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As Speaker of the House of Representative Sam Rayburn said, any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build it.

Internet is filled with tough guys and critics who are quick with put downs yet hide behind the anonymity of a handle.
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@lucky - thanks for the explanation! That makes sense to me.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to integrate the sub-blogs into the main blog. The idea behind the sub-blogs is to "channelize" Neatorama. The biggest strength and weakness of the blog is that it's eclectic, but one person's variety is another's lack of focus. We're trying to solve this problem by having the niche sub-blogs. They will all be "neat" but with particular flavors.

Perhaps there is a way to combine all the RSS feed through Yahoo Pipes.
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@lucky - Thank you for being a long-time reader of the blog. I'm a bit confused about why you feel that it's overwhelming.

I'm guessing that most people will only subscribe or go to the sub-blogs if their interests align (so for instance, parents of small kids probably will hit NeatoBambino regularly, whereas regular Neatoramanauts wouldn't).

So, the sub-blogs are actually designed to allow us to specialize into niche content without having to change the nature of the main blog.

@hearsetrax - looking into it now. Thank you for the heads up!

@otterly - Hm ... has Neatorama become too mainstream? What kind of posts did you miss?
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What? Someone made Things I Don't Approve (TM) thereby employing people who made, ship, and sell them? Ads and promos on a free blog to help pay for server costs and authors?
There's only one logical reaction: RRRRAAAAGGEEEE!!!!!1!!ONE!
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