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Microsoft is a Bean counter culture while Apple works as a creative engineer culture. Apple progresses by innovation while Microsoft progressed by ingratiating IBM.
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My assistant principle cuffed me in the head when I mouthed off to him. We all respected and liked him, because he didn't take crap and was a nice guy, plus a Golden Gloves boxer in his day. Some A-hole would have sued him today.
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VLS-grown semiconductor nanowires have emerged as a viable prospect for future solar-based energy applications. In this paper, we report highly efficient charge separation and collection across in situ doped Si p–n junction nanowires with a diameter <100 nm grown in a cold wall CVD reactor. Our photoexcitation measurements indicate an internal quantum efficiency of 50%, whereas scanning photocurrent microscopy measurements reveal effective minority carrier diffusion lengths of 1.0 ?m for electrons and 0.66 ?m for holes for as-grown Si nanowires (dNW ? 65–80 nm), which are an order of magnitude larger than those previously reported for nanowires of similar diameter. Further analysis reveals that the strong suppression of surface recombination is mainly responsible for these relatively long diffusion lengths, with surface recombination velocities (S) calculated to be 2 orders of magnitude lower than found previously for as-grown nanowires, all of which used hot wall reactors. The degree of surface passivation achieved in our as-grown nanowires is comparable to or better than that achieved for nanowires in prior studies at significantly larger diameters. We suggest that the dramatically improved surface recombination velocities may result from the reduced sidewall reactions and deposition in our cold wall CVD reactor.
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