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A River Runs Through It...

...and by "It," of course I mean the dinner table . These way cool tables from furniture maker Greg Klassen have"rivers and...  ...assen's creations at at his website, and shop the tables here. Via Colossal.
Cinematic Table Flips

[] (vimeo link)There are... are many examples of “turning the tables ,” so to speak, in movies. (╯°□°...  ...ak, in movies. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Table flipping signals a transition from a speaking sce...
Convertible Napping Desk...

The only thing better than a refreshing...  ...esk at work is a nap under it! Behold the napping table
The Search for a Hot Craps Table

(Image credit: Flickr user Simon Huggins) The...  ...ect scientific test of the concept of a hot craps table . Craps is a game with a long history. For over...  ...refers to the crucial difference between a "cold" table and a "hot" table .1,2 Brisman clearly states, "Ever...
Walking Table

We've posted about the Walking Table before on Neatorama a while ago, but th...  ...have got the video clip of the Walking Table
Retro Mosaic Pac-Man Table

Kiran Hungin designed and crafted this Pac-Man...  ...osaic in glass tile on top of a 1960s-era Formica table
Rising Table

Now *that* is a folding table ! Architectural designer Robert Van Embricqs...  ...created this clever piece called Rising Table
Octopus Table

This Octopus Table by artist Isaac Krauss is made out of b...  ...1,500 hours and about $5,000 to build the 8-armed table . Laughing Squid has more pics: Link...
Raccoon Eating at the Table

(YouTube link) I don't even let my pets do this, and they're family. But a wild animal? Well, I guess it depends on how scary the wild animal is. This raccoon is a pet. His name is Deere. -via Buzzfeed...
Biplane Engine Table

What do you do with a spare World...  ...into a functional art like this coffee table : Currently on display at Decorat... London, the Cylinder Radial Engine Table is made from a US Army Boeing-Stearman PT-13 engi...

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