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Extinction is the name of the game, which is somewhat amusing to me to read that humans are the "culprit" in species dying off. Heck, they've been dying off since before we evolved from apes :)
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The lab next to mine when I was a grad student studied capsaicin. They found out that receptor for pain = receptor for heat (hotness of capsaicin).

By the way, that's how Icy Hot, tiger balm and other creams work to dull the pain: by overwhelming the pain sensors with heat.
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The world is full of amazing places, which are probably a lot safer than Afghanistan.

Tourism requires much more than just spectacular scenery - there's a lot of logistics involved (hotel, transport, food) that I'm sure are lacking in places like Afghanistan. :(
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The one that's burnt is interesting. The whole set is kind of like neighboring lawns I've seen in many places - one side green and manicured, the other side is dry and dead.

Perhaps the better thing to do is sell the other half to the existing owner cheap.
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Why oh why can't we have something like this in the USA? Why do we have to suffer through that stupid Jackass show instead?

Let's make our own amateur Japanese Game Show here! Who's with me?
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If clicking email alex doesn't work, that means you have javascript disabled. The benefit is you don't see the ads, but then you also can't email me. :)

@Teeny: average is perfectly fine :)
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