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Unconventional Domino Tricks

Take a step beyond the beautiful patterns and mass...  ...nd the beautiful patterns and massive displays of dominos knocking each other down. Get ready to keep your...  ...aying, "Wait, what just happened?" In this video, dominos fall in ways that make you appreciate the physics... [
Domino Row Building Machine

If you've ever watched a domino artist set up a run by hand, you probably decided...
Dominos and Fire

Here's something you probably haven't seen before:...  ...e's something you probably haven't seen before: a domino run for pyromaniacs! Kaplamino, who brought us Ma...
World's Longest Single Domino Line

Domino master Hevesh5 (Lily Hevesh) and friends Berlagaw...  ...ds Berlagawesome and ShanesDominoez set up 15,524 dominos to fall in a single line. It took two days to set...  ...And they all managed to fall without tripping up dominos
The Amazing Triple Spiral...

Domino master Hevesh5 spent 25 hours over eight days to...  ...te this triple spiral consisting of around 15,000 dominoes . As you watch the three sequences of the fall, th...
Doctor Who in Dominoes

This domino fall contains more than 34,000 dominoes , but more importantly, it tells us about Doctor W... project is from jojodrummer96. See more of his domino creations at his website. -via Geeks Are Sexy
Dominoes Made From Dominoes

[] YouTube user Fl...  ...ube user Flippycat laughs at your puny attempt at domino . Watch this clip of him knocking down giant dominoes made from 30,000 individual domino
World's Largest Human Mattress Dominoes Record Toppled!

The world record for largest human...  ...The world record for largest human mattress dominoes has been broken: you now have to assemb...  ...he title World's Largest Human Mattress Dominoes . Aren't you glad that you're alive to s...
Christmas "Carol of the Bells" Played With Dominoes

(Video Link) Jared Lyon is engaged in an ongo...  ...project to find innovative ways of using falling dominoes . The project is called " Dominoes Everywhere", and for the Christmas holidays, he p... bells at particular intervals between falling dominoes . via Ace...
Going for the Mattress Dominoes Record

(YouTube Link) Forty-one people gathered at a...  ...warehouse in Tewkesbury, UK to break the mattress dominoes record. That means leaning on an upright mattres...

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