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I love the elderly as well (having grown up next door to my great grandma). They are just treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom. Except when they vote. Then they are insufferable idiots.
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The technical term for this is "bulletproof nudity", wherein the level of armor on a female character is inversely proportional to the amount of armor worn, but directly proportional to the sexual desperation of the artist.
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Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia? I call bullshit. What we are seeing here is a list so padded with ad hoc constructs by some huckster with google translate.

Sesquipedalian (literally "foot and a half long-ish") is already a silly construct, but to say that "River Horse Monster Foot and a Half Longish Fear" makes any medical sense is ridiculous. Technical medical terms are meant to clarify, not obfuscate.

One is reminded of all those idiotic lists of animal lists claiming a "crash of rhinos" or a "mask of raccoons". The kind of crap written by a puddle of douche bags.
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Clean = byproducts are non-toxic to most or all local life forms
Sustainable = responsible usage will not deplete available resources for a long time
Renewable = resource can be essentially infinite with responsible use
Green = Feelgood scam. Hide your wallet. Not in this case, but as a rule.
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20 years as well. Some of the questions they left out (are you armed to the teeth?) were interesting. BTW where I live, moss grows on every side of the tree, and that question is bunk. I do have a compass on my watch strap, and I carry a Foretrex 401 around with me because....uh... I don't know why.
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I've read the Silmarillon two or three times, and every time the appendix of names had to be perma-bookmarked. Beren and Lúthien make the book worth the sloggy bits.
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I just can't get inspired by Google anything anymore. They've irritated me to no end this year.

Also, methinks that what people actually googled most was conspicuously absent, but it's undoubtedly NSFN.
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This is one of those forts that looks so awesome and is in a cool spot but is totally useless against any foe with any sort of logistic supply. In the end you'll just die eating your own foot.
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