studio's first feature, 1924's "He Who Gets Slapped." Jackie was the first of the lions to roar, thanks to a gramophone recording, for the 1928 adventure "White Shadow of the South Seas."

Leo has been king of the MGM logo for the last 51 years and was used in the digital restoration. The studio's postproduction team scanned Leo into the computer from the original camera negative of 1958's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" for his digital makeover. They enlisted sound designer Mark Magnini, who had recorded lion roars for the ghostly sound effects in 1982's "Poltergeist." Mangini used those 26-year-old elements to create a new stereo roar for the iconic lion.

Thanks Kathryn!
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The calculation that SS would run out of money in 2040 actually already takes into account the surplus that has been put into the Social Security Trust Fund.

Some people say that Social Security would run out of money long before that (maybe as soon as 2018-2020) because of what secret asian man said: the surplus is "invested" in T-bills, which is basically a government IOU. The surplus money is (and has always been) spent by the government as part of the current year's budget expenditure.

The unique thing about the US government is that it prints money. So it can "pay" its liability by printing more currency. The problem will be inflation.
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Actually, it's more complex than that. When a person dies, his student loan is settled by his estates. If the estate doesn't have money to cover the loan, then the loan dies with him.

I think his father co-signed the loan (I'm guessing here), so he is liable for it.
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Hm - that's a good question. My worry is that too many political posts will attract trolls, which would then spill over to the blog-side.

I think a political post in context of current events would be okay. We'll see how it goes ...
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