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The last time I hopped a train, it led to me running from police knee deep in swamp water, with a makeshift bandage around my bloody knee, which I smashed along the tracks because I grabbed one rung too low as the train went by. Ah, memories. Do ride the train; it builds character.
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Why is it that we see the same people through all of these trends? Be it cyberpunk or steampunk or goth or rococopunk, I swear it's just the same 20 people changing outfits and declaring a new trend every two years...
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This blog leans left (though not obnoxiously so). In the red-team vs blue team weltanshauung, there's no time for introspection when you're busy picking through your opponent's trash for scraps of scandal and flaw.

Anyhow it's always instructive to take a trip to the memory bank and remember how vitriolic and childish democracy makes a society; a century ago and today.
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The inventor seems to have utterly missed the purpose of a bullet.

For target shooting applications, the behavior of the projectile after it strikes the paper (steel plate, soda can, etc) is utterly irrelevant; it simply needs to reach the target in a precisely repeatable trajectory.

For martial applications, tumbling is a good thing, because rounds that tumble once they reach the target cause more tissue damage. This is absolutely central to the design of small bore high velocity rounds like the 5.56mm. 5.45mm and 5.7mm and .17hmr. They cannot cause sufficient wounds to stop a target without coming in very fast and tumbling. Look up the terminal ballistics of a 5.56mm round; the wound channel looks like the Challenger explosion.

So while he may be right about reducing yawing, that's not actually something to crow about.
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