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@gussie - many women have irregular cycles and some pregnant women may even have spottings. The weight issue seems to be one common factor: the extra adipose layer prevents them from feeling the kicks of the baby, and from showing pregancy.

@Johnny Cat - I c wat u did there ;)
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@Tom63: "why people didn't simply turn the engine off" - actually, recently someone whose car accelerated out of control on the I-8 tried to do just that, but couldn't. He also couldn't shift out of drive to neutral, and the car continued to accelerate even after hitting the brakes.
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Well, I can see the Global Wildlife Center's point. It's not easy to tell that it's a spoof article.

Because things get told/retold over and over again, I can see that someone would believe that the giraffe attack was real.
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Before I moved to our current home, we never drink bottled water and thought that it was an extravagant waste. Not anymore: my city's tap water tastes so bad and is so hard that we drink bottled water every day.
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Calling someone a "tard" is quite rude, but it's worse when you call someone names and come up with the wrong argument.

Shifting to neutral would've worked before computers take over some car's gearshifts - drivers have shifted out of "drive" into "neutral" and even "reverse" with no effect on the uncontrolled acceleration.

Hitting the brakes may or may not work - depending on how much brake assist (vacuum) is left. There was a case where investigators noted that the driver died in a crash with both legs firmly planted on the brake pedal.

There are many reasons that you get uncontrolled acceleration. In older cars, it's because the accelerator is stuck. Toyota had initially blamed the floor mat its initial recall, but then cases emerged where the uncontrolled acceleration happened in cars without floor mats.

In newer Toyota models, depressing the accelerator doesn't cause anything mechanical to happen (this simply means the pedal isn't connected to a lever that causes more gas to be fed into the engine). When you press the gas pedal, the computer tells the car to go faster. More and more people are inclined to think it's a software error where the computer tells the car to accelerate despite having no input from the gas pedal.
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