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Rooster Captured Near KFC

Why do you suppose a rooster decided to make his home near a KFC outlet? Was h...  ...nimal shelter said if the owner wasn't found, the rooster would be adopted out for just a few dollars. You...
Rooster Becomes Hen, Scientists Baffled

A hen named Gianni has confused scientists as he h...  ...who will be leading tests on Gianni, said: 'This rooster -hen will be taken to the laboratories of Consdabi...
Why Roosters Have Wattles

A wattle is the bit of flesh below a rooster 's beak. What purpose does it serve? Carolynn Sm...  ...about the results: Cutting off the wattles of roosters and seeing how the behavior of hens changed wasnâ...  ...t an option. Instead, Smith created four animated roosters ....
Denizli Long-crowing Rooster

(YouTube link) How would like to be awakened by...  ...ow would like to be awakened by this long-crowing rooster
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