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@Bill - you're right of course. Rev. Harold Camping is actually prominently discussed in the linked article over at NPR (and yes, I did know that this is his second go at the whole Judgment Day thing).

I found that the focus on Brian Haubert, who is a follower (but a very loyal one at that), is actually more interesting.

It's one thing to be crazy, it's another thing completely to follow someone crazy :)
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Great entries, guys! Contest closed - congrats to the winners:

Kat C: "Blasted commoners, such a ruckus! And I thought the vuvuzelas were bad."

ladybuggs: "This is my most desperate hour. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you're my only hope. I can't stand the noise!"

Wndrin: "Great, she gets the handsome prince, and all I get is parsley on my head. What am I supposed to be anyway, the salad bar angel?"
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Poorly dubbed voice vs english subtitles of Jean-Paul Sartre philosophy make me wanna hit me in the face

In other words, JPS got it absolutely right?
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In China, the standard colloquial greeting for friends (at least from the older generation) is "Have you eaten?"

My father told me that this isn't an invitation to feed you. Rather, because China has had harrowing times of starvation, it's both a greeting/statement of concern for your friend's well being all rolled into one.

When I moved to the States, the greeting that always tripped me was "What's up?" I started looking up whenever that someone said that!
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