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This is a slide whistle for dogs. It was developed for that one episode of "Wheel of Fortune" where the contestants got to bring a pet. Drove 'em crazy when their owners hit the "Bankrupt" on the wheel.

Rebel, L
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I believe you. The time stamps are too close together. We have a similar saying here, perhaps you've heard it: Great minds think alike!
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Like Robert Parry said, the other coach should have thrown in the towel. The winning coach should have asked the losing coach to throw in the towel (maybe he did, we don't know). If I was losing 59-0 at halftime I would have said, "OK, you win".
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So did that guy just basically say it's ok for the 'little fish' to break the law, but not the 'big fish'? What is gray water? How could the big fish harm anyone?
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If you would have said that Gray Davis was "'total recalled' and Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor to replace him." I would have fell out of my chair laughing.
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Judge Zane: "Thank you for your tesitmony, Officer Reese. Sergeant Highway, drunk and disorderly. Fighting in a public establishment. Urinating on a police vehicle?"

Highway: "Well, it seemed like the thing to do, sir."
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