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Sure alcohol has its problem. But by that logic, why don't we legalize prostitution, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and meth? Plus, the tax potential has got to be super tremendous!

And since there'd be no illegal drug business, the cartels will all hang up their guns and start collecting stamps or something.
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I don't understand your conviction on this issue... it makes a lot of sense to legalize it and federally regulate it.

Legalization and decriminalization are two different things. We do not want to legalize drug cartels. We do, however, need to stop sending people to prison for relatively minor drug offenses, thus decriminalization.

That, by the way was the intent of the Netherlands "experiment." The fact that communities are scaling back/closing coffee shops shows that making pot freely available de facto (though not de jure) did not yield good societal benefits should tell you something.

By the way, no one ever answered my question:

Do you think drug cartels will go away from the pot business if pot is legalized?
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Link of marijuana to organized crime:

Alcohol and even caffeine are more likely to cause someone to burglarize a home or office.

That's an assumption on your part ;)

Why do you think cannabis is allowed to be sold in shops but still "illegal?" Many Dutch politicians have ties with Dutch mafias, and therefore it is in the politicians and the mafias' best interest to keep cannabis "illegal" in Holland.

This is self-contradictory. If it's better for profit margin for the crooked Dutch politicians to keep marijuana illegal and force the underground market to flourish, then why let it be sold openly on coffee shops?

If cannabis was regulated similarly to tobacco, with an age requirement via proof of ID, legitimate growers would flourish and there would be no need for "drug dealers" and the violence that many people (wrongly) associate with marijuana.

That's a big assumption on your part. Do you think the mafia will just walk away? Nope, you'll be legitimizing them.


Let's make a big distinction between decriminalizing and legalization. We can go a long way to tackle the nation's drug problem if we decriminalize marijuana possession (i.e. small amount of pot? That's a fine - just like a parking ticket), but big wholesale production of marijuana is still illegal.
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"How does cocaine and ecstasy relate to marijuana in any way?"

Where do you think coffee shop owners buy their pot from? While retail sales of small amounts of pot in the Netherlands are tolerated, growth and wholesale sales of pot aren't. Coffee shop owners have to buy from organized crime.

Cocaine and ecstasy relate to marijuana because the same set of people deal in them. By the way, the rise in cocaine smuggling and illegal ecstasy lab aren't just suppositions. They're real, hard data from the Dutch govt.

"Odds are the crime was committed by people seeking to seal the marijuana from the dispensaries to sell on the street."

Why buy on the street if medical marijuana is already there? (That whole "medical" part is a joke - you can get "doctor's prescription" at the same place they sell pot!) No, nearby businesses are burglarized because medical marijuana attracts unsavory parts of society.

There's a backlash both in Los Angeles (against dispensaries) and in the Netherlands (against coffee shops). Both cities have been closing down (or trying to close down) pot outlets. Why do you think that is?
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Let me raise the opposite viewpoint: what do you think will happen if pot is legalized? It will suddenly become a respectable business?

We can take a look at the Netherlands, where selling pot is tolerated (though technically still illegal). The marijuana business is owned by the mob. Cocaine smuggling and ecstasy use are on the rise.

In Los Angeles, where "medical" marijuana clinics have opened, local property crimes have increased. I know a guy who had to move his office because he was burglarized two times in a month since his neighbor opened such a clinic.
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Growing up in Indonesia, our family had a "belimbing" tree that also has fruits on its trunk. Belimbing fruits are *extremely* sour and we'd dare each other to eat 'em.
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Yola - so, 3824:

8432 - 2348 = 6084
8640 - 0468 = 8172
8721 - 1278 = 7443
7443 - 3447 = 3996
9963 - 3699 = 6264
6642 - 2466 = 4176
7641 - 1467 = 6174

Your first step was incorrect
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That's pretty scary - kids don't have a good grip on their emotions, and there's only so much parents can do to make sure there are no ways they can "accidentally" strangle themselves.
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I used to read a lot of Ludlum's book, but stopped when I was reading something and thought it was so familiar ... turned out I had read it before! That's when I realized that his books were very formulaic.

Started reading Frederick Forsyth afterwards :)
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Wow, that is fantastic. One thing I distinctly remember about Frank Lloyd Wright is that he had a penchant of not using rebar in his concrete - so a number of his buildings (like Falling Water) are now crumbling.
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That's very interesting.

For whatever reason, this reminds me of how our brain is hardwired to overestimate angle of inclination, probably so we don't try to climb steep hills.

So, it seems that the ability to count more than 5 isn't particularly important in evolution, but the ability to discourage oneself from climbing steep hills was (yes, I know that's not how evolution works, so no hate mails, mmkay?)
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