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Matthew: it's actually heavy-duty ceramic, so a very sturdy plate. While it's $10 at the Neatorama Shop, I've seen it sold for much higher elsewhere ($12 and up because the supply is very limited)
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Me too, stephbot. The M-Cups Russian nesting doll measuring cups are quite nice. They're so popular that the manufacturer ran out :) We'll have more in January (hopefully!)
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Hm - that's not at all the experience that I've had with the Road Mice, Scott. I think you may have a bad mouse. Please email me and I'll make it right by you.
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Unless you tripped the spam filter (either Akismet or our secondary filter), have profanity or other nonsense in the comment, your comment isn't censored for its point of view, johannesburg jay.

If you think your comment was tripped by the spam filter, please email me and I'll take a look.
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With over 23,000 posts on Neatorama, duplicates will happen. Don't worry about it, dag! I'm glad that the Tetris God got posted - it went viral and we sort of missed out on it :)
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