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Ballpoint Pen Wallpaper by Alissia Melka-Taichroew

Sure, we all doodle from time to time, but...  ...a-Taichroew has taken doodling to an artform with wallpapers
LED Circuit Board Wallpaper

If you've been wanting to live ins...  ...n luck! Ingo Maurer designed an LED-lit wallpaper
RGB Wall Art by Carnovsky...

Milan design group Carnovsky...  ...created what is probably the most psychedelic fun wallpaper you'll ever see today (without having t...  ...ry-colored patterns are placed on the wallpaper panels and, in normal light, create some major vi...
The Wallpaper Of The Future

Philips aims to make our lives quite a bit bri...  ...o material that can be hung on walls like regular wallpaper , or hung up like glowing works of art. Read more...  ...commercial style video with a shot of the ghostly wallpaper in action, over at PopSci. Link
Bookshelf Wallpaper

Did you know you can get wallpaper that makes a room look like it's full of books? I...  ...Then I saw that there are many patterns of these wallpapers , some more convincing than others. The room pictu...  ...others. The room pictured has no bookshelf -just wallpaper
3-D Porcelain Wallpaper by Beth Katleman

Beth Katleman, whose art has been described by The...  ...e for an intriguing 3-dimensional porcelain " wallpaper ":Fifty white sculptural tableaus hover just...
Air Filtering Wallpaper

Blücher Technologies has created Saratech Per...  ...Technologies has created Saratech Permasorb -- a wallpaper that functions as an air filter: The product i...
Wallpaper Made From Newspapers

This certainly brings new meaning to the saying &q...  ...ll." Lori Weitzner created Newsworthy, a new wallpaper made from recycled newsprint: Link
Pac-Man Wallpaper Turns iPhone Apps Into Maze

Hah! This one is clever: someone in Japan has crea... clever: someone in Japan has created a Pac-Man wallpaper for your iPhone that turns your app icons into a...

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