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1. Go to a bathroom mirror.
2. Stand sideways (left side to mirror).
3. Put right hand behind head.
4. Adjust elbow until hidden.
5. ???
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1. Rogue Touch (red)
2. College, black, XL
3. Bear Hat
-If you feel like fudging the price range a bit, the samurai umbrella would be awesome.
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Mercurial, it seems like you're downing this idea, I'm not sure. But, you've got to remember, the wind doesn't always blow and sun doesn't always shine. However, it's usually windy when it's cloudy and calm when it's sunny. If anything, solar and wind power are a perfect pair. Pumped storage and MSES are two simple solutions for both forms of these alternative energies to function in their downtime. Their simplicity amazes me. Pumped storage: we've been making dams and hydroelectricity for centuries. Concentrated solar: we've used boilers for all sorts of machines for centuries. There's no need to develop new technology. They just need to be planned and made.
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To Bill and dag,
I hate to rain on your parades, but let's be honest. What can an artist do that is directly "productive" to the problems of the world? Nothing, really. They can, however, practice their skills by painting our presidents (more like a quick photoshoping) in a novel way and telling everyone the history of them. Maybe you didn't notice the page long descriptions beneath each of the photos...

And mack,
"Clinton’s instinct for compromise is often linked to an unwillingness to offend others." That doesn't sound much like hating, more like praise. They did put a quote in there from a political opponent, but you kind of need other viewpoints to get the whole idea of a person.
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