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I'm leaning toward Twitter-only content - it doesn't make much sense to me just to run the feed through Twitter, though that has been the way it was set-up before we got the account officially.

I think a combo of Twitter-only content and Neatorama exclusives/particularly good posts is the way to go.
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@OddNumber - it's the Pareto Principle in action.

If you look at the Upcoming Queue, many casual submitters never take the time to format their submissions correctly - some just cut and paste their description (which is frowned upon) and others just write a one-sentence intro. This is a big difference between the UQ and digg or reddit: UQ subs are blog posts.

Sometimes, editors will rescue such posts (and re-write them), but this is time-consuming for us.

The top submitters of the UQ, like Marilyn Terrell, for instance, takes the time not only to submit properly formatted materials, but also to submit a lot of 'em. This takes time and a lot of effort, so if the same people show up in the top 5 over and over again, that's fine with me ...
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Let me add one: She's a tough cookie. From AOL Music:

Somewhere over Massachusetts is a bird that apparently doesn't care for '80s pop. At a 2004 radio concert in Mansfield, Cyndi Lauper was doused with a blob of bird poop while reaching for the high note in her classic hit 'Money Changes Everything.' The fowl fecal critique landed directly in Lauper's open mouth, but the Brooklyn-born rocker simply wiped her tongue on her sleeve and kept on singing.
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Actually if you read the study, they found out a lot of interesting things, like the difference between presque vu of bilingual and monolingual speakers.
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