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T-shirt communities are nothing new. Threadless is one of the oldest and the biggest, but we're certainly supportive of new ventures by our friends.

I wasn't pressured (or even requested for that matter) to post about Tee Virus. I think it's a neat project by Rommel and Dag, and I certainly wish them well:)
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@Matthew - we used to have 50 pages in Neatorama's Front Page, but not for years. It has been 30 posts for quite some time now.

I don't know why you're having trouble - Because of the length, Neatorama isn't easy to load for those without high speed Internet access.
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Hubble is in low Earth orbit so it's not stationary in space, and yes - like seekshelter said, it was risky in terms that they might not have come up with anything (while spending valuable telescope time).
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@Princess_Kessie - unlikely that it was ThinkGeek - as much as I admire them - came up with the original saying as Ashleigh Brilliant has been doing this for over 40 years.

He does license out his work (that's how we got it), so I'm guessing that ThinkGeek did a run of his work a while ago.
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@TSA - Kryptos has never been cracked publicly. The intelligence people are rumored to have cracked it a long time ago (after all, that's what they do), but they're not saying anything (after all, that's also what they do).
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