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Hm - from what I understood, it's basically this: 1) Marie Roget was murdered. 2) Poe wrote a story about it with details that are suspiciously accurate. 3) Hence the hypothesis that he's the actual murderer.
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Not to hijack the thread, but I've personally known some people who took (forced to take) Ritalin as kids and grew up to be, well, Ritalin adults. If you know what I mean.

I know that ADHD is a spectrum, and the severe cases may need medications, but it seems that we're over-medicating children just because there are now drugs available. When all you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails.
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Some people will be surprised of the reason behind the Opium Wars of the 1800s, fought by China and the British Empire: the Brits wanted to sell it opium, and when China refused, they went to war :)
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It's probably difficult to capture Douglas Adams' wits in movie format - I thought the movie was a hoot (worth the ticket at least), but my friend who had never read the book didn't get it at all.
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There's a lot of things I don't know about The Twilight Zone, but I do know this: every time someone even mentions the name, my brain automatically plays the theme music ...
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How would this work? Fish don't respect international boundaries so even if you get American fishermen not to fish, what's to stop those from other countries to deplete the fish stock in their own national waters?
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I think cait put it into words very eloquently. Nobel is supposed to be about achievements - not potential of achievements.

I don't know whether having won the Nobel will make Obama's work any easier though - given the cynicism and disbelief that his award has generated, even from friendly camps.

@dutchboy: obviously the poll isn't scientific. It's supposed to let you vote only once, though I'm sure there are ways to skew it and let you vote many times (but who'd take the time to do that and what for?) I think it's been pretty representative of what I've seen in real life.
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