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And then they are amazed as to wy more and more people desperately try to regain some of their privacy by going illegal when it come to getting income and wealth...
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So? Tovarice you make pRoBLem aBout Notting...!
- F1Rst Aussi Vodka Bad Vodka- We Need All RunWay now...
- 2nd - Yoe haV Lllong RunWay- So- We Use...!
- T3rd We kNow hoW to uSe aiRpLain- We Njet so Sissy as You- aaaah little Mouse extra on plain you not fLy- No we use eveRy noek and cRanny - We noT sIssy- We fLy.


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He's The Watcher- The Man From Another Timedimension.
He's the one that in some future has found a way to check the dreams of a past.

Nothing special about that.
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This is one in the "ThisisAMAzinJim!!!" category that the tv-addict avid couchpotatoes, elderly in need, the top-end obese and the handicapped will love to order...
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