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@bean: too much information!

I've been told that I "interview well" whatever that is - and I do have a pretty good handshake. Ergo, the two *must* be related ;)

So, here's my tip for you poor handshakers: a good handshake does not mean you have to grip and squeeze till the other person's hand goes white from lack of circulation. Nor is it a limp handshake (where the other person doesn't even grip your hand).

Grip the other person's hand, firmly (softer if you're shaking hands with a woman or an older person), shake twice lightly, then disengage. Maintain eye contact at all times, smile, and say "nice to meet you."

How firm? Test it on your own hand (shake your left hand) - if it hurts, then it's too hard :)
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We still have one more question before you can enter the "answer" URL, Sheldon (at least I think that's your question).

So, hold on the answer to the question we posed yesterday and the one we have today. We'll do the last question tomorrow, *then* you guys can go on the answer page. See the instruction here: Link.

Again, this is a beta for Tokyoflash and Neatorama. We'll get the kinks ironed out soon enough!
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@Johannes Vindenburg: "You can’t be insulted by a word you don’t understand."

Oh, no sir, I believe you're mistaken. That's the beauty of using these types of words to insult: the persons you just insulted may not know the exact meaning of the word, but they have a feeling that they've just been insulted.

Most of them don't ask what the word means, because nobody likes feeling like a witling. ;)
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@SenorMysterioso - basically yes, with a few exceptions for their high-end/super-expensive watches (will be detailed in the "answer" page).

@Sebastian Keller - hm. I hadn't thought about that. Sorry!

@NoneNoneNone - you won't be asked to submit your email to receive newsletters or anything like that. It's not a free watch for everyone who got it right, either - we'll do a draw at the end, one lucky Neatorama reader will get the free watch.

Of course, you're free not to participate in any way. Since it's a draw, the less amount of people that enter, the greater the chance of winning for those who do.
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A few readers astutely pointed out that California is big (in terms of economy and population). While that's true, Fresno and Bakersfield aren't exactly big cities - yet they rank in the top 10 of most polluted cities in the US.

I think MightyCow has a good point: the particular geography of these areas may contribute to their high level of pollution.

I'm not clear, however, why agriculture is a bad polluter - I thought that manufacturing would be the main culprit.
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Hah! You guys are very creative - the right answer is a dental lab gas burner, which no one got right.

So, in the spirit of neatness, I've decided to give the shirts to two people with the funniest captions. Congrats to Mr. Binky ("goldfish themepark") and Tigergal39 ("mutant cow milker").
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Thanks for voting everyone! Neatorama the highest rank of all April 2008 (so far) and is the second highest of all 2008 ( beat us).

@Henry V. - That makes sense: there are commercial websites mixed in, but we certainly didn't pay to be included :)
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